Jake Conner and the Somners Judgement

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In this world a battle has raged for longer then time even had a name. Back when eternity was not just a simple word but existence two powers were embroiled in an ceaseless war. Lives have been lost, darkness has spread and now in a new era,in a new time,the war will finally end. Here in these dark times a prophecy is all that holds the darkness back.

Jake Conner is a normal boy. He knows his family's past, he has dreams of his future,he attends home school with his best friend Tyler. Everything is normal, sleepy and easy, but in the back of these two friends minds they both know that they aren't normal boys.

They know, feel, and do things that no one but Jake's
Aunt understands. Things that normal boys shouldn't be able to do. Yet life continues forever normal, and unbearably boring until suddenly everything changes.

Jake and Tyler's lives get completely turned upside down after the disappearance of his wise Aunt Tulsa.

Chaos, Danger and secrets begin to tear Jake and Tyler's world apart. Confusion swallows them as a mysterious group begins to hunt them. To unravel it all before they are caught Tyler and Jake will have to undertake a dangerous quest and trust a mysterious boy know only by his code name Q.

Following Q and searching for answers wont be easy, but Jake and Tyler know deep down that this death defying journey will eventually lead them to understand their Destiny.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Jake Conner and the Somners Judgement

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Submitted: October 08, 2013





Jake was afraid to move. What did one do in a situation like this? Were you supposed to scream? Did you cry? Run in wild circles? Did you grab a giant phone book and call every scientist in the yellow pages? Jake didn’t know. What he did know was what he was seeing....what he seemed to be doing, couldn’t possibly be real, could it?


Jake looked up at the ceiling. He sat watching literally the entire kitchen float around above him. Porcelain cups and saucers spun slowly counterclockwise around his head, heavy glass plates floated in the air like dainty feathers slowly coasting around the kitchen's light. Forks, spoons, and knives cartwheeled end over end as they glided left then right. All of the dinning room chairs except for the one that he was currently sitting in were gliding across the tiles barely two inches from the floor and last of all the entire sink and counter had risen up into the air. Jake has stood in the door way as it had happened. With a mighty shake and the snapping of metal and wood the counter had floated up raining plaster and paint down into the now gaping dirty hole where it once had sat and all most ten minutes later it showed no signs of coming back down ever again. Bent and broken water pipes had splatted water across the floor as it chugged steadily up and out.


“How is this happening?” Jake whispered as he dropped his eyes from the disturbing sights. “Am I doing this? How am I making this happen?”


Jake knew that as bizarre as this entire thing was it was even more bizarre for him to jump to the conclusion that he himself was responsible for it all. Yet he could feel it, something deep inside, just behind his heart. Something was burning.


The burning had started slow pestering him for days and at first he had ignored it, written it off and kept it to himself, but the more that he fought to ignore it the deeper the burn had become. Until only minutes ago he had found that his body was shaking, his lungs were cramping and his hands...his hands began to glow right before his eyes. It had been a pale yellow glow that had swallowed his fingertips, but stopped at his wrists. With the glow came a pain, it sliced into his heart, increasing the burn and Jake had panicked. Running from his room screaming in fear he'd ran to the kitchen, looking for his Aunt, but the kitchen had been empty, his aunt was no where to be seen.


The pain sliced into him again, making tears flood his eyes. He began to scream

“Help me! Help! Aunt Tulsa, help!!!”


Of course Jake didn’t know if his aunt could help him or not, he didn’t even know what had been happening to him, but most nine year olds cant be bothered to think when they are scared senseless. So he screamed and screamed, but no one seemed to be coming

and the glow surrounding Jake's hands began to become uncomfortable. Jake watched in stunned silence as steam began to raise from his glowing palms. Jake felt like his hands were growing, bursting at the seems with something he couldn’t describe and didnt really care to. All he had cared about was making the pain stop.


“Go away...” he screamed as he rocked and clasped his small burning hands before him on the ground.


Eyes closed he whimpered “Go Away!” And just like that it did.


The indescribable something flowed from his chest, into his hands and like a wave it poured from his hands into the ground. Jake had sat sobbing as the pain receded, steam curled from blistered bleeding palms, and the pale yellow glow finally died away. Just as Jake got himself to stop crying and get off the ground the entire kitchen had come alive and began floating up into the air.


Now as Jake stared at his dry bloody hands and felt the heavy burn behind his heart he began to cry again.


“Somethings wrong with me...” He thought. At that exact moment the patio door flew open and in walked Jake’s Aunt Tulsa. She took one step in and right into about two inches of water.


“Oh my God what...” A few more steps into the door and her eyes settled on Jake. As Jake looked into his aunts normally calm face twisted in horror and surprise he wanted to run and hide. What was going to happen now? He didn’t know what to do or say as he looked at the strange destruction that he had caused. He closed his eyes and busted into tears all over again, but then his aunt spoke.


“Jake sweetheart....” He voice full of kindness made Jake stop his sniffing and look up to find his aunt smiling over at him. “Its okay. I know that this all seems very strange, and scary right now, but I promise Im going to explain all of this too you soon.”


As his Aunt spoke Jake suddenly realized that there was someone else inside of the house, someone hiding behind his aunts back. A young brown skinned boy with short black hair had been gazing from behind his aunts left leg the entire time. His Aunt followed his eyes down to the boy and her smile grew wider.


“Jake sweetie this is Tyler hes going to be staying with us for a while. His father is a friend of mine and he asked me to watch the boy for a while. While hes here I hope you two will get along.”


As he listened to his Aunt speak, Jake's fear became replaced with curiosity. Why did this boy have to stay there? How old was he? Did he like Batman? Jake approached the boy and his aunt for the first time seeing two things that he had understandably missed when his aunt had first walked in. Sitting by the door were three bags full of luggage and outside parked on the grass Jake caught a glimpse of his aunts little car. It was a green beetle that had a bed strapped to its small bubbled top. Forgetting almost completely about the quietly spinning kitchen utensils and his bloody hands Jake walked over to the boy and tried to shake his hand, but before he could the boy put his own hand out at Jake, palm facing outward. Jake was confused until he literally watched the water surge up from around his feet, pulling away from the boys and his aunts legs and gasped as it gathered into a small ball the size of the boys palm.


Jake locked eyes with the boy suddenly feeling like he and this boy were already friends and not even knowing why.


“Nice to meet you. “ the boy said. Suddenly the ball of water in his hand seemed to slag then droop, then it slid and splashed back down into the water at Jake's feet. “My names Tyler but you can call me Ty.” Ty said with a nod as he dropped his hand.


Jake nodded back. Then he turned to his aunt mouth wide open, a million questions waiting to fly out towards his aunt, but his aunt held up her hand stopping him from speaking.


“Wait Jake. No right now. I know you both may be a little confused, but just wait a little longer. Right now we have a kitchen to clean, a guest room to fix up and a dinner to cook. I've also got to figure out how to get those...” She pointed up to the plates and silverware. “down from the ceiling before they fall down of their own accord.”


“But...” Jake started.


Turning away his aunt walked to the door. “Im sorry, but I promise to tell you more later, for now Tyler and Jake lets get this place cleaned up.” She walked out with out another word. Jake hung his head, he didnt want to wait for answers, he didnt want to clean, he wanted to understand, but as he thought this the burn in his heart died away completely. The strange feeling in his gut vanished, his panic died and Jake suddenly felt very normal again, as if nothing had happened at all.


Ty who had already splashed his own way to the door stopped and looked back at Jake.


“Are you okay? Do those still hurt” he asked eying Jake's red hands. Jake shook his head realizing for the first time that his hands that had been bubbling up only a few minutes ago had stopped aching all together. The blisters were magically gone.


Had they ever been there? Jake wondered to himself


“Yes Im fine. They don’t seem to hurt anymore.” Jake said out loud as he bent down and washed the blood off, it swirled brown in the water then floated away. “ Thanks.”


Ty smiled his black eyes flashing “Well since you’re hands don’t hurt anymore, you wanna play Batman?


Jake smiled all of his earlier pain forgotten as only a kid could forget them. Suddenly the floating dishes seemed so normal, once again he was back to being a care free child, with care free problems. Who cares about glowing hands and indescribable feelings, when he just made a new friend.


“Sure, but Im the Batman.” he yelled as Ty ran out of the door into the front yard and Jake followed close behind.



Chapter One

Code Names Q X & Y


Six Years Later....



Q sat waiting, his eyes bored down at the one thing that could save his life. Save all of his peoples lives. The spiders, moths and grime that coated the walls of his waiting place would have bothered anyone else, but Q had suffered through much more in the past to ever be bothered by a little grime and he had a feeling that he was about to suffer a whole lot more by the end of the night. Q didnt mind the darkness as he sat in a rickety chair , under a teetering pile of wooden boxes, next to an avalanche of old moth eaten newspapers. Tense, nervous energy circulated the room making it seem more damp and humid then it ever seemed to him before and Q had been sleeping in that same room for almost a month now. Slim relief came in the form of an errant wind that slid through the tattered cloth serving as a curtain to the hole in the wall that was once a window. With the fresh breeze came a pale flash of light from the moon that brought Q's face into the light.


Q was young boy somewhere between fifteen and eighteen, slim, but not unhealthy so his long legs were tucked under the unsteady chair keeping the thing from tipping over. Swopping his hands through his short blonde hair that tickled his ears and eyes. Q fought not to grab fist fulls of it an tear it from his scalp.


“Where is she?” he whimpered to himself as the moonlight died away “This is the last night that I can spend here. I should have been long gone by now, but she promised that she would call.” Q hung his head and sighed.


“She promised....”he repeated to no one.


Suddenly white noise burst into the room seeming at first to come from nowhere. Q raised his head and stared at the object that the static poured from. It was a small faulty radio barely bigger then his shoes, but Q like the rest of his people relied on this small object because radio waves were the only things that they couldn’t track. Soon the static began to clear and out of the chaos mysterious words slowly tumbled from an unknown mouth.


“Zxxxxzzzzr...ZZZZZzzzzz......Begin....Beginning transmission.” Gasped a honeyed female voice. “Hello, please respond time is short....”


Q quickly reached out and smashing down a small black button he activated the walke talkie built into the radios stereo system. “This is Q, Im here continue transmission.....” Q released the button and waited.


“Q this is X” The woman sighed “God I've missed you.....”


Q smiled and waited but no other words followed, pushing the button he said “ X where are you, I cant stay here any longer....do you hear me? We have to create a new rendezvous spot or retreat back to Crossroads before its too late.”


“Q I cant meet up with you.” she responded after a moment. Her voice shook and Q could suddenly tell that she was fighting tears. “I... oh god. Q, I've been caught. They have me surrounded....”


Q didn’t hesitate and smashed the button “ Where are you? I can help...”


“No you cant.... You wont reach me in time.” X responded after he released the button. “Im in Virginia.” Q fought the panic that was trying to swallow him, but at those words he was powerless to stop the sorrow that hit him. He really wouldn’t reach her in time. X was dead and worse not only did he know it so did she.


Q swallowed thickly. He put his hand out, stopped, took a shaky breath and pressed the button. “What can I....What do I?”


X responded right away. “You have to leave that place. As soon a possible warn the others. As soon as they capture me they are going to torture me. I wont...be able to ..stop myself from...” X's voice choked up as she sobbed.


Q clutched his throat as it began to burn with the need to let his own building sorrow out, but he fought the tears. He couldn’t, wouldn’t fall apart. He knew that if he started he wouldn’t be able to stop the screams trapped inside. “X dont worry.Ill warn everyone. They wont be able to use you to hurt the rest of us.” he promised her meaning every word.


X stifled her cries and after a moment her voice was calm and soft once again. “Thank you....” she said pouring so much generosity into those words that Q was almost undone.


Then something happened. X's voice changed. She dropped all familiarity with Q, the frailty was wiped from her voice and X began to speak with the voice of a leader. For X was the wisest of all of his people, his Leader.


“Q after you have warned everyone there is something I need you to do. After Im gone you will be tempted to step up and take my place, do not do this. Your path is not to lead our people try to remember this.”


Q wanted to interrupt, to ask questions, but he could fell time slipping away from him. He could sense the urgency that X tried to mask with her dead voice. They were almost upon her.


“Your path lies somewhere else. You in the coming days need to take up where I have left off. Follow my clues, my steps, they will lead you to Him.”


“Him? You speak of the legend. You want me to find the One from the prophecy, but he isnt real X. He never was.” Q said


“Yes he is...I know...” X tried to say.


“No!” Q said forcefully cutting her off. “You have wasted your life searching for this...this lie! Look at what it has cost you. You are about to die and still you cling to the hope that this One exists?”


“Im sorry. You never believed in him as I did” X said some warmth returning to her voice. “I know that all this time it must have seemed like I was chasing a fairy tail, but Q I know he is real, because I found him. The prophecy was true.”


“Where is he then? “ Q wanted to ignore the possibly that X was telling the truth. He wanted to hate the legends, hate X for believing in them, but as much as he wanted to hate them he couldn’t ignore something that his people had been waiting for for thousands of years. If the legends were even true that is. “How did you find him?”


“It doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that you get to him before its too late. Please finish this for me Q.” she seemed to plead.


“Okay, Ill try.” Q said uncertainly, knowing that like X this search for Him could last the rest of Q's days, but how could he do anything else, but agree. He couldn’t turn down a plea from someone who he loved so much, someone he was about to lose. X's terrified gasps filled the silence. Suddenly a horrible crash like the boom of thunder roared across the radio.


“Oh God...Oh God Q they'er here.....” X breathed breathlessly into the speakers.


Q clenched his hands trying and failing to fight back his tears. “ I love you X, don't...dont worry. Everything’s gonna be okay.” Q lied as he heard the frenzied howls and screams of the one who had come for her. He knew that everything was far far from okay.


“I think that's what I loved about having you with me Q, you were always a good liar... I...I love you too..... Bam!”


Q pulled his head back as the screaming began. He heard every minute of the struggle and his heart leaped in hope every time he heard the anguished in human cry's of the enemy, but soon the fray ended. Much faster then it should have and Q knew that X was gone. Q sobbed as he held his head in his hands, ignoring the few teas that he allowed to fall. Only a few moment had passed but he knew he had to move. It wasn’t safe for him to linbger any longer. He tried to motivate himself to move, to think, through the sorrow, but he just couldn’t yet, maybe in a minute, but just not right them and then it was too late.


The dead silence of the radio began to static, but this time as the signal cleared a new voice poured out into the world. A voice colder than death itself.

“Hello out there Q....This is Y speaking.”


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