Sword Of War - Inner Darkness

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A whole year has passes since Knight vanished in the battle against Raith. Xlance and Knight face an ever greater threat - the true masterminds behind Raith. The Hidden Moon clan with the help of their members powers hope to achieve their goal, but just what is the goal they strive for?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - One Year Later

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Hello again everyone I bring you the first chapter of the sequel to my first story - Sword Of War. I am currently on Study Leave for my exams so I technically have more free time but alas I must prepare for my exams. I don't know how frequent my uploads will be but I'll be sure to keep anyone that wished to stay updated...well updated, Anyway I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! XD

Sword Of War – Inner Darkness

Chapter 1 – One Year Later


A whole year had passed since the day of that fated battle. The ending of one war was overshadowed by the eruption of a new threat. Raith had somehow managed to finish his plans and as a result millions of people were on deaths door due to illness and millions more were fighting with new found powers. Xlance had been doing its best to keep peace within the UK but crime was at an all time high. Plus we had discovered that Raith was merely a pawn for a much larger entity.


The ancient clan of the High Moon had orchestrated this entire ordeal from the shadows. We had no idea what their true objective was but we knew it had nothing to do with peace. They were our new enemy. After fighting against them myself it was clear that they too had powers but they were different. They wielded them with such grace that it seemed they had always had their powers. The nature of the clan was still shrouded in darkness but that was the least of my worries at the time.


A whole year had past and he still hadn't returned. Knight vanished at the end of the battle a year before and nobody has seen him since. It was like a part of me was void of feeling, our time together may not have been long but my heart yearned to be close to him. Throughout that year Toki had been training me to fight, I wanted to be able to protect Knight for once, I wanted to find him.


Today all members of Xlance were being called upon for an important meeting to decide our next steps. I walked into the nostalgic meeting hall, the smell of fresh paint clouded my senses. The bright blue walls seemed to have a calming effect on me as I walked into the room. Toki and I had formed a new team with two new members. They were both new recruits with newly developed powers.


“Over here Asuna!” The innocent voice came from Ashe, a new team member. She was only 16 but she joined Xlance as soon as she discovered her powers. Ashe was of medium hight, a little shorter than me and had her flowing brunette hair in a high ponytail. Here eyes were dark brown but they radiantly shined among the room of battle hardened soldiers.

“Hey Ashe how are you doing?” I let a gentle smile appear across my face.

“Hmm I'm bored, the meeting hasn't started yet and Max is nowhere to be found.” Max was the other member of our team, he and Ashe seemed to be childhood friends who joined up at the same time.

“Sorry I'm late,” said Max as he joined us in the corner of the room. Max had short blonde hair which was slightly spiked at the front. He had light blue eyes which looked almost grey in certain lights.

“Where have you been Max?” Ashe asked with a voice of pure curiosity.
“Well you know, places.”

“Thanks for that detailed response Max,” Ashe giggled to herself.


Captain White finally stood up as he started the meeting. Over the past year his eyes had grown weary from stress.

“Thanks for coming everyone, we have some important things to discuss today. To begin I'll have Toki give you the details of the next operation.” Captain White slumped in his chair, he was clearly exhausted. The reason for Toki giving the briefing was because he was the acting Commander due to Knights absence.

“We've located a small hideout of the High Moon clan. Our job is to capture at least one of them alive to find out their objective.” Toki no longer had his signature mohawk, instead his black hair was fairly straight and just slightly covered his eyes.


“The plan is simple, my team will assault from the front while teams B and C flank from the sides. Team D will cover the rear for ambushes. Remember we have to find the camp leader and leave him alive. For some of you this id your first field mission so I want you to be fully prepared. These guys have some powerful abilities.” Toki stepped down from the stage and joined us.


“Nice speech Toki,” I said with a sincere smile.

“Thanks, more importantly are you guys ready for this?”

“Of course, with my powers I'll blast the scum away!” Replied Max confidently.

“What about you Ashe?” I asked.
“I'm kind of scared but I'll do my best.” You could see the worry in her eyes despite her efforts to cover it up with a smile.

“That's good to hear. Get a good rest, we leave in the morning.”

Every time Toki and I headed out on a mission we prayed that we'd find Knight. I wished with all my heart that he'd simply be waiting for us with open arms and that usual smile that he used to hide his true happiness. I wanted to see him more than anything else in this world.

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