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Letters I'll Never Send To Him 1

1 : Confession

December 25, 2012

 Dear Drew Cheok,

Hello! I'm trying to lighten the mood for what i'm about to tell you so please bear with me. It's a really cheesy thing to do actually. It's Christmas and i'm just staying in my room writing letters I know i'll never give. It's really weird but my grandmother did this too so I guess it's alright. Haha. So, here goes.

Your eyes are super mysterious and it looks like an ocean that you could easily drown in, though, it still makes me wanna swim in it. It's when you smile though, that it looks like the galaxy. All those beautiful sparks like stars. And the way you smile, it's cheesy but the room lights up. It's just as beautiful as when you laugh, because the way you do laugh, it's like there is sweet angel's singing. You dress so dark, and your cute, snarky and sarcastic attitude really sucks-yet you are so nice and beautiful on the inside makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And the way you can easily make up comebacks are really cool and I admire it. So much. I've gotten to know you over the last 9 years of us being friends, and when I saw you in first year, i've kinda liked you? I mean, you were an athlete who was also really smart and realistic.

Though you were really out of my league. I guess what i'm trying to tell you is that i've fallen in love with you. Ahh. It feels really nice doing that. Finally letting loose.

 Oh well, goodbye.



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It seems interesting. Can't wait or you to write more! Keep up the good work :p

Tue, January 21st, 2014 7:31pm


"is sweet angel's" - 'are sweet angels'
"inside makes me" - 'inside' that it makes me'

Nice although a bit repetitive

Wed, April 9th, 2014 6:23am

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