Finding Family

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - After School...

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Submitted: November 18, 2009



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On our way home I told Lonica what had happened. “Delilah is so evil! I don’t like the idea she is free to roam Earth as she pleases. I even tried to be friends with her before you came. I am so glad that I am not friends with her now.”

“Same. It may be hard to convince a friend that a friend of a friend is evil.”

“That’s confusing, with all the friends.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“You know that bracelet that Delilah wears?”
“Yeah, It’s sogic*.”
“Once, before you came, a teacher told her to take it off. She told the teacher to make her take it off. The teacher just stared at her.”

“I can just picture that. It looks pretty funny. If it hadn’t have been Hex.”


I got in the house and threw my bag onto my bed and collapsed at my desk. The second I switched my computer on, I was about to go downstairs and take a shower when my mobile started ringing. “Hi, Hannah!”

“Erm, Hi, Rose. Why did you ring me?”

“Just wanted to Chat, Hannah, I'm totally bored tonight. What are you up to?”

“I was about to go in the shower, but then my mobile rang.”

“Oh, sorry”

“I guess now you've called me we may as well chat. My shower can wait.”

“Ok, thanks”

I was about to say “So how have you been?” When a strange noise started from Rose’s end of the line. I ignored it at first but then I heard Hex’s normal voice, not Delilah, say “You better be careful Hannie…” Then the call just ended and my phone flew out of my hand and landed on my bed. I motioned my hand at my phone and it flew back up into the air and I gently showed it towards my desk. I slowly had it land on my desk, soon to fall of my desk again the minute I turned around. I just laughed, did a quick spell to tidy my room, and went downstairs for my shower.


After I was dressed I came into my room to find Delilah sat by my bed. I jumped. “Why are you here?”

“Why not?”

“This is my bedroom. My private place to be me.”

“Oh well. I’m sure you’ll live. Wait! You won’t!”

Delilah made all the books off my shelf fall off and onto the floor. I think it was supposed to be a distraction. I turned around and saw them on the floor. I heard a mutter from behind me and my hand started burning. I turned around and she was gone.

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