Teeth, Claws and Lipstick

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Teeth, Claws and Lipstick - the life essentials for a Werewolf, right? And let's not forget about a nail file - sometimes blood from the hunt gets stuck under the nails and it's such a total pain!

My name is Lyra of Swiftmoon pack. I'm supposed to be betrothed to the Alpha's son - you know, with me being Beta Wolf and all.

To say the least it totally sucks - especially when Keegan, the Wolf in question, is a complete and utter man whore who, like a flea, jumps from slut to slut - or should I say dog to dog?

And of course life just can't remain simple and uncomplicated for little ole me - not when a devilish Vampire and delicious Rogue Wolf gets involved...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Teeth, Claws and Lipstick

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




Author's Note; Howdy partners!('; This here's a story about a werewolf, in case you didn't guess and another one of those brilliant Love Triangles - because where's the fun else where? Seriously. Expect a lot of hot and steamy chapters and quite a few interesting twists(;

You see, I just watched Sherlock Holmes, the first movie and suddenly, I feel the need to involve something MORE to at least one of my stories. And watching that movie gave me that spark of inspiration that I needed.


So prepare yourselves(; 

The fun...

Is about to commence.




I've always known that one day I'd be a wolf. It runs in the blood, you could say. Passed down for generations. I'm one of the few Rare Bloods - meaning that my mom's the Beta of the pack and that we're both pure white wolves.


You'd figure that you've heard it all before - and then some. But I can guarentee you haven't heard my story. Hell no.

Because my stories completely different from anyone else's.

Soon to be the Beta of my pack, I'm destined for the Alpha's son - we're 'bethrothed'. I suppose you humans would call it that.

Sure, he's gorgeous and wonderful... and at first I had no problems.

And then along he comes. The Rogue. The one we're told to stay away from. Death follows him no matter where he goes. Most believe he's the cause of it, that he feeds on the flesh of humans to enhance his strength - causing panic everywhere.

I don't believe it. I know the truth. He's being chased... and I'm the only one that can help him.

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself, don't you think?

Let's start at the beginning, where it all kicked off.

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