chapter eight banished to earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

chapter eight banished to earth

Chapter 1 (v.1) - chapter eight banished to earth

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



Chapter Eight

Banished To Earth Book Two

"Now nothing will be restrained from them, which that have imagined to do." Scott said to Silhouette as they cautiously made their way up the beach. “Know where that comes from?”

Silhouette rolled her eyes, “a comic book or the Bible, not there’s much difference.”

“The Bible and I still believe it. Even now, I still believe."

The black haired bronze beauty shook her head, looked up into the empty blue and white sky and waited for another Sunday school lesson.

"Nowhere in the Bible does it talk about spacecraft," Scott continued, "computers or television. However, all those things are real. God told us what he wanted us to know, but that does mean he told us everything there is or will ever be.”

“You know you’d better stop preaching and start watching your step,” Silhouette snapped, who knows what might be squirming around under our feet right now, which reminds me we had better find you some real clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, and deck shoes just aren’t going to cut it out here, especially for Hunters. You could run right out of your clothes, which would be fun to watch but not if you’re bleeding out faster than you can heal. You need leather and lots of it, head to toe. It won’t hardly tear and it’s always looks cool.”

“Changing the subject?”

“The subject is mute Scott. There is no God! Look around. He is not here! The closest thing to God in this rancid universe is those guys up there. They have the all the power, so they call the shots, wanna worship something, worship them, who knows it might even help!”

Scott glanced up, shrugged his shoulders, “God help me if I ever bow down to them. They’re probably just people anyway. The ‘they’ in that scripture I quoted is us, mankind. What if there are no Aliens. What if those guys up there really are just people, really smart really evil people? What if it’s all a big lie?”

“Scott is does not matter, aliens, mutants, monsters from space, monsters from tests tubes dead is dead. They’re bigger than us they’re badder than us they can and will kill us if we don’t kill them first. That’s all I need to know! Oh, I get it Scott. They have to be people from Earth, ‘cause if they come from some other planet that blows your silly God thing right out of the water.”

“Not necessarily Silhouette, the Bible says Eve was the mother of all living, but obviously God was not saying Eve was his mother, Satan’s mother, the angel’s mother, the demon's mother or the mother of all Earth animals. See where I’m going?”

“No Scott, but I see where we‘re going.” She said as she stopped walking stretched out her left arm and stopped him, “in a very bad direction.” as they both looked down the beach saw that the ’line’ stretching from the sea to Chase’s old beach house was not a string of little sea creatures with Stayners features but a huge black serpent. “That’s a snake, biggest snake I’ve ever seen.” Silhouette said, “And I don’t want it to see us. It’s on the seaside of the house, so we sneak around to the street side. Man I hope it does not have Stayner‘s face on its biting end! I don‘t like snakes and I really hate him!”

“You’re scared?”

She tightened her grip on the bush axe she had been carrying since they left the beach house and trudged off to the right, toward the street, without saying a word.

“It's all right Sil. They scare me too.” Scott said as he scurried up behind her. "So you want to go in through front door and face the snake?" He said scrambling up a steep embankment of sand and sea grass.

"I'm hoping it hadn't broken into the house yet."

"But, if it is some gross mutation of Stayner then the house it apparently is so interested in must be Chase' house, why else would it be targeting the place? I think we should count on it being inside when we get there."

She stopped climbing and slid back in his direction. "Hum, that does make sense, seems Christianity hasn't turned your brain into a raisin, yet! Okay, you go around front and I‘ll stay on the beach and come at it from behind. Sure wish out cell phones still worked, good thing we can still shift.”

“Yeah, “Scott said, “At least we can still, just let our let fingers to the walking, literally.”

Silhouette groaned, “How old are you nine or ninety?”

“Twenty two and I thought it was funny.”

“Well laugh your butt up this hill and, and be careful.” She practically spit the last three words out.

He smiled at her, “If it whips around and tries to get you girl, shift away. Don’t try to fight it alone, just go!”

“I’ll do what seems right to me when the time come, like I always do.”

“There is a way that seems right unto man, but the ways of man are the ways of death.”

“Then its good thing I’m nut some dumb man ain‘t it! Now get up there!” she said just before she tossed a handful of sand at his face.

He ducked and clawed over the ridge. Silhouette eased up and watched him until he ran up to the nearest house turned left and disappeared around the corner.

The bush axe blade gleamed silver in the morning sun as she inspected its edge and wished it were a bit sharper. She could easily just shift away. Scott’s constant scripture quoting was really starting to wear on her nerves. Let the giant snake swallow him whole while she shifted as far away from that snake as possible. That would be the only logical thing to do. In fact, it would be stupid to do otherwise. However, even as she mulled over leaving him alone with that thing she was sliding down the embankment, toward the beach and that much farther away from the person she always thought she was.

“Decent,” she muttered as she marched toward down the beach, the black undulating mass of muscle and hide growing larger and more disgusting with every step she took, “what a sorry thing to be-decent!”

The first thing Scott noticed when he stepped onto the pavement was how normal things looked. Snow white sea gulls slid silently across the pale blue white freckled sky, crowning bristly clumps of stunted wind bent greenery that were ever bowing toward the sound on the oppostie side of the black top.

Cheerful nautically themed houses standing like four legged storks on their high water pillars neatly lined the beach front aptly defining the happy but over used phrase ’Life’s a Beach’. The peaceful vacation scenery lifted his spirits but not for long.

When Scott saw the name ‘Chase Gillette‘neatly painted on a mailbox not fifty steps away, he remembered life was no longer a beach for anyone.

He lowered the pitchforks he had picked up when they were back at the other house into attack position. Wishing it was a rocket launcher he bore toward the house.

His pace slowed as he drew near it, but Chase’s driveway still seemed to rush at him as though he were falling toward it. “I can’t do this.” He confessed. “I’m not strong. I’m no comic hero. God help me, I‘m scared!” He dropped to his knees, tears streaming down his face. For the first time in his life he realized how weak and small he truly was. Then from somewhere outside himself words unspoken and not even thought settled deep within his heart, ’you say you believe-then believe! I will never leave you or forsake you. My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”

He rose up wiped his face dry stepped unto Chase’s’ gravel driveway and aimed himself at the zig zagging steps that snaked up the front porch.

Somehow, he managed to negoiate the steps without making even one of the gray weather- twisted boards squeak under his muscular six-foot frame. A large picture window looked out over the blacktop. Scott crouched and scrambled up the last few steps, eased unto the porch then flattened against wall just inches from the window frame.

His left ear pressed tightly against the aqua marine weatherboard wall, he waited patiently. If something as big as that snake was inside the house, it would surely make an awful racket.

Hour long seconds creeped by, as terrifing images of the serpent easing silently up and around the house slithering toward the back of his head tore at his attention until he finally gave in and lookled behind him-nothing, then boom, it was inside and apparently growing clumsy but more likely impatient.

He needed to see if it was anywhere near the front door. The boom sounded as if it came from a back room, but he could not be sure.

He drew in a deep soundless breathe and inched his nose toward the window. One quick glance would hopefully be enough. However, one quick glance from the serpent would also be enough to send it crashing through the fragile glass window right into his face.

Fortunately, for Scott Chase had long ago done him a huge favor. Carefully placed in the center the interior wall Scott was now facing, a large rectangular mirror hung.

He saw it and instantly used it. The room looked empty. He could even see part of the front door. Nothing barred its way.

He breathed a silent prayer, tightened his grip on the pitchfork and slowly eased away from the wall, gingerly making his way toward the front door. Again, he managed to massage every warped plank into silence.

A second later, he crouched before the door and grasped the doorknob as if it were balloon full of acid. Tiny metalworking's clicked and groaned as each part submitted to the gentle but unrelenting pressure of his twisting hand. Fortunately for Scott, locking up had been the last thing on Beth Moran’s mind when they left for Trudy Mars‘s place the day before.

A click that sounded to Scott like a rifle shot rang out and the door gave way. Releasing the doorknob his stepped back, hoisted the tines of the pitchfork up and slowly pushed the door open with his right toe.

A musty low tide stench invaded his nostrils. It was near. How near, or near because it heard him, he did not know. Inch by inch the room’s interior became visiable to him as he slowly pushed the door open with the pitchfork tines.

Smelling but still not seeing the beast Scott slowly stepped inside, his eyes darting like pin balls from corner to wall to hallway. He eased forward, careful to leave the front door open. An unexpected creak locked hin in place. It sounding just like someone was pulling open a drawer.

With cocked head, he listened and heard what sounded like someone shuffling papers.

The sound was coming from the left rear of the house. Chase’s bedroom, probably, since this room furnished with a couch two overstuffed easy chairs, and flat screen T. V. was obviously the living room.

Determined to see it before it saw him, Scott scanned the room and saw an open door near far right corner of the wall. He walked toward it grateful for the sound deadening carpet that covered the entire floor.

Moments later, he was standing in Chase’s kitchen. Golden blades of sunlight sliced through the partially opened blinds hanging in yet another large picture window that looked out over the back deck and the ocean. The back door was just to the left of the picture window, a good thing to know, especially since it was directly across from Chase’s open bedroom door.

Scott started to ease over and open the blinds a little more, figuring he could see how Silhouette was doing, but thought better of it. The creature had to be in the next room, more light would surely alert it to his presence.

Again, he scanned his new environment looking for anything else that might give him an edge; refrigerator, stove table, chairs, the sink and counter, he smiled.

A fully loaded knife block sat on the counter and beside it a white translucent grocery bag bulging with some potentially lethal items, a small bag of charcoal and best of all a brand can of lighter fluid and nestled beside it a pack of book matches.

He looked back over his shoulder, heard more shuffling paper and quickly darted for the bag. There was simply no way he could tear open the new pack of matches without making a sound, but he tried.

His head turning back and forth between the bag and Chase's bedroom door he wriggled the matches and lighter fluid out of the bag. A thumbs up and the lighter fluid bottle was open with hardly a sound, relieved Scott sat the plastic bottle down right in front of the knife block, then proceeded to ever so slowly tear open the pack of matches.

Unfortunately, a slow tear is about as loud as a fast tear. The sound of tightly bound cellulose fibers ripping apart made more than enough noise to alert Chase’s uninvited guest to Scott's presence.

Scott glanced up one last time.

Human eyes the size of softballs bulged and glared at from either side of its oil drum sized head. Its scaled armored fang fringed maw suddenly sprang open a milisecond before it struck across the room.

Scott ducked behind the counter but not before, he managed to swipe the knife block, light fluid and matches down with him. His Hunter reflexes had finally kicked in.

The snake thing whipped back just a Scott looked up and saw what appeared to be human arms blur past his head.

Convinced they were Silhouette’s arms dangling from the beast’s jaws, Scott sprang over the counter a long gleaming butcher’s knife clenched in his right hand. With hardly a quarter inch to spare, the snake somehow managed to coil back in the doorway prepared for another strike just as Scott ducked, rolled up and deftly threw the knife straight into the snake's gaping mouth.

Its razor edged tip plunged deep into the roof of its soft white palate. It was then Scott saw that the arms he saw just moments before were not Silhouette's arms at all, but the snakes. Scott cringed as he watched them curl up from underneath its chin.

Desperate to rid itself of the knife it jammed both its completely human hands inside its mouth to help its writhing tongue yank it out of its mouth.

The kitchen was soon dripping red with blood as it fangs ripped and tore it own arms. Driven mad with pain the serpent swung its massive head around like a wrecking ball, splintering wood and dry wall in all directions, Scott snatched up the bottle of lighter fluid and squirted the fluid into the air letting the stupid snake plow right into it.

Blinded and disoreinted it shivered and trembled banging its head up and down against the floor and ceiling. Several sheets of drywall crashed and shattered over its head. Fearing it was about to slither away, Scott grabbed a book of matches from floor behind him, struck one and tossed it at the beast.

A ball of fire exploded on its ugly head just as Scott whipped open a portal and shifted to the beach. Not having any idea what Silhouette might be dealing with he tumbled shoulder first unto the sand but tucked and rolled to his feet a mere stone’s throw from her who was fending off the same creature he had just fought. This thing had two head four arms and no tail!

Having already hacked off it left arm, she had just sliced its right eye open and was about to finish it off when its flaming twin yanked out Chase’s bedroom wall and came rolling down the dune in a wild mindless rush to the sea.

Silhouette momentarily distracted by the commotion, glanced away from her enemy, but that moment was time enough for it to slap her feet from under her, grab her ankle and tumble coil back into the surf with her tightly bound between it and its overcooked twin.

Scott whipped open another portal clasped his hand together over his head then dove into the portal and the Atlantic ocean at the same time. His only concern was the demon he could see and the friend he could no longer see.

Fortunately, for him, Silhouette and all other Hunters the ‘change’ gave them the ability to absorb oxygen directly from water, enabling him and Silhouette to stay submerged as long they needed.

The serpent may crush Silhouette or even eat her but it could not drown her. But then Scott was not about to let either of those things happen to her anyway.

Streaking through the murky blue grayness like a spear Scott spotted them far below and sinking fast, but not as fast as might have sunk. The beast had wrapped its body around Silhouette’s waist cracking her ribs slowly crushing the life from her but leaving her hands and feet to flail about widly. Moreover, she had somehow managed to pull her knife from her shoulder sheath and had cut long ragged gashes.

Several times Scott lost sight of her behind the rusty red blood ’fog’ boiling up from the wounded beast. But that was all the ‘bread crumbs’ Scott needed to track them.

It was not long before the blood fog expanded into a great pinkish red sheet. That could mean only one the thing, the creature had stopped. He only hoped it had not stopped to finish her off. She was after all stabbing it full holes.

His naked feet slapping water like a propeller and his hands scooping great handful of water and flinging them behind him he plowed through the rose-colored fog until one of the beast’s massive watermelon sized heads slashed at his face. He spun and slung his left arm and leg around its neck, that is to say the part of its all neck body closest to his head, then did the most unlikilest thing he could think to do but also the most needful.

Determined to deprive the creatures its ability to bite him he plunged both hands into its mouth latched on to the skin covering its jaw joint and yanked its head back and forth as though it was a horse and his clenced fingers a bridle.

It second head reacted instantly. Rising up from the fog it loomed over him and arched back. Scott caught a glimpse of Silhouette hanging face down still bound by serpent’s unbreakable grip. If she were to have any chance, he would have to break that grip. Suddenly Scott's 'snake horse' reared up and over trying to knock him off. He sank his fingernails deep into the beast's inner cheeks. It rocketed upward propelled by excruciating pain until it broke the surface and sailed high into the sky. Scott clamped his legs even tighter around the beast's neck, as the beast's human arms jutting down from chin like a goatee flailed about crazily struggling to yank him off. However, they could not reach him.

Remembering this thing had two heads he glanced back over his shoulder as they arched high above the waves and saw the other head curling up behind him baring its fangs as it prepared to attack. Suddenly its mouth sprang open as it drew back for one final killing strike. He waited for just the right moment then with all his Hunter strength he yanked and spun the snake’s head as far to the left as he could. Releasing his grip, he kicked off and dove backwards into open water a millisecond before his attacker bit down its tail head shearing it off cleanly.

Blood erupted from the snake’s headless end, while its other end thrashed about in a wild panic struggling to dislodge its other head from its mouth. The struggle did not last long.

Massive blood loss soon drained the great beast of all its strength. He saw Silhouette tumble free fall head first into the water and disappear just before it plunged into the sea and sank out of sight.

He dove for her, found her, gently gathered her in his arms then kicked back to the surface and started swimming back to shore as quickly as he could.

Silhouette moved ever so slightly in his arms. She was still alive. Smiling he scanned the shoreline looking for a good place to head and was surprised to see a large plume of black smoke billowing behind the dunes, then he remembered setting the snake aflame.

He never intended to set Chase’s house on fire too, but there it was burning like a bonfire on the beach, a really big bonfire-oops! At least now, he knew where he wanted to go.






























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