A Ball's Life

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Chapter 100 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



Slobber. And a lot of it. The pink faced baby took me out of her mouth with her chubby little hands and grabbed a toy train to chew on. It has been a year since Sally has brought me here and I have learned a lot since, like how the bright yellow ball in the sky is really called the sun and you shouldn’t look straight at it because it can hurt your eyes (which is really too bad because I was really starting to have a crush on that girl). Sally’s mom had a baby about a month ago  and it is great! They bought a lot of my friends from the toy store like Mr. Choo Choo. Oh, look at the time, Robo’s dance party is about to start! It’s where Sally and her family have fun at family game night and all of us have a dance party hosted by Robo. So, bye!

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