Chapter 12:

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Chapter 11

Andy’s POV:

“Why is it so hard to love him!?” Betty shouted. I remained out of sight, but as soon as I heard that question, I knew she was talking about me.

I ran off school grounds and then I kept running. I don’t care if I have classes. I just needed to get away. I needed to go as far away as I could.

When I was too tired to keep running, I finally stopped and took a look around at my surroundings. I seem to have run straight to a beach. Good, maybe the water will calm my mind.

“I don’t want anyone to know about my date last night.” A date, I fell for a date? “All I know is I had a few drinks, and the guy I was with was a jerk.” All I heard was what I wanted to hear. How could I be so stupid? I didn’t look for any signs of her lying, and I didn’t listen for a crack in her voice, I just accepted what she said because it was easier for me.

I sat down on some rocks next to the water, and let the gentle spray of water hit my face. I needed something to calm my nerves. But I still didn’t know what to do about Jessica, and now I need to think of a way to… Strange, I can’t think of rejecting Betty as an option? What does this mean?

The events from last night suddenly flashed through my head and I could feel my heart beating faster. “Could I… could I have feelings for Betty?”

Bettys POV:

“You kissed him!” Stephanie shouted, shock hanging off every word she said.

“Would you be pipe down?” I ordered her in anger. “It isn’t something I want everyone to know.”

“But it’s so exciting, a girl trying to win the heart of a man who has already fallen for another woman.”

“I am not trying to win over his heart. The kiss was just moment of weakness.” I whispered that last part as my face heated up thinking about the kiss.

“A moment of weakness that occurred after he called you beautiful, let’s face it, Andy isn’t the type of guy to say that to just anyone. He must be at least a little interested.”

“Don’t fill my head with false hope. He’ll only ever have eyes for Jessica. And I’m fine with that as long as he’s happy.”

“What about you Betty?” Me? “Why should you be the one to suffer? Why should you give up your happiness?”

“Why should Andy give up his!?” I shouted, unable to control the anger building up inside me. “His happiness doesn’t rest in me.” I said softly, sadness taking over my words as anger just did. “It’s in Jessica. It’s always been Jessica.” I started to sob again.

“Who gave you the right to decide that?” A familiar voice said behind me. I slowly turned around and saw Andy glaring down at me, soaked to the bone.

What is he doing here? How much did he hear? I… I can’t do this!

In a panic I got up to my feet and ran. How am I supposed to face him now? Why did he have to show up? Why did he… “Betty, wait!” He shouted. But I kept running. I couldn’t face him. Not right now.

I picked up the pace, trying to run faster, farther, that is until someone grabbed my hand. “Andy, let me go!” I demanded. Struggling for him to soften his grip on my hand.

“Are we really going to do this again?”

“Let me go!”

“No, I need to talk to you.”

“Just leave me alone! Go talk to Jessica if you need someone to talk to so badly.” I shouted still waiting for him to let go.

“I don’t want to talk to Jessica; I want to talk to you.

“Andy, would you please just…” He cut me off by covering my mouth. Not with his hands but with his own mouth. He’s kissing me!

My mind went blank as he continued to press his lips against mine. My heart was beating faster, and with my hands now on his chest, I can feel that his heart was also beating faster. All my worries evaporated into nothing with his kiss, and as he pulled his lips away I can feel him pulling me closer, as to lengthen the duration of the kiss.

“I’m afraid this doesn’t me I chose you.” He whispered. “I just needed you to shut up for a minute and listen.”

We broke free from each other, and I just stood there waiting for the rejection I knew was coming. “I can’t ignore the fact that I’m still deeply in love with Jessica.” Tears built up in my eyes, for I knew what was coming next. “But I can’t say I don’t have feelings for you.” W… what? I looked up at him with a confused look on my face, and he was just smiling down at me. “That kiss last night, and even the kiss just now, I know you felt how fast my heart raced.” He… he has feelings for me. “I just need time. If I were to choose you, it wouldn’t be fair to you if I was still thinking about Jessica. And same thing for her if I were to ever win her over. I need to make sure that whoever I choose, I can be committed to her full heartedly.”

“I understand.” He really does think of me as a lover, and not just a friend. “Could you just hold me for a bit?”

“Gladly.” Andy wrapped his arms around me and mine around him. And for a moment I felt a feeling of pure bliss. He didn’t choose me, but there was still hope.

As we walked back to school, I couldn’t help but notice again, that he was completely wet. “Why are you so soaked?”

“What? Oh, I heard the first little bit of your conversation with Stephanie, and ran as far as the beach to figure things out. I was sat on some rocks to let the spray of water fall on me to calm my nerves when a huge wave washed over me.”

“And your first thought was to come back to school?”

“I wanted to see how things turned out with you and Stephanie.” Why does it feel so natural to talk to Andy all of a sudden? “Now this right here, me and you having a normal conversation, we need to do this more. I want to get to know the real you, not the tough girl you’ve been pretending to be. Do you even like basketball?”

“Hate it.” I answered truthfully.

“And what about the rock music I see you listening to?”

“I can’t stand the stuff. I’m more of a Jazz fan.”

“Easier for you to dance to?” He asks mockingly.

“Already picking up on the dancing thing are we?” I asked in a joking manner.

“Of course. So much easier to make fun of you now.” He answered, playfully pushing me.

“Oh really? I’ll have you know I can dance circles around you.”

“This I got to see.” Andy replies reaching to grab my sides. I let out a loud squeal.

“Andy, stop!” I shout, ready to burst into a fit of laughter.

“No way. I can now get you back for years of pushing me around.” He starts chasing me and I run, both of us laughing as we teased each other.

Andy’s POV:

When I got home, I went straight to my room. I was thinking this day couldn’t get any better when I say a message on my computer.

“I know who he is.”

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Eeeeeeeep! I can't believe you just stopped there!!!! Erg! You made me mad at you! Lol, jk! But now I reeeeeeaaaally want you to update soon. :D pwease?

Sun, January 8th, 2012 8:19am


got new computer now so i'll update asap.

Sun, January 8th, 2012 5:07pm

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