Sword Of War - Inner Darkness

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The First Wave

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



Chapter 14 – The First Wave


The sound of marching echoed throughout the forest in front of us. Figures began to appear, the time had finally come to fight. The first wave of soldiers charged at us. The north gate quickly became a fight to the death. I jumped into the action wielding my broadsword, it felt like old times. With one large swing I cleared a path for my comrades to pass through. Several enemies attacked me at once with various weapons.


A spear came close to my head but I grabbed it with my left hand and pulled the attacker in. I picked him up and launched his body at his comrades. A few of them probably died as my men trampled over their fallen bodies as they advanced forward. This first wave were obviously just simple foot soldiers who posed no real threat to us. The guy standing behind him with the massive gauntlets was a different story.


“What a coincidence that we'd meet again so soon, Lance.”


“This time I'll finish you for good!” Lance replied with a cocky tone.


“Hmph, I might have something to say about that!”


I charged straight at Lance with my blade, initiating with a quick slash from below. As expected he blocked the blow with his massive gauntlets. His right fist just barely missed my head as jabbed at me surprisingly fast. I lunged forward as a lure then quickly side step to perform a spinning slash. I could hear the faint sound of a crack as my blade smashed against Lance's gauntlets. Before he could recover properly I immediately attacked again from above. My broadsword cut deep as I slashed through his right shoulder.

Lance fell to his knees with a grunt as he tries to stop the bleeding.


“It would seem that it was I who is doing the finishing today.” I spared no strength as I separated head from body with a single cleave of my blade. Mercy would only give birth to retaliation and only annihilation would save us all.



The fighting had also began over at the east gate where I was stationed. The pink haired woman in front of me had made quick work of a substantial portion of our forces.


“I take it that you're no ordinary soldier?” I asked as I rested my katana on my shoulder.


“Well aren't you just a perceptive little samurai. I'm afraid you wont have an easy time with me.” Similar to the way Knight's powers work the pink haired woman materialised a twin headed spear from thin air. It was bright red except from the tips at either side which were a noble gold.


She jumped at me without warning. I was barely able to dodge her terrifying lunge. We were locked toe to toe in all out battle of speed. Her attacks were easily as fast as mine and like me she used a speed enhance power. Anyone on the outside would only see the sparks of our blades and the blurs of our bodies as we darted around the battlefield.


“You're better than I expected,” she spoke in a calm manner.


“I'm glad I wasn't a disappointment,” I replied as I attacked with a flurry of sword strikes.


No matter what I did I wasn't able to break through her defences. However I wasn't letting my guard down either. I never thought they would resort to cheap tricks but before I had time to retreat I had been surrounded by several clan soldiers.


“Huh, I guess fair isn't in your vocabulary.”


“Sorry Mr Samurai, I don't have the time.”



My jaw dropped in horror as I looked over to Toki at the east gate. Before my screams could reach his ears a barrage of spears and swords pierced his entire body. Despite the mortal wounds that had just been inflicted he didn't fall. In fact the smile on his face suggested the complete opposite of death. His hands were steady as adjusted his blade filled body into his usual stance.


“W...what the fuck is this guy!” I could hear the words of a clan soldier clearly as I ran towards them.


I...am...a Samurai!” Toki launched himself at the enemies surrounding him. One after another he sliced through them at the cost of his body. By the time I arrived the only ones standing were Toki and Sherry.


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