Chapter 3: Gathering Of The Aves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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After basketball practice Victor went to the parking lot and climbed in his car. He took a minute to relax as he began thinking about how he met Rose.
Eddy and Victor had ditched Felicia in the parking lot because she was starting to nag about how Victor didn’t spend enough time with her, and how he was always “checking out other women”. Victor liked Felicia, but she had always been clingy. 
Eddy and Victor had been running through the halls when Victor heard music playing.
“Victor, what are you doing?” Eddy asked in a panic.
“You hear that?”
“What, the shitty piano music? Who cares? Let’s go!”
“You go ahead, I’ll catch up.”
“Your funeral man,” Eddy commented before running off.
Victor didn’t know what it was, but there was something alluring about the music. He was simply drawn in by it. 
Soon he found himself in front of the music club. Considering the name of the room Victor figured it was safe to assume it was where the music was coming from.
He slowly opened the door and peeked inside. His eyes widened when he saw a red haired beauty playing the piano. He could have stood there listing to the music, and taking in the view, all day. 
The elegance of the girl was astounding, and he could feel himself being drawn in more and more, until she missed a note halfway through the song. 
Victor lightly chuckled to himself as she continued to play as if she didn’t do anything wrong.
And then… Victor managed to talk to her, but ended up getting chased away by Felicia. Still, he felt an instant connection just talking to her. Victor somehow felt¼ warm when she was around.
As he sat in his car, eyes closed, his thoughts of Rose were rudely interrupted when someone began relentlessly knocking on the window of his car. Victor opened his eyes to see the tall, slender frame of his girlfriend standing outside the door. Her protruding chin jutted out even further in anger, and her sharp blue eyes stared him down, making him want to curl up in a ball and hide.
Victor rolled down his window and gave her a plastered smile.
“Hi Felicia,” he forced out, trying to keep the cringe from his face. “Where have you been? Eddy and I were looking for you all day.”
“I can’t believe you have the nerve to smile and say hi like nothing happened after you ditched me this morning!” she shouted, rage hanging off every word. 
I swear when she shouts every piece of glass in the area is on the verge of shattering. If I didn’t know any better I’d think she was an Ave.
“Look, I’m sorry we left you behind, but I can’t stand when you nag me.” Victor should have kept his mouth shut, because after saying that he heard something snap; and it sure as hell wasn’t a twig.
“Nag?” she asked, waiting a few seconds to continue. “You did not just say I was nagging you!” 
Victor had done it. At that point the eagle in him felt like a canary, and that canary was too scared to sing.
“Felicia, how’s it going?” Eddy asked as he made his way towards them.
“How’s it going? I’ll tell you how the fuck it’s going!” she snapped, whirling around with her golden locks flinging out dangerously behind her.
Victor took that distraction as an opportunity to escape. He quickly pulled the car out of the parking lot and drove off, leaving Felicia screaming behind him. 
Eddy, your sacrifice won’t be in vain, Victor thought to himself, half joking, half serious.
There was no one around when Victor got home. His house, along with the neighborhood, was deserted.
Shit, I’m late.
Victor dashed into the house and stripped off his clothes before putting them in a bag, twisting the plastic through his teeth. Exiting through the back door he began shifting into the eagle. 
His legs narrowed, and talons spurted from where his toes should have been. His arms shrank into his body and wings grew out of his back. His face became pointed as a beak formed where his mouth was. Feathers grew all around his body and the shift was complete.
Victor took off into the sky, screeching to let the Flock know he was on his way. He flew high in the sky and glided for a while, letting the wind gently kiss his face. Then he picked up speed and soared through the clouds above, heading towards the mountains close by.
Victor found a shack high in the mountains and landed behind it, shifting back into his human form. He got dressed and entered the shack where the rest of the Flock had been waiting.
“And here is our future Flock Leader, late to yet another gathering,” Marcus announced, shaking his head at the idea that Victor was the newest eagle, and as such, the next Flock Leader. Marcus was a Hawk, the youngest hawk, and leader of the attack squad.
Marcus held himself with more arrogance and confidence than anyone in the room. A scar ran diagonally across his right cheek, cutting across his low cheek bone, below his shadowed, dark blue eye. His curved lips were turned down in disdain and the muscle in his square jaw ticked.
Despite being the youngest leader of the attack squad in the Flock’s history, and being blessed with fierce attack skills and one of best minds for strategy the Flock had ever seen, he was still jealous of the fact that Victor was to be the next Flock Leader.
“Maybe it’s time to change our ways, and let the most gifted Ave become Flock Leader?” he suggested.
An older man slammed his hand on the table, causing silence in the room. His salt and pepper hair hung in his faded blue eyes. His strong features were crowned with heavy brows, making him all the more intimidating to his flock.
“Marcus, you know such talk is traitorous,” he growled. “What you just suggested could be punishable by death!”
“My apologies Flock Leader, but I believe our flock to have a grim future, if we have to entrust leadership to someone who can’t so much as show up on time to a gathering.”
“I apologize, Flock Leader. There was an issue at school,” Victor announced in his defense.
“Surely the importance of our gathering outweighs that of your school affairs.”
“That is enough from the both of you!” Vince’s voice boomed with the mighty force of an eagles screech. “Marcus, our ways have stayed the same since the dawn of the first Aves and will continue as such for generations to come!” Marcus lowered his head in shame as Vince scolded him. “And Victor, you must take more pride in the role Mother Nature has bestowed upon you. You are the future Leader of this Flock! It is high time you acted like it.”
Mimicking Marcus, Victor lowered his head.
“Our apologies, Flock Leader,” they said in union, waiting for him to allow them to take their seats.
“You may sit so that we can finally get this meeting started.”
Both Marcus and Victor took their seats as Vince got the meeting underway.
“Now then, Eric, what is your report?”
A large man in his early thirty’s stood up and cleared his throat. He was a huge man, billowing well over six feet with muscles to rival those of champion weightlifters. It wasn’t the most shocking thing about him though. His pure white left eye, marred with a hideous scar, was a stark difference to the dark brown that filled the other side of his face. The fact that he was the leader of the Falcons, known for their stealth and speed, was a sort of irony that had various members laughing. Until he looked at them.
 “Our scouts report that the wolves have been patrolling the edges of their land, but have made no attempt to cross onto ours,” he spoke, his deep voice ringing through the quiet.
“Good, now Marcus, if you’re finished bickering with Victor, could you please update us on the new Hawks training? Are they ready for battle if the time comes?”
Marcus stood up to address the Flock, giving Victor a glare before giving his report. “The Hawks training is progressing as scheduled. They will all be ready by the end of the month, but one Hawk in particular, Greg Williams, has showed extraordinary natural talent, and has been ready for several months. I plan to soon address the council to ask that I may promote him to my right hand. I have no doubt in my mind that if anything were to happen to me, he would effectively lead the Hawks in my place.”
“It is no easy matter to impress you Marcus. This young Hawk must truly be a force to be reckoned with.”
“I assure you, Flock Leader that he is able to keep up with me in equal combat.”
“Good. Now would anyone else like to express their concerns?”
As the meeting continued, many of the Flock showed concern in matters of low priority. Matters that were simple to fix, and would be handled as soon as possible.
The meeting lasted another three hours before it came to an end. Flock Leader Vince dismissed everyone and the Flock had begun to leave the shack and head home.
“Victor!” an irritatingly familiar voice called out.
“What is it Marcus?” he asked in a tense tone as he turned around. Just talking to him was enough to get Victor’s blood boiling.
“I wouldn’t get used to the title of Flock Leader if I were you. It’s only a matter of time before Vince realizes I’m right, and for the well-being of the Flock, makes me his successor.”
“You know what Marcus? I hope you’re right, because I never asked to be an eagle. Hell, I was hoping to become a Hawk. I was looking forward to be working under our Flock’s prodigy. At least I was until I found out what an ass you are.”
“Oh, I’m going to–”
“You’re going to do what?” Victor interrupted. “As future Flock Leader–even though I have much less experience than you–I automatically move past you in the chain of command, and as such you will follow every meaningless order I throw your way.”
Victor was sick and tired of putting up with Marcus’s bullshit, and when he finished going through the flock’s laws, he knew exactly what was within his power to do. “Now, I think you should get out of my face before I lock you up for arguing with your superior.”
Completely defeated and unable to do anything about it, Marcus walked away, cursing under his breath. 
If there was anything I was going to like about being Flock Leader, it was telling Marcus what to do.
Victor exited the shack and flew home. It was the same report as last month. The wolves were staying put and all was well within the Flock. It was a long and boring night, but that was what Victor needed to suffer through once he became Flock Leader. A day he wished would never come.

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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