Fallen Under

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A 15 year old girl called Victoria Cain, abandoned by her mother and living alone in the family’s old mansion.
After her father disappeared at the age of 4, Victoria had been experiencing strange events which she presumed were hallucinations... but was she wrong?

One day she gets a letter, and she makes a decision which begins the journey.
The journey of new feelings never felt before, eventually a shocking secret and discoveries of herself and her history. Oh and her dad!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fallen Under

Submitted: October 21, 2010

Reads: 228

Comments: 2

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Submitted: October 21, 2010



just a heads up, this is mt first story so, i would love to hear comments to suggest how to make it more interesting, or ideas, and thank you if you are going to read my story!!!!

When the envelope arrived under the mahogany door, Victoria had the sudden feeling of curiosity and fear.

‘Why didn’t they put it in the post box’ she thought to herself, staring hard at it, ‘could it be that important?’

Still questioning to pick it up or leave it, she glares at the thick, cream coloured paper. No one knew where she lived, except for her mother, the one she hadn’t seen or talked to since she abandoned her in this old mansion four years ago. She only got the occasional envelope once a month of money, but that was it. No notes either, asking if she was ok, if she was having a good time or even if her mother loved her, not that it really matter, Victoria didn’t care.


What was strange was that, the envelope of money gets delivered to her through the post box. That post box being in the centre of town, and that town being two hours away; two whole hours away from this deserted place. Three people knew the exact location and existence of this wealthy mansion, herself, her mother and her….

Then it hit her, “Could it be dad?...” Victoria whispered to herself.

She rushed to the envelope, not caring what it could be. She snatched the envelope from under the door, and tore it open. Victoria’s heart cracked. It wasn’t what she expected at all. A letter from her father?, no it was an acceptance form.

“Why do I have this?” she said horrified.

 Now she was really shocked, the letter had her name, birth, and where she lived.


‘To Victoria Cain

Birth: 13/03/1995, currently 15 years of age

Residence: Lord Gregory’s Mansion


You have been accepted to enroll in FallenAcademy as a first year student.

As a new student we would like you to be at the academy by the forth light,

no more or less. This is one in a life time opportunity you will ever have, so choose wisely.

We recommend-’


Victoria had nothing to say or think. She just stared at the letter, looking at the list of things it said she would need.




She was sitting in the middle of the ball room, reading over the letter she had received.

 ‘Should I go?’ Victoria thought to herself, “I didn’t sign any forms…so how-”

“Good evening Miss Cain” the stranger said formally and in a rude tone.

Victoria looked around and smiled sadly as a stranger walked through the wall “Hello Gregory” she said with no emotions.

Gregory walked over to Victoria, he was curious on what she was so fixated on,

“What is that letter you are so interested in, you were soo interested that you don’t even bother to greet me this morning?” Gregory said rudely,

“It’s a letter of acceptance” Victoria said looking at him with no emotion

“Is that all” he scoffed “If someone asked me a simple question, I would still manage a smile ”.

“Gregory… you’re not real” she said bluntly.

“That is not true, I‘m more real then you and other living things put together” Gregory said in an annoyed voice.

Gregory was a …well a hallucination, apparently in her head. He had passed away 148 years ago. He was 85 years old and he died in this house. He had the grumpy old man attitude which didn’t seem to bother Victoria. She always wondered how her mind had thought of such a grouchy character, but Victoria kind of looked up to it. Mr. Gregory spends all his time wandering through the house, remembering all the secrets to the house. Victoria knew it wasn’t real, but she thought it was okay to imagine what it could be like, to have so many secrets and keep it all to your self, like she was with her own existence.

“What did you get accepted for?” squinting his eyes to see what’s on the papers,

“Apparently, I’m accepted in an academy… but I don’t know how?” Victoria said looking back at the letter.

“How did you get accepted into an academy” Gregory pointed out.

Victoria was staring at the letter not noticing Gregory had commented.

“Fourth light… so four days”, She whispered.

 Victoria didn’t notice before, but there was something round in the envelope.

She turned the envelope upside down and a black ring rolled onto her hand. It was beautiful, no gems, but… it caught her eye. She put on the ring, it was cold and didn’t seem to warm to her body temperature.

“So Miss Cain, what happens now?” Gregory looked at her, with a different gleam in his eye.

“What am, I going to do?” she question herself.

 Looking at the letter and reading it in her mind, the passage that shocked her,

If you having any business to do with this world, then we will let you come back every fortnight, “this world” she read out loud, “What do they mean about this world” Victoria read on,

There will be an object in this envelop, please wear at all times while staying at the academy.

You will attend all your classes, if you have permission not to attend for a reason you will be allowed to not attend. If you want more information, ask when you accept, and are at the academy. When you enter this academy, you cannot quit, resign, or not attend.

On behalf Collin Whick

“Collin Whick” Victoria repeated, “sounds familiar”.

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