The Other Side of the Bookcase

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TITO GARCIA, a young library worker, has fallen in love with a girl he's only just met. LYRA KENSINGTON is his true love and they want to be together but life gets in the way.

The lovers from very different backgrounds are perfect for each other but are challenged in every way possible.

When things become too much, either of them run away but destiny always finds a way to bring them back together. Can they take the risk and finally be together with fate on their side; before it runs out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Other Side of the Bookshelf

Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Submitted: June 26, 2012




~ Chapter One: The Perfect Family ~
I collected my books from the desk in the corner and packed them into my school bag. As I turned to rush out the door I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My reflection stared back at me. I ran my fingers through my hair and tucked it behind my ear, tilting my head to the side.
“You look perfect Lyra. Perfect as always.” I heard my mother say from behind me.
I looked up into the mirror and saw her leaning slanted at my bedroom doorway dressed in a fitted lace dress with her blonde hair tucked neatly in a bun with a curly strand of hair hanging down either side of her face.
“You’ve always been beautiful.“ Tight curly fair hair, sparkling blue eyes and soft, gentle skin. “I must be the luckiest mother in the world to have such a beautiful daughter like you” My mother declared.
“Mum..“ I giggled.
“Come on darling you’d best be off to school. You’re going to miss the school bus, then again your father or I could always take you..“ She finished convincingly.
I swung my bag over my shoulder and walked towards the doorway kissing her on the cheek as I brushed past. I paced along the narrow corridor towards the large flight of stairs and turned left into the dining room. The maid kindly pulled out a chair for me to sit on. I sat looking around at my family that were placed around the large dining room table with me. I often sit each day thinking about how I’ll turn out. Like my doting father; a large, incredibly rich business man who runs almost every successful computer company in the country. My beautiful loving mother; a cardiovascular surgeon at the local hospital. Neive, my older sister, wife-to-be who’s currently living at home with her parents during her last year at university whilst studying law. Jayda, my second oldest sister, about to head out to Australia to spend time travelling and seeing the world before she decides on what she wants from life. Kasey, my youngest sister, dedicated to hair and beauty who spends all her free time at the spa and learning anything beauty related that she can whilst studying for her exams.
I laughed incredibly loud at my little baby brother Ethan who at this moment in time had just flung his hands into his bowl of breakfast spraying the milk across his highchair. After I’d took my last bite out of the toast I’d been eating, I stood up, tucked my chair under the table and walked out into the hallway. I turned the key in the door and walked out the house closing the door quietly behind me. A gust of wind blew and swiped my dress up against my legs as I walked slowly down the curved stone stairs that lead out to the drive. The yellow bus manoeuvred around the elegantly ordered trees that stood in a line along the driveway and stopped suddenly outside the front door. I stepped onto the bus and caught the eye of my best friend Carly who sat two seats down on the left hand side of the bus.
“Ready for school?“ she asked graciously, as I walked over towards her before taking a seat on the school bus.

~ Chapter Two: Perfectly wrong ~

On the other side of town Lucia was in the kitchen arguing with her son Tito, who ironically, towered above her at an awkward six-foot-three. Lucia had been trying to convince her son that she’s only ever tried to protect him from his father but he wasn’t having any of it.
“YOU divorced HIM!” Tito declared with a deep tone.
“Do you never listen child?!” Mum said, shaking her head in disagreement.
Tito’s father had moved back to Spain, the family’s home town, when Tito’s sister was three years old. She doesn’t know much about her father and insists if he couldn’t find the time for her, then she has no time for him in return. The family are of Spanish nationality and both his mother and sister can speak fluent Spanish, however Tito refuses to speak the language and struggles to get along with the family. Tito hates living in a house of females and yearns to fly out to visit his father but doesn't have the money to go and his mother wont allow it.
“I AM protecting you. You’ll learn that one day chico tonto.”
“I don’t speak Spanish! What does that mean?“ he demanded.
“Silly boy” whispered his sister who stood vulnerably behind the kitchen door as she peaked her head round.
“I beg your pardon Sara?” Tito asked sarcastically.
“Oh calm down Tito, she’s simply translating. Princess go back to the living room; everything’s okay- don’t worry. Listen Tito, I don’t know how many times I’m simply going to have to tell you this. Your father doesn’t want anything to do with you: either of you. Ring him. Go on.. call him and see what happens.”
“In fact, why don’t you arrange a time where you can spend a holiday at his house. I’d like to see what’d happen. Now.. I have to go back to work, this argument, again, has been pathetic and you seriously need to do some growing up. Go and do your chores and homework. I’ll be home after five, take care of your sister” Lucia said slamming the door behind her.
“Selfish bitch.” Tito muttered to himself as he rolled his eyes.
After she took her hand off the door handle, Lucia inhaled and slowly exhaled trying to calm herself down, for she had been arguing with Tito since she picked him up from school earlier that day, but this was nothing new for the Garcia family. Lucia paced down the bare pavement that led to a crowded street that literally overflowed with screaming kids. Unfortunately the family couldn’t afford to run their own car so she stepped up onto the bus stop, just in time for the number 42 bus to take her back to the ‘Royal Oakley House‘, the local private school that she’s blessed to be employed at for it literally pays for food on the table and the clothes her children wear.
Back at home, Tito stumbled up the stairs full of anger, to do the only thing that keeps him sane in his home; to play music. He jumped onto his bed, collecting his guitar from its bag on his way. He threw the strap over his head, leant over the side of the bed, pulled open the drawer, scattered about until he finally found a pencil and began expressing his anger through music.
His sister, Sara, wandered into his bedroom to find him scribbling words down on a piece of paper whilst tears rolled down his cheek. Although Sara acknowledged her brothers sadness, she has learnt through experience not to mention it.
“You know, for someone who is self-learnt, you really do make incredibly beautiful music. Mum does love you, you know Tito.” Sara said softly.
Tito mimicked his mother. “ "my beautiful children" I know Sara. I’m sorry for always arguing with mum, its just, I don’t fit in here like you do. I’m the rebellious child. You fluently speak Spanish, keep up with the family’s culture and are a good student at school. You’d be at that posh private school mum works at if she only had the money.”
“Money doesn’t matter- family does, which is why you should show some more appreciation for mum. She does everything she can for us. It wasn’t her fault dad left. If he wanted anything to do with us, he would’ve got in contact by now. You know as well as I do, he doesn’t care about us.”
“I know... I know.” Tito exhaled softly and continued strumming on his guitar. Looking down he mumbled “You’re far to wise for a thirteen year old Sara.”
They both giggled as the phone began to ring.

~ Chapter Three: Capturing the eye ~

I sat munching away at cornflakes, on the tiny circular table across from my sister. “I don’t see why I couldn’t have had toast!” I said, thumping my hands down onto the table as I breathed impatiently.
“You know why Tito. We have no bread left and the milk goes off today. Just eat and stop complaining, please.” his mum said disappointedly; sipping her cold coffee.
I lowered my head in shame and stretched out my right arm to grab the milk, when mum nudged my chair with her hip as she passed. My chair tipped forward and the milk splattered over Sara, who sat opposite me. I gazed up at her, her jaw dropped in shock and she made a face at me.
“Tito!” mum screeched.
I threw myself backwards, sliding the chair legs across the floor as I stood up out of it. “It’s not like it was on purpose mum!” I reached down to the floor and picked up my ripped, black school bag, I’d had since my first day at secondary school, and stomped towards the door, purposely scoffing my feet across the floor as I walked. Clutching angrily onto the door handle, I repeatedly shook it about until it opened. “Still not fixed?” I sarcastically asked, slamming the door behind me.
The harsh wind yelled as it passed me. I observed as it scooped up the leaves and threw them into the air. Standing on the porch I was debating with myself whether it was worth going back into the house for my coat. I concluded it wasn’t and made my way out the garden towards the bus stop to work.
As I turned the corner, through the double doors of the library, the heating blew past, instantly warming me up. Gina was sat at her desk with that stupid smile plastered on her face. “Morning!” she bellowed. I squinted my eyes at her, rudely blinked and stepped towards my locker. I threw my bag into the tiny, tin locker. This wasn’t going to be a good day.
I hated my job. I mean who actually likes working in a library? Day in-day out stacking ugly, wooden shelves with ancient books that sit neatly aligned next to each other. I shuffled sideways along the bookshelf, nodding my head to the piercing music that played into my ears. I didn’t have a care in the world what was happening around me when I looked up and noticed a beautiful girl through the bookcase. She had the most sparkling blue eyes I had ever seen. I scanned her perfectly, symmetrical face for faults. Her skin was as soft as silk. Her eyes were equally placed either side of her tiny, button nose. Then her pastel, pink lips widened as she smiled. We were gazing into each others eyes before she giggled. My wide open eyes began to water so I had to force myself to blink. I rubbed my eyes and she’d disappeared. Was I imagining her, was I hallucinating? I was so frustrated and continued stacking and ordering the books.
Minutes later I attempted to pull out a navy, blue book but it repelled. In confusion I let go and there she was again. The gorgeous blonde haired girl with the perfectly symmetrical face.
“Hi” I mumbled.
“Hello there” she chuckled.
“Oh..urm what brings you here?” I hesitated to ask.
“Books.” she cutely replied with a glimmer in her eye.
“Really?” I said attentively. “I mean, of course, but what sort of book are you looking for?”
“Any really” she smiled.
We continued chatting and making conversation as we walked along the lengthy bookshelf. I couldn’t take my eyes off her again when she giggled and walked away.
“No… wait.” I called. The books slipped out my hands and fell to the floor. I tried to follow her. I checked the entire library but I couldn’t find her again. She had literally disappeared. I was so gutted. Then, like a light bulb lighting up in my head, I remembered the thick, navy, blue book she was returning. I ran back down the bookshelf and took the book to the computer scanner to find out who previously took the book out.
I spent the remaining hours of the day asking around to see if anybody could put a name to this gorgeous girl’s face, but nothing. Just when I thought luck had caught up with me, it’d ran out again. I felt useless-“I’ll never forget that girl. I wont” I convinced myself. “I guess this is what they call love at first sight”

~ Chapter Four: Note to self ~

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. I heard repetitively behind me. I swung my head around to look at the clock. It was a quarter-past five. I turned back around and stared down at the empty page. Struggling to write the five-hundred word essay for sports study tomorrow I tilted my head backwards in frustration. I started feeling restless so banged my head down onto the table. Then, I looked up and there she was. The girl I saw through the bookcase. The girl I think I’d fallen in love with.
She was sitting upright with her books and papers laid out in front of her. She seemed hard-working. Suddenly she stood up out of her chair and walked across the library to the reception. It was then I realised I must have been watching her for quite some time. My eyes followed her as she scurried around the library. I tried to distract myself; I looked down at the small A6 notes paper in front of me. I quickly began writing onto the paper, in a rush I folded the paper up and placed it in the fold of the book she had in front of her. I acted as though nothing had happened and put my head down and continued working.
I couldn’t see anything but knew she had seen the note. I could hear the rustling of paper as she opened it up.
Hello again ‘The girl through the bookshelf’ My name’s Tito. I’m not sure if you remember me. I cant stop thinking about you ever since the day I first laid eyes on you. Call me crazy, but fancy getting to know each other? : )
It read.
She was clearing her throat in order to get my attention. I peaked up at her and looked over, flirtatiously raising one eyebrow. Her face told me she had remembered me. My heart skipped a beat for a moment as she leant over the table and placed a note in full view of me. I looked over and she had leant back in her chair with arms crossed waiting for me to open the note. What had she written?
Fancy meeting you again Tito. I do remember you. I felt guilty about walking away from you but my father called and I had to go. You’ve been all I’ve thought about these past few days. I’d love to get to know you! I’m Lyra x
It read in neat, italic handwriting with accurate punctuation.
We continued writing for a while, getting to know each other. I found out she was a daughter of five-incredible! I cant imagine what she must be thinking of me and my little family of three. I looked up again and she’d walked away to collect another book. I couldn’t resist so I followed slowly behind her. She knew I was there, yet she didn’t turn around. She walked along one side of the bookshelf so I took the other. I wanted to rein act what happened the first time we met. She reached out to pick a book. Like something took over my body, I swept it off of her and took her hand. They were delicate and soft, she grasped hold of me and smiled.
Days pass and every single day after school I sit next to Lyra and we study together, getting to know each other in the process. When Lyra found out I was Spanish she couldn’t help herself and excitedly began teaching me Spanish. For once in my life I feel I have a place in this enormous world. I realise now that all my life I’ve missed out on one thing and that was to feel loved. Although my mum loves me more than anything, I’ve never felt loved enough because my mind was always elsewhere. Lyra, however changed that and has made me realise all the positive things in life.

~ Chapter Five: Jigsaw Pieces ~

I wasn’t walking in the same way today- I had a kind of spring in my step.
As I skipped through the doorway I noticed my younger sister struggling to do some work. She was sat at the dining table with her head in her hand whilst twiddling a pen in the other. She knocked the pen against her head trying to think of something.
“What’s up Sara?” I asked
“Nothing” she huffed.
“Clearly. Is there something I can help you with?”
“Unfortunately not. I need mums help but she’s staying late at work again.” she replied with disappointment in her voice.
I pulled up a chair next her and took a seat. “Let's have a look” I swiped my hand through my hair and leant across the table to pick up her homework sheet.
“See I told you. You cant help me, you don’t know Spanish.” she said frowning.
“Well that’s where your wrong little sister!” I squeaked, rubbing my knuckles playfully across her head.
Sara scrunched up her face in confusion. Lifting one eyebrow she declared “Since when?”
I told Sara about the girl I’d met and how we got to know each other.
I heard mum pulling up in the car outside and left the room.
“You’ll never believe who helped me with my Spanish homework today mum?” Sara shouted in excitement as Lucia walked through the door.
“Who sweetheart?”
“My brother.”
“Tito? Really? Let me see.” she collected my homework sheet off the table and pushed the sheet away from her face, taking in the correct answers. “Wow” she said in amazement. Her voice had a sense of pride in it.
3 weeks passed..
Me and my mum began getting to know one another. I found out we actually have a lot in common. I feel bad for never letting her in before but she’s overwhelmed with how far I’ve come since I met this girl. She doesn’t know her name or who she is but she’s just relieved her son is finally happy and that we’re getting along.
One night when I was sat at the kitchen table finishing dinner I felt the need to ask a question. She leant over my shoulder to pick up my empty plate to clean the dishes. “mum..”
I asked about her and my father but she didn’t want to talk about it. I had to know things. I needed answers but she was being ignorant and rude. I was so angry and stormed out the house, taking my coat off the peg on my way.
I know not to drive when I’m angry, especially as I’ve not long passed my test but I wasn’t thinking straight at all that day. I sped along the road, taking sharp bends too quickly. The lights from the cars flashed at me as I passed them. By now I was fuming and had to pull over. I turned off the ignition and lowered the music’s volume.
I didn’t know where I was. Meanwhile, Lyra was walking home from babysitting when she recognised my car parked on the side of the road. She knocked on the window and waved with a delicate smile on her face.
I lifted my head up to look at her but dropped it back down into my hands.
She knocked again, this time harder than before to get my attention.
I rolled the window down “Come in” I said whilst patting the seat next to me.
She brought the seat belt over and placed it into the plug. “Come on, lets go home” she said to me. “We can chat on the way”
As I’d finished explaining to her what’d happened I parked a few yards from the house. I had just pulled the clutch back when she jumped out of the car and skipped towards my gate. My mum was standing there with her arms crossed waiting for me to return. I was baffled. Had I missed something?
I sat in the car staring over at the pair of them as they spoke to each other in Spanish. Then I lowered the window to hear what was being said.
‘Hello miss Garcia!” I hear echoing through the street. My cheeks turned red in embarrassment. I closed the window and gazed ahead of me as they continued talking.
“Leaving?” I heard my mum repeat. My head strained to the side in shock of what I’d heard.
It was then I realised a few things. Lyra, the girl I fell in love with was leaving. My mother, was her Spanish teacher. ‘Things were just coming together’ I thought. My eyes filled with water. I quickly wiped away tears as Lyra steadied towards me.
“I’m really sorry Tito. My family are leaving”
'Leaving' I heard repetitively echo through my head.
She continued talking.. “My mother has a new, better job somewhere else and my fathers found a new company near the house. It's been great getting to know you but I simply cannot stay here on my own.”
I wasn’t taking any of it in. I just kept hearing the word 'leaving' in my head as she carried on explaining.. “We can stay in touch. You’re a great friend. Here call me” she smiled and handed over a folded up piece of lined paper with her name and number written on it.
She kissed me on the cheek and walked away into the darkness. My mum looked over at me as I sat in the car gazing out into the distance at Lyra who by now had disappeared around the corner. I caught the eye of my mum and broke into tears.
It was then my mum put it all together. She stood staring at me in the car while I was crying. She realised then that the girl she'd been teaching for years was the girl I’d been talking about for the past three months. Lyra was the girl that taught me Spanish. Lyra was the girl her son had fallen in love with.
She ran towards the car and attempted to open the door but it was locked. I was heartbroken.

~ Chapter Six: Girls and Goals ~
*Dear diary,
Today is April 23rd. It has been five years to this day since Lyra moved away to Mexico with her family. Five years since my heart was pulled apart into several pieces. Five years its been, yet I still love her as much now as I did then…
..since Lyra left I’ve realised I have to move on with my life. I have to find something to motivate me, otherwise I would have drove myself completely insane on the thought alone. So I’ve moved on with my life. Gotten myself a job in the library where me and Lyra first met and on weekends I keep myself busy with learning Spanish as a hobby. Realising the sense of identity I never thought I’d get from being Spanish- it’s been a remarkable experience.
I know how crazy it sounds, but ever since she left, I’ve sat at the front desk in the library. Waiting, in the hope that one day she will return. She will come back for me. Who am I kidding?*
I sat that evening slouched on the sofa with my head in my hands thinking about Lyra and how things have changed. I was deep in thought when mum jumped onto the sofa beside me. She had that concerned look on her face.
“You have to let her go.” she whispered, placing her hand attentively around my shoulder. I shrugged my shoulder, pulling away from her. “Tito. Stop wasting your time waiting for her to come back. There’re bigger, better things out there for you. She’s not coming back.” she huffed and puffed. “Do you want my opinion?” she questioned.
Although my head was bowed down in ignorance, I looked out of the corner of my eyes to listen to what she had to say.. “Do something with your life- something meaningful”
Instantly the first thing that sprung to mind was an image of me, six years of age, my dad was telling me about his brother being in the army and I was wearing a camouflage outfit and we were using water guns and pretending to shoot each other. I remember the exhilaration I felt all them years ago and remember aspiring to be in the army. I later snuck upstairs and pulled out an old box from high school. I swept away the dust that lay collected on the box, that had been sitting on the top of my wardrobe for what seemed like a decade. There were certificates and pictures from camps, showing all the training I’d done and it brought back the old, but new inspirations I have for life.
For a moment I could have sworn I could hear my sergeant teacher advising me “Son, you should try out for the army.” It was then I realised I found that passion I once had and instead of being scared to take the risk, I instead took a leap and decided to continue into the army as my career path. Finally make my mother proud and become somebody my sister can look up to instead of somebody she shouldn’t be like. I was going to be something, do something with my life. I was going to be a hero.
*It's been 18 months of intense training, but now I'm home on break for the Christmas holidays before I have to go back to continue with my last 6 months training. I'll be glad to see the family though!*
On a breezy winters day, I headed towards the local shop to buy a turkey for the Christmas dinner. I strolled through the snowy, white covered streets before stepping into the warm local shop. It was a small town so it wasn’t a far distant walk to what I had now become so used to, with the army training. Then after I paid for the turkey I walked out with the bags and saw Lyra. I advanced towards her in awe. She was really there. I wrapped my arms warmly around her, kissing her gently on her rosy cheeks. She threw her tiny, petite arms around my newly muscular body. I could tell she was as thrilled to see me as I was to see her. It’s a small town so the chances of bumping into someone are high.
*I've been spending all of my free time this past month with Lyra and trying not to let her out of my sight. The love we had before she left was still there and as strong as ever. I never realised how much I could love one person like I love this girl. This time I wasn’t letting go of her.
Family life hadn’t changed though.*
One late evening after work, mum was arguing with me again. This time about receiving a phone call from my sergeant major, telling her that he isn’t sure what’s gotten into me, but that I am currently slacking and am at risk of not getting into the army. He informed my mum that if I don’t keep my mind on training I wont be able to go to war.
*I’m completely torn between the love I have for this beautiful woman that has fallen head over heels for me, again. This is our second chance and I should be jumping at the chance, but it would mean 18 strenuous months of intense training for nothing. The chance of doing something absolutely great with my life and achieving things I never thought I would. *

~ Chapter Seven: Absence ~
It was humid, and the large, glowing sun pierced through the lightly scattered clouds in the sky. Lyra turned to her sister who lay comfortably beside her, taking in the last of the sun before they returned home from their holiday. Although she enjoyed being on holiday with her family, all she could think about was returning home to see Tito, and before she knew it she was scurrying along the crowded plane towards the first class seats. As soon as they landed, Lyra hurried straight to Tito’s house on the other side of town, but sadly he wasn’t there.
Tito’s mum Lucia didn’t want to be the one to tell Lyra about him being in the army but knew she would want answers and kindly explained everything about his army plans and all the training he’d done whilst she was away.
“He couldn’t sit around everyday in the hope that you would one day return. It just wasn’t fair on him.”
Lyra understood that it wouldn’t have been easy for him to wait days for her to return and accepted that this is what he wanted to do, yet she didn’t seem to really understand what this meant for their relationship. She faked a smile and walked away. After all she didn’t want Lucia to think she was the person to make her son lose everything he’d been training for.
She stomped slowly across the street towards her house, like a heavy chain was keeping her from lifting her feet. She looked weak and lacked energy. Finally, she stepped up into the house, closing the door calmly behind her and wiped tears away from her face.
“What’s wrong Lyra? Are you crying?” her mother asked in a concerned tone.
Her mother rushed towards Lyra in time for her to fall into her arms. She wrapped her arms tightly around her mothers neck, and like a new born baby her mum cradled Lyra in her arms.
“He’s gone mum” she cried, tearfully. “I should never have left him. I feel so guilty, I just want him to come home. I love him so much!”
For the past week Tito had been at his training camp. He had been on and off the phone to Lyra, trying to explain to her that he wants to fight for his country. He didn’t enjoy constantly waiting around for her to come back into his life. She wasn’t accepting what he was saying and done everything she could to get him to come home, for the weekend at least. Much to her delight, he returned home that weekend to sort things out with her and explain.
They sat up chatting that evening. Tito reached out his arm and positioned it around Lyra’s waist pulling her closer towards him. He held her body and placed his other hand on her face, in the position where he was about to caress her, before saying “I love you my beautiful girl, with every breath in my body- I love you, but I have to do this. You must understand.” he convincingly stated.
Lyra nodded gracefully, pressing her lips together, trying not to show her hurt and despair. Tito saw past this and hugged her, embracing the moment. That night was special and they both made love.
The following morning Tito woke and turned around to face his beloved. He kissed her softly and stepped out of the bed. He sat up on the edge of the bed glimpsing over at the digital clock that flashed 06:04. He collected his things and travelled to campus as he had to make his way to go to war the following day. He knew how much he was going to miss Lyra but knew he had to do this.
When Lyra eventually woke, she woke up to an empty bed and burst into tears at the realisation that Tito had gone to war. This time, she was heartbroken and full of guilt for ever leaving him.
Although Tito was working hard at war, he still found the time to write to Lyra who was delighted today because she had received a letter from him. It had only been a week since he left, but she couldn’t come to terms with the thought of him never returning and stopped writing back to him and went on to have a relationship with a boy she went to school with. She needed stability and Marcus could do that for her.
For the first three months she continued to write to Tito as a friend before calling him. “It isn’t going to work Tito. I cant do this anymore” she mumbled, stroking her stomach. “I’m sorry” she said before putting the phone down.
Lyra only had to wait three more months before Tito arrived home from a six month posting.

~ Chapter Eight: Hide and Secrets ~
I saw the perfect dress. Even at first glance I knew it was just perfect, but then I remembered I was pregnant- what a disappointment.
“Would you like some help dear?” the shop assistant kindly asked.
I shook my head and rubbed my belly with my hands. Being pregnant was great, I was excited at the thought of being somebody's mother and my family had begun to come around to the idea but I really wanted this beautiful dress. So, I took the dress by the hanger, pulled it up towards my neck and looked into the mirror. The dress sparkled beautifully back at me but then in the right corner of the elongated mirror Tito's reflection gazed back at me.
“Lyra!” he screeched.
I was dazed. I stared straight through him as he stood smiling, still managing to hold the dress up in front of me. 'he can't know I'm pregnant' I thought to myself.
I looked in the opposite direction, pretending that I hadn't seen him. I continued to prance around with the dress, as he stood making hand gestures at me, trying to get me to notice him. I blinked slowly and walked away in an attempt not to seem rude. I hung up the dress near the changing rooms, trying to hide from Tito.
I paced around the shop floor scanning the isles, sliding further away from Tito. He had a confused look on his face. He stopped suddenly, raising both arms, he shrugged his shoulders and lipped “Are you ignoring me?”
I moved towards a large counter placing my hands out in front of me, hoping that he wouldn't notice the bump. He ran towards me:
“Oh playing games are we?” he giggled. “I'm so glad I bumped into you”
I forced an awkward smile as he continued talking..
“I've been home for a fortnight and been dying to meet up with you. I know your scared but we can make this happen..” he continued
I brought my hand up to my forehead trying to gain balance.
“I can't go on without you. Since that first day at the bookcase I loved you. I'd love to drop out of the army for you but you're unpredictable. I need a stable life.”
I huffed at the irony of the situation, then nodded in agreement with what he was saying. I blinked slowly and all of a sudden felt weak.
“Why are you hiding from me Lyra? Your never normally this shy?” he said in confusion.
“It's just.. I.. Woaah” I lost my footing for a second and tippled forward, nearly blacking out. I looked at him through blurry eyes and he appeared to be walking around the counter towards me. I realised his helpfulness but didn't have the energy to stop him.
As he stepped around the corner of the counter his eyes were immediately drawn to my enormous baby bump. His eyes opened wide and he stood side ways on next to me in an awkward silence.
“I'm sorry” I mumbled before falling forwards into his tender open arms.
When I awoke from the faint I was lying in his arms and he was running towards the ambulance. My head was leant against his chest and I could hear his heart beat out of rhythm and peered up at him, his face said it all- that he was genuinely worried about us.
“Are you angry at me?” I asked as I lay uncomfortably in the hospital bed that afternoon.
“I just wish you'd told me” he said vulnerably. “Is it Marcus'?” he quickly added.
I attempted to sit myself up but I had literally no energy in me. I was so uncomfortable. “I can't do this right now Tito” I glimpse over at him and he was looking down twiddling his thumbs. When he looked up at me I could see the anger streaming through him.
I only had two-and-a-half months left until my due date and although Tito decided to stay in the army he still managed to support me throughout the pregnancy. He was my saviour since the split from Marcus, who made me realise that some men just aren't cut out to be fathers or husbands. One evening when Tito returned I sat with him and spoke about the baby's bedroom, getting back together and the army. I told him about how my grandfather went to many wars then suddenly one day his camp was hit and he never returned home.
“I'm scared” I declared. He wrapped his arms around me comforting me.
“I'm not concentrating like I should be anyway. I’ve only been doing training these past months. I’m thinking about dropping out and spending all my time with you and the baby” Tito said.
I smiled back at him and we snuggled up on the sofa.

~ Chapter Nine: Dialogue~
The day of the 24 week scan was nearing and after the scare earlier in the year, both Lyra and Tito were thrilled that they were able to see the baby and hear its heartbeat once again. They both walked anxiously into the hospital, hands interlocked. Lyra's hand was sweating and Tito placed his hand around her as they were sat impatiently in the waiting area.
“Miss Lyra Kensington?” The maternity nurse politely asked.
Lyra stood up and turned around to Tito for support, who sat in the waiting area with his arms crossed whilst tapping his foot on the floor. He stared at her and raised one eyebrow as he spoke the words “You want me to come with you?”
“Of course!” Lyra replied as she took his hand.
They walked together into the room. Still holding Lyra's hand for support, Tito was incredibly nervous because, he didn't know how he was going to feel seeing his beloved carrying somebody else's baby. The nurse took out the bottle of jelly and squirted it across Lyra's stomach. She jolted with the coldness and slowly inhaled. The lady moved her hand left and right across Lyra's stomach, searching for a clear picture of the baby.
Tito took one look at the tiny, petite, beautiful, well developed, white and black image of the baby on the screen. Looking at him you could see that there weren't enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe how he felt at that moment. He didn't even blink, he was in such awe. Lyra squeezed his hand. He turned around to Lyra with tears rolling down his cheek then he leant towards her and kissed her on the forehead with a great, big smile across his face. It was at that moment that he discovered unconditional love.
“We can make this work.” Tito exclaimed. Tears continued to fall down his face as he declared. “I never thought I'd love somebody as much as I love you, but I haven't even met this baby yet and already I feel a bond between us-like the magical one we have.”
“We can be together; all three of us. I cant help but love it as much as you. Its a part of you and that feels like a part of me. As long as I'm with you, I'll treat this child as my own. I'm ready for this relationship now. Its taken me six years but I can do this.” He placed one hand on Lyra's cheek and the other on the bump. “WE can do this.”
By now, Lyra was soaked in tears with a delicate smile on her face.
Later that year, Lyra finally fell into Labour and after the birth of a beautiful six-pound-seven baby girl Tito began blabbering on: “Maybe you'll never know just how much I love both you and baby Kiara, but my papa used to tell me that "actions speak louder than words" and I've always believed that so I'll get another job and we can get a bigger house that'll comfortably fit the three of us..” he continued blabbering when Lyra interpreted.
“I needed to know you were going to be there- Stability.”
She took his hand and whispered “The reason I stopped writing to you during the war was because I found out I was pregnant. The reason I told you about Marcus was because I needed to know just how much you loved me. I didn't want you to see me that day in the clothes shop because I didn't want you to see me pregnant and run away again, but there was no Marcus and I never stopped loving you. Kiara, is our baby. I didn't want anything to distract you from war. I needed to know whether you'd come back and stay; but I guess that just this once ‘Destiny Rules‘.” Lyra ended.
Four months passed...
Lyra and Tito were happily living together in a grand four bedroom house in the richer part of the town. They were enjoying life together with their gorgeous daughter and were happily in love.
One morning in late March Lyra was cleaning the kitchen dishes when the post was delivered through the door. She made her way to the door and collected the only letter that was strangely delivered that Sunday. Her heart skipped a beat for a moment as she opened the envelope and scanned the page that read:
Mr Tito Garcia,
We were instructed to inform you about a 18 month posting to Afghanistan. It will be great to know that you'll be joining us this year. We expect to see you this weekend when we leave,
Many thanks,
Sergeant Collins
Lyra took a deep breath and looked up at Tito who had stepped through the living room door with his daughter, Kiara, wrapped around his hip. She had the most beautiful smile and was giggling with happiness. Lyra lifted up the envelope in full view of Tito.
“Go.” She told him.
“Never!” He replied sharply. “I'll never make that mistake again. My wife and my daughter are the only things I'm ever going to need in my life.” He sweetly said lowering down onto one knee.
Lyra bit her lip in the shock before remembering to say yes. Kiara sat on the floor beside them both clapping her hands together whilst mumbling baby noises.
“I even got you a present.” Tito said with excitement in his voice.
Lyra unwrapped the rectangular shaped object. It was a dark navy blue book. She stared at it with glowing eyes and a wide open mouth. “Is this what I think it is? ...Is this the book you pulled out on the other side of the bookcase?” She hesitated to ask.
Tito blushed.


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