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Letters I'll Never Send To Him 3

3: The Room

February 3, 2013

Dear Drew,
Good morning!
I'm actually risking you finding about these little letters, as i'm sitting in the dorm's common room, right across from you. I really like it here, you know?

The ceiling's been painted, if you look up you could see a mural of a moon, with beautiful purple swirls surrounding it. It's so calming and peaceful.

The walls are painted a shade of lavender, and the windows are lined with swirls of white similar to the ceiling.

I look at the wall behind you, and see the mural me, you, Sheila, Vana and Kalvin painted in 3rd Year. I remember brainstorming with you and the girls when Kalvin came running in, panting heavily. Turns out he was late as Elijah had messed up during practice, and they had to run
laps around the cottage.

To this very day I still am awestruck at how marvellous the five of us could work art together. The different shades of purple blending to form the different flowers were beautiful. The sunset behind the lavenders, violets and lilacs was beautiful, and you could see every last detail of the mural.

The House Of Lavender had always housed the ones with unexpected different talents.

I remember seeing you and Elijah, of all people, teaching the first years how to make the violet cushions smell like lavender. Now the smell of lavender wafting through the room soothes me. And I know it's not the females who had done this.

The day I saw you and Vana take out a ukulele each and started strumming, a beautiful melody, which now is heard 24/7 through the speakers.

I remember the day in fifth year that you came up to me, jumping and smiling. You were thrilled, as Mrs Jenn had finally given you permission to design how the furniture looked like.
Although you never told me this, Mark did. He said that you asked Mrs Jenn if you could help me, of all the girls in Lavender House, me, to help you interior design the cottage.

 Of course I agreed, I always wanted to help you.

Now as I look around the room, I see the deep violet cabinets, lined with white swirls similar to the ceiling and windows. The doors and stairs have the same design too, dark violet and white swirls. You said it was to remind our housemates that there was always a silver lining.

The couches, that's what I loved the most in the room. The design was like very elaborate and it took us two days to create. The top had swirls of every shape and size, and the arm rests had more swirls.
Do you remember when you took my hand to show me how to draw the top? I actually felt electricity, I swear. I know you felt it too. You had this shocked expression, that quickly disappeared. You probably passed that off as friction.

The couch's fabric was lilac, with the cushions by the first years scattered on the couches itself and on the marbled, white and violet rug. The floor, like the first day, was a light wood colour. And we used that detail to make the room bright like the sun.

And that's why I love this room. Because me, you and all of the other Lavender House students worked hard on this. I'm blushing as I write this, because you suddenly look over to me smile. I've got to go, you're coming over. Bye!


Submitted: March 17, 2014

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HEY! See the mural description up there? Well, i'm working on making a short story about the mural and design. So if you guys wanna read it, be sure to leave a comment! hope you enjoyed the chapter~


Mon, March 17th, 2014 3:51am


Wow, this is so sweet and adorable.?

Mon, March 17th, 2014 4:10am

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