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Letters I'l Never Send To Him 4

February 10, 2013

4: Trying and Failing

Dear Drew,
I tried moving on today, I really did. But- I can't. Every time I walk past you, I fall. My heart starts beating really fast and I become  flustered. I know I blush but thanks to Chief, I don't need to hide it anymore.

Chief, in case you haven't heard the gossip, is my current boyfriend. He's that tall dude in Fire house, and is the best-friend of Jay (Jay's our co. Lavenderian, he should be your dormmate. )

Chief's in basketball, too. He's the Fire Captain. Actually, i'm writing my letter as he practices his stuff in front of me. Yea, i'm currently in the Fire House fields. I'm not about to give a description though, it'll probably end up like my last letter, where all I did was write a description of the common room.

You should know, I don't really like Chief. He's not really my type. I mean yea, he's cute and cool but I only chose him as a crush 'cuz of a dream I once had.

I think it was late November, last year, when I had this really blurry dream about Chief and I doing some duty or whatever. Like me and him were just finishing up our duty when everything blurred out , and then I saw him and me just laying in each other's laps.

It was sweet, and I was stupid enough to remember the line from that Cinderella song. 'A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes' my arse. Chief Lewton is not a wish from my heart. Especially not an unconscious one.

Well, I did try to move on. Maybe if I stop thinking about this and maybe i'll really do move on.


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paragraph 5 - remove space before the comma and also the 'and'/'then', I think.
2nd to last paragraph - "about this and maybe i'll really do move on" - 'about this, I'll really move on'

Wed, April 9th, 2014 6:35am

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