Demonic Romance

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First revelation of the day- Demons are real, and apparently they live in a parallel universe instead of under our feet. Second revelation- apparently she's mated with one of them, Oh did i mention he's a stuck up fox prince? R&R

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Demonic Romance

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012




Demonic Romance

Chapter 1

A soft moan escaped from the bundle of think blankets that lay messily on the small bed, slight movement coming from the chaos of cloth. The alarm clock rang out loud and clear bursting the silent atmosphere that hung heavily in the air, a young woman with mysterious onyx black hair that fell rippling in waves entered. Her hair was the perfection of natural disarray that almost hid her face from sight, white creamy skin peaking out of the tapestry of hair. Angrily she slammed her hand down on the big red button on the flashing clock, “Buddy, get up now!”

The accused dog’s face peeked out of the bundle of cloths blinking owlishly at his owner with an innocent look directed at his currently distressed owner. She glared at him, well attempted to glare yet the look of anger slowly melted until it dissipated and she let out a chuckle when Buddy tried to get out of his soft prison made of the fabrics only to end up tripping and landing ungracefully on his front with his paws extended in opposite directions. Laughs exploded out of rosy pink lips as a result of her trying to keep her chuckles soundless. Clumsily she crossed the room tripping on invisible bumps on the ground, yet determinedly unwrapped the poor German Sheppard of its bonds. Buddy leapt to his hind legs taking full advantage of her position and mercilessly licked her face covering her in slobber.

“Buddy, I just had a shower!” Yet the black eyes that glinted with mischief was too cute to lecture and scold so she relented and walked into the small kitchen with cheap paint that revealed the faulty wooden walls. Cheap worktops chipped and scarred were not even plentiful, one lining each wall and a bare sink below that window revealing the dirty alleyways that hid in the historic city of London.

Pouring some of the unidentifiable dog food she wrinkled her hose in disgust as Buddy skidded round the corner diving head first into the mush that was apparently food. She entered her bedroom once again, pulling on her worn out sneakers and thick jumper, with autumn swirling in the crispy air outside she would rather stay in the apartment yet due to a certain German Shepherd that seemed to get hyperactive without a morning walk to drain his energy, she was faced with an ultimumn; of tackling the cold or having her furniture destroyed by 5pm, the cold seemed a safer option. She let out a low whistle and almost instantly after hearing the sound of pounding paws Buddy entered with a woolly hat.

She carefully slipped it onto his head letting his ears slip easily through the slits made in the hat. As soon as it was placed firmly on his head he ran to the front door, his owner trailing behind in a casual walk still trying to resist the thought of actually going outside. Buddy banged his head against the door earning a firm reprimand by his owner who hooked a leash to his collar and opened the door, snatching the jangling keys and slamming the door behind her.

Running down the stairs, racing against Buddy she warmed her body slightly and the feel of blood pooling in her cheeks reassured her of the fact she was probably a bright shade of red by now. Staring at the grey outside world where the only colour came from the slowly decaying leaves she sighed as Buddy’s incessant nudging finally pushed her out of the door of the flat’s building. Muttering lowly cursing this time of year she trudged along with her ecstatic companion tugging her on with the lead. She picked up the pace thinking that Buddy might end up hurting himself with the constant pull of the collar on his neck.

Walking along the slanted pavement to the park gates she paused admiring the beauty, the beauty of the death of summer and life. Opening the creaking gates to the park she quickened her pace to keep warm.

She received the daily nods from the locals as she passed and returned it with a weary smile. The song of London city sung through her ears ringing to her very soul, the mixture of nature’s singers, the birds twittering away accompanied with the beat of the cars racing along the street near the park. She sat on a creaky old bench in the corner of the park under the leaves and branches of the old oak tree, and let Buddy of the leash.

Slowly breathing out she watched the white mist coming from her nose disappear into the air around. She closed her eyes, acclimatising herself to the repetitive sounds and feel of the autumn morning.

Suddenly the sound of familiar whining caused her to jolt up.  Her head whipped around, her mind constantly repeating Buddy. Leaping from her seat she paced the greens of the grass edging closer to the sound of whining.

Finally the familiar rusty golden and black fur came into sight and she ran over ready to scold him incessantly for giving her such a fright, but the sight in front of her made her freeze in fear.

A bloody white fox lay limply in front of her.

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