Pachelbel's Canon

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Black BMW

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



Two days pass. News being broadcast everywhere. Two days pass and no one knew what he really looked like. There is a description by an off duty officer, but no one had been found fitting a description of yellow eyes. Some media said it was an invasion of a Star Wars Sith Lord.

On the morning of the third day a man was dragged into a local police station cell for holding until his situation was addressed. The man was brought in for speeding, and driving a stolen car.

“Hey, Doug, take a look at this guy.” Jenkins said. Jenkins handed him the drivers license. Doug looked at it about to pass it back, still in mourning over his friend's death. But then looked back it.

“He’s here?”

“Yeah, back there with other guy who was driving a stolen BMW.”

“Shit” Doug started to walk toward the holding cells.


“Aye lad. What do they got you in here for then?”

His cell mate just sat on the floor, still. He seemed to be some sort of trance. The car thief didn't know what to do now. So he remained quiet for a bit


James Bentgibber is listening to Pachabel’s Canon, in his mind of course. What a beautiful piece of music. The annoying little man behind him kept talking, “They got me in here for stealin’ cars. They call me the Supreme Car Snatcher, yeah. Not my choice. I guess I should’ve kept on driving. But I had to help that poor lass. What a shame. Aye, what’er you in for? Steal a car too? I stole a nice black BMW from some senile old man, eh. So ... what'er ya in for then, aye?”

This got James Bentgibber's attention. He stood up slowly.

It is dim in here. Nice and cold, too.

With that music still playing in his head he looked down on the man, balling his fists.

“Let me show you.”

James Bengibber quickly wrapped his fingers around the man's neck and squeezed hard. The man's eyes bulged out with panic. His puny attempts to unlock James Bentgibber's grip failed to do anything at all. The man is strangling for air that will not be allowed.


The last thing the Supreme Car Snatcher saw was a cold stare from yellow eyes, then blackness. He would not survive.

In the distancing life, "let me show you, do you see?"


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