Chapter 4: An Embarrassing Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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School the next day passed by slowly, and Rose didn’t want it any other way. The longer the school day went, the less time she had to spend with her father.
The lunch bell sounded and the halls were flooded with teenagers, either trying to get something to eat or trying to find their social circles. Rose on the other hand stayed in the classroom and took out her laptop, and began reading on one of her many book sites. At that moment she was reading Hush Howl, on the website Wattpad.
Rose was completely engrossed in the story because the heroin reminded her a lot of herself. Although the heroin took to music after an incident with her parents, whereas Rose gave up after the incident with hers. Still, she longed for what that girl had; a destined mate that was able to fill the void in her heart, left by her parents.
At that point Rose found herself lost in thought about meeting someone who would love her for who she was, and heal the pain inflicted by her parents. It was a nice thought, one that made her feel warm and at peace. She was enjoying getting lost in her thoughts when she was interrupted by someone who knocked her out of her seat.
“I’m so sorry, let me help you up.”
Rose looked up to see a chocolate brown hand reaching towards her.
“No, it’s fine,” she said, brushing herself off and reassuring the concerned man.
When Rose got up he was staring intently at her.
“Are you her?” he asked. Rose’s face wrinkled in confusion.
“Am I who?” she asked, growing nervous.
“Are you Rose?”
“How do you know my name?” she asked, nerves replaced by cold fear.
“Damn girl!” he shouted out. “It’s no wonder my boy got his eye on you.”
His boy, has an eye on me?
“Girl, you should swing by b-ball practice after school, I’m sure my boy would be stoked to see you there.”
“I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you just said to me,” Rose admitted, completely lost trying to figure out what he was talking about. “Or who you are.”
“My bad, I’m Eddy,” he said, vigorously shaking her hand. “When I said b-ball, I meant basketball. You met my boy Victor the other day; I thought you might like to see him at practice after school.”
“Oh, he talked about me?” Rose asked, blushing at the thought. Eddy knew who she was based on what Victor told him. They had only met once, so just how much attention was he paying to her?
“Girl, you’re all that’s up there anymore. I think you struck him with an arrow if you know what I mean.”
“I have no idea what you mean,” Rose answered, laughter in her voice.
“Well–never mind. Are you up for practice?”
Rose just gave him a light smile as she answered, “Tell you what, you talk normal around me and I’ll go.”
“Yeah, that’s cool. I got the same arrangement going for Victor too,” he admitted in embarrassment. “I actually told him if I ever found another person other than him who makes that arrangement with me; I’d stop talking like it.” Rose chuckled at how childish the two of them were as the bell rung.
“I gotta go. Sorry about horsing around with the guys and knocking you over.”
“No harm done,” she assured him.
“Great, see you at practice.”
“I’ll be there.”
The rest of the day was quick and painless, which was bad for Rose, because that meant going home after seeing Victor. She was excited but nervous to see him, which was most likely why the day passed so quickly. She was beginning to regret ever agreeing to go. ..
Rose entered the gym on the second floor where a bunch of girls were gathered watching the team practice. She rolled my eyes at how stupid she thought they were. How they squealed and declared their love for players who probably would never take any of them seriously.
Rose made her way over to the railing when her voice rung throughout the spacious room.
“Rose!” Britney shouted, even though she was only a few feet away from her.
All of a sudden there was a commotion down on the gym floor. Victor had been knocked unconscious.
Rose went with Eddy to the nurse’s office to see how Victor was doing. They found him mumbling about wolves, so Rose decided to try and wake him up.
“Victor,” she whispered. His closed eyes squinted tighter in response to her voice. “Victor,” she tried again, louder. His eyes fluttered. “I think he’s waking up.”
When he opened his eyes he looked straight at Rose with a confused expression.
“I think I hit my head pretty hard. I know I’ve been thinking about Rose a lot, but now I think I’m seeing things.”
Rose’s face burned after hearing that. They just met the other day, he couldn’t be serious, right? It was just a joke.
“V-man, buddy,” Eddy said. “That’s really her.”
Victors’ eyes widened in shock and he jumped up to a sitting position. “Rose! Hi! How you been.”
“I’m doing better than you by the looks of it,” she answered, laughing at his reaction. “Clearly you’re not as good at basketball as you are with a piano. What happened?”
“Off day, that’s all. I just got distracted and got hit in the head with the ball,” he said rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. He wasn’t about to admit that it was hearing Rose’s name that distracted him. “What are you doing here anyway?”
“Eddy invited me to see practice, and I saw you get knocked on your ass, so I came to check up on you.”
Victor laughed nervously at Rose’s answer, his face flustered.
“So there’s this party on Friday,” Victor spoke after a few silent moments.
“You’re going to Britney’s party?” Rose asked, her voice shooting up in anticipation.
“Yeah, you?”
“I’m going,” she answered, getting ready to leave the room. “Guess I’ll see you there.”
As she left she couldn’t shake the felling that there was an awkward moment with him.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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