Chapter 14:

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Chapter 13

Roy’s POV:

“When my parents died, everyone thought that they were in a car accident. But that was a lie.”

Seven Years Earlier:

“Roy! Common, were going to be late.” My mom called out to me. We were getting ready to go out and visit Stephanie in Miami. It’s been two years since we moved out here, and I can’t wait to see her again. “Roy!”

“I’m coming mom!” I called out. “I grabbed the ribbon that Stephanie had given me, along with my book bag full of cloths, and raced down the hall.

“Finally, are you ready?” My mom asked. Excitedly I nodded my head and ran out the door into the car. Dad was putting the last few bags into the trunk before climbing into the driver’s side and starting the car.

“Alright, were all set.” Dad says smiling back at me. Mom climbed into the car and we pulled out of the drive way.

After about ten minutes dad had an annoyed tone in his voice. “Hun, did you remember to put gas in the car?”

“Oh, I guess not. There’s a gas station up ahead. Pull in there.”

After dad put gas in the car, he went inside to pay for it. “Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.” I complained.

“Alright sweetie, let’s go inside.” I hoped out of the car and ran inside, mom close behind me. “Bathroom?”

“It’s in the back.”

“Thank you.”

I went to the back of the store into the bathroom. After I did my business, I started to wash my hands, when I heard something going on in the store.

“Alright people, were robbing the store! Everyone stay calm and no one gets hurt!” I cracked open the door and saw two people with masks on. One was holding a gun and the other was going around collecting money. My eyes widened and filed with tears when he got to my dad. He tried to fight back but the other man quickly shot him.

“Darrin!” My mom cried, holding dad close to her.

“Would you shut this bitch up?” One of the men ordered, and the other just as quickly as before shot my mom. Stuck to my mind was the memory of my parents’ lifeless bodies.

I crawled out the window in the bathroom and ran. I don’t remember much after that; only that I’ve been on my own for a few days, trying to find my way to Stephanie’s house. I was cold, hungry, and alone. That is until I met the brothers.

“Hey, kid!” Some dirty old man was walking up to me. I tried to ignore him. “I’m talking to you, you little brat. What do you got in the book bag?” The man came closer, and I was frozen stiff with fear. I was going to die like my parents.

I closed my eyes praying it would be quick, when I heard the old man scream in pain. I opened my eyes to see what happened to see two kids hitting the man’s legs and arms with steel pipes. The taller one turned around to face me. “You alright kid?” he asked. All I could do was nod my head. The other kid didn’t stop. He moved up the body until he reached the man’s head, and bashed that in to. “Nicky, stop!” The taller kid yelled. The short one turned to face him with a smile on his face.

“Sorry Billy. I was having too much fun.” Nicky wiped the splattered blood off his face, and set his gaze upon me. “Where did this kid come from?”

“We jumped in to save this kid remember?”

“Right, right, so what’s your name kid?” Nicky asked. But I was too afraid to answer. This kid killed a man, and smiled as if nothing happened, and the look in his eyes. He… he wanted to do more. He wants to kill some more!

“Hey!” Billy blocked my view of Nicky, but I saw a completely different person. I saw kindness and remorse in his eyes. “So what’s your name?”

“R… um… Lance. My name is Lance.”

“Lance? Ok, well I’m Billy, and this is my little brother Nicky. Where are your parents?” I was caught up in the moment and had forgotten that my parents were… Tears flooded my eyes as Billy placed his hand on my shoulder. “It’s alright, our parents are gone to.”

“Let’s just ditch this kid, or kill him and take what he’s got.” Billy turned around and shot his brother a look. “Relax, I’m kidding.”

“Well, Lance, you’re coming with us.”

“Billy, we don’t have time to baby sit.”

“Nicky, he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“I’ll let you know when that becomes our problem.”

“He’s coming with us and that’s final!” Billy shouted. Nicky shot me a dirty look but didn’t protest any further.”

As the years went by the three of us grew closer. Billy grew into a (I guess if I were to put it in boxing terms) middle weight man, thick brown hair, and blue eyes. Nicky was more of a light weight, with blue eyes, and was after dyeing his hair into a blood red color. I felt as if I was there brother. But we didn’t have jobs; we didn’t have anyone to go to for money, so we did the only thing we could do. We stole from others to survive.

We started with small stores and eventually made our way up. When we had enough we each bought guns, then robed the place we bought the guns at. Our reputation on the streets grew, and more and more people started to follow us, and before we knew it we had formed a gang. We made Billy our leader, Nicky the second, and me, I promised myself that I would never need someone else to defend me. I trained myself every day, gathering my skills with close combat, and gunplay. I was the attack dog, and with my eye color, I gained the title as Billy’s Silver Lance.

But no matter how much I trained, no matter how much I wanted to or needed to, there was one thing I could do. Every time I tried I would remember my parents’ lifeless bodies. I couldn’t kill.

Everyone Billy sent me after was sent to the hospital, but not one of them died. I had never killed anyone before, except one person.

Five Years Later:

It was our first bank heist. Everything was going according to plan that is until we heard a phone go off.

It was coming from a woman holding on to her child. She was tall, and thin, green eyes and blond hair. Her daughter looked just like her. “I thought we fucking told you no cell phones!” Nicky shouted.

I went over and took the phone. “Listen, you don’t want to get that man mad. He is blood thirsty I promise you.” I wasn’t lying. There was something wrong with Nicky since day one. You can sense the blood lust in him and it had always scared me.

“Lance!” Nicky shouted. “Get over here.” I walked over to where Nicky and Billy were standing, they were talking about something. “You trust him?” Nicky asked.

“With my life.” Billy answered.

“What’s up?” I asked, wondering what they were talking about.

“Nothing.” Billy answered. “You know the reason for the heist right?”

“Yeah; we got lots of money, this is just to send a message.”

“Right.” Nicky said cutting in. “So go over there and shoot the little girl.”

“What; are you guys fucking insane?” I can’t believe what they’re telling me to do. All Billy did was nod his head at the order.

“Hurry up and get the fuck over there!” Nicky shouted, pushing me towards the mother and daughter.

I took the child from her mother and held my gun to her head. “Mommy!”

“Everything’s OK baby. Pleas, I’m sorry, don’t hurt her.”

“Lance! Do it!” Nicky shouted.

“She’s just a kid!”

“Do it!”




Billy pulled the kid from my arms and put his gun to her head, and next thing I knew the sound of a gun filled the room.

Billy fell to the ground, and my gun was raised to where Billy’s head had been. I wasted no time taking advantage of everyone’s shock. I grabbed the girl and her mother, and ran out the door. All I could hear behind me was Nicky, screaming in agony at what I had done.

Everyone thought that we ran far but we just went into an ally on the side of the building we were just in. Nicky came out yelling at the top of his lungs. “WE’LL FIND YOU LANCE! IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW FAR YOU RUN! WE WILL FIND YOU! UNTIL WE DO, YOU’LL LIVE IN FEAR! AND WHEN WE DO FIND YOU, YOU’LL REGRET YOU’VE EVER CROSSED US! YOU HEAR ME LANCE? YOU WILL REGRET THIS!”

Submitted: January 20, 2012

© Copyright 2021 crono885. All rights reserved.


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lol. thanks.

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