Sword Of War - Inner Darkness

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Final Breath

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



Chapter 15 – Final Breath


“Sherry! Please don't hurt him any more.”


“I didn't expect to see you here, little miss renegade. This is a battle and mercy doesn't belong here.”


As I readied my spear for delivering the final blow Clara stepped in front of the wounded samurai with her katana drawn.


“Look here Clara, I've know you since you were a kid but don't think that I won't kill you.”


Clara wouldn't move despite my threats but the samurai placed his hand on her shoulder and moved her behind himself. The fact that he could still stand was more than a miracle. However, an imbecile could clearly see that the reaper was watching closely.


“Clara, thanks but it's okay. I can handle this myself.” The samurai's soft smile to Clara quickly turned to killing intent when his eyes crossed my own.


“I respect your tenacity but even you must no that your bravado is a wasted effort.”


“Whether that's true or not doesn't concern me. Until my body becomes completely lifeless I will protect my new friends with the power of my old one.” The samurai looked intensely at his odd yellow katana and then quickly returned his gaze to me.


“As you wish!” I lunged fiercely at the seemingly immortal samurai. To my surprise he was still as fast as ever or could it have been that I held back as a sign of mercy? Regardless of the reason he showed no signs of slowing down.



My body was already cold yet it insisted on moving, insisted on regaining the heat it once held inside. For a moment I forgot about the blades that made my body a human cactus. We stood a fair distance apart and during that time I opted to sheathe my Katana and reach down to my legs, which was extremely painful. I grabbed the two yellow short – swords that I hadn't used since rescuing Knight from Prison more than a year before.

“You think that changing weapons will gave you an advantage?” The spear woman mocked my change in tactic as she charged towards me. I had enough life in me to pull of one more move and that was about it. I knew my time was about up but I at least wanted to help Knight and the others once more before I left the world of life.


I chucked one of the blades towards her, it barely scratched her cheek as it flew on by her but I didn't miss my target. I threw the second one at her just before I blitzed directly behind her. I caught the first blade that I threw earlier and quickly launched it back towards her. She successfully avoided the second blade but the one I had just aimed at her hit her straight in the back. The wound was deep but not fatal. She fell to her knees as she screamed in pain. My knees also began to buckle.



“H..hey Samurai, finish me off now. You've won.” She spoke with painful breaths.


“I guess I have a soft spot for woman.” Toki replied with a smile as he slumped against a wall.


“Ha, you sound like a guy I know.” Sherry collapsed out cold, she never did have any pain tolerance.


“Hey Clara can you do something for me?” I rushed over to jis broken body after his voice quietly requested my presence.


“Try not to speak Toki, you need to keep your strength.”


“Let's not joke around here, this body's reached its limit but it's okay I'm not scared of death. Before I go I want to leave this with you.” He placed his katan in my hands with the remainder of his strength.


“I can't take this! I don't know why but this is precious to you right?”


“Exactly but I can't use it where I'm going so I want you to have it. Then when the time comes you can pass it down to a worthy samurai.” Toki smiled as his eyes slowly began to close. “I'm coming to see you now...Haruka.” With his final words Toki's soul left this realm to reunite with his heart in the next life. I clenched his parting gift in my hands tightly as I looked back at the battlefield. I was determined to not let his death be for nothing.


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