Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I quickly sat up in bed as I awoke from that dream. My room shrouded in darkness, sweat was slowly rolling down my face, and I was short of breath. It’s been nearly a year since then, and those words still haunt me. I glanced down at my hands and noticed they were shaking. I came to realize that, for now, there was only one thing I could do. “I need to get away from this city.”

Chapter 1:

“Jessica! Hurry up or you’ll be late for your first day of school!” I heard my mom shout out to me but I pretended not to hear. I just wanted to stay in bed a little longer. “Jessica! GET UP!”

“OK, OK! I’m getting up!” I sighed heavily; wishing it were still summer. I didn’t feel like going back to school. I slowly crawled out of bed, and walked towards my closet, sleep thick in my eyes. I picked out a white t-shirt, blue skinny jeans, and headed straight to the bathroom. I glanced at the mirror, and my eyes widened in shock. I was just about ready to scream when I saw how much of a mess my hair was.

“Jessica! You have fifteen minuets before the buss comes to pick you up!” My mom shouted out to me once again.

“OK!” I shouted back. I didn’t have much time to shower, but lord knew I need one. I decided to just wash my hair, since I was in a hurry.

I missed the buss anyway, so I got a ride from my dad. As I got in the car I saw someone drive by insanely fast on his motorcycle. “I would hate to be on the back of his bike.” I muttered to myself.

Dad pulled over in front of the school, letting me out. I gave him a kiss and got out of the car, turning around before closing the door. “See you later dad.” I said with a smile.

“OK sweetie. I’ll see you later.” I closed the door. Dad waved good bye, and drove off to work.

I made my way to the school’s front door and noticed that Betty and Stephanie were there to greet me. “Hey guys,” I shouted, waving at them.

“Hey Jess!” They said in unison waving back at me.

“Where’s Andy?” I asked looking at Betty. She tends to force Andrew to do what ever she says.

“He offered to go in to get our schedules for us, while we wait for you.” Betty said that sweetly and innocently, but looking at the devilish smile on her face I knew Andy was forced to go.

“Oh, OK. Let’s go see where he is then.” I said pretending to believe what Betty told me.

We walked into the school and looked around. This is the beginning of our senior year. After this we won’t have to comeback ever again. I was getting excited just thinking about it.

“Guys.” Betty and I directed out attention over to Stephanie. “I’m going to go to the washroom.”

“OK. Betty and I will wait here.”

Stephanie nodded and walked into the girl’s washroom. Just as she walked in, Andrew ran towards us.

“Hey Andy!” I yelled, waving at him.

“Good morning Jessica. How are you this morning?” Andy asked enthusiastically, and with a smile on his face.

“I’m good, how about you?” I asked, just as enthusiastic as he was.

“Frightened.” Andy glanced over at Betty and looked back at me. Fear suddenly came across his face. “I mean I’m doing fine. No worries here.” I guess Betty was glaring at him when he glanced at her. It was really funny but I held in my laughter. “Where did Stephanie go?”

“She went to the washroom.” I answered. “Did you get the schedules?”

“Yeah. There right here. I also took the liberty in booking our usual lockers for the year.” Andy looked so proud of himself.

“About time you did something useful.” Betty sneered.

During our freshmen year we all went to a carnival. Little did we know, Andy gets motion sick. We took him on too many rides and he ended up vomiting in Betty’s purse. Lucky for her it was a purse she won at the carnival, so it was still empty, but she spent a lot of time and money trying to win it. She’s been this way towards Andy ever since.

“Common Betty. That's not very nice.” I said, scolding her. Betty looked at me, and then at Andy. She took her schedule from Andy, stuck out her tong and walked away.

“Yeah, that’s very mature.” Andy shouted. I let out a slight sigh, wondering what I’m going to do with these two?

I ran past Andrew shouting over my shoulder. “I’ll go get her. You wait for Stephanie.” As I ran after Betty someone came out of no where, and I bumped into him. I fell to the ground.

“Ouch! Hey, why don’t you watch where you’re…” I froze when I looked up to see who I was shouting at. I had never seen this guy in school before. I was at a loss for words when I looked into his eyes. They were steel grey. He looked down at me coldly, but behind his cold stare, I could see deep sadness. That’s when Andrew ran up to us.

“Hey! What’s the big idea, knocking Jess down?” Andy seamed pretty angry. “Are you going to apologize?”

He gave Andy the same look as he did me. Then he looked back at me, extending his hand to help me up. “Sorry.”

“No. It was my fault.” I said as he helped me off the ground. Yes I was lying about it being my fault, but I didn’t mind.

After he helped me up he walked away again. Not so much as looking back. And what was with that apology? There was so much guilt in his voice. Was he that sorry that he knocked me down?

“Hey, you OK?” Andy asked, worry written all over his face.

“Yeah, I’m fine. My ass hurts a little but other than that I’m OK.”

“Isn’t that because you’re such a pain in the ass?” Andy asks jokingly, as he began to laugh.

“Shut up.” I replied, pushing him away, laughing myself.

“What’s so funny?” A familiar voice asked from behind us. It was Stephanie.

“Nothing.” Andy answered. “It’s an inside joke.”

Stephanie looked disappointed. “Hmm. That’s no fair.” She paused a minuet before asking. “Hey, where’s Betty?”

With all the stuff that’s been going on we completely forgot about Betty. Realizing this Andy looked scared stiff.

“Common, let’s go find her.”

By the time we found Betty, it was time for homeroom. Our homeroom teacher was Mr. Mike. I loved Mr. Mike. Not a school girl crush kind of way or anything, but he was the most awesome teacher. He would just about let anything slide, within reason.

“Everybody, take your seats.” Since everyone liked Mr. Mike, we all listened when ever he told us to do something. “Alright, before you all head to your first class, I would like to introduce a new student.” What, a new student? Wait, it can’t be? “Please welcome Roy Sanders. Roy, will you come in?”

I realized who it was as he slowly made his way into the classroom. It was that guy that knocked me over earlier. I don’t know why but I was happy that he was in my home room. Maybe it’s because I found his eyes interesting, or rather… comforting. Wait, did I just think that?

“Would you like to say anything Roy?” Mr. Mike asked. I looked around and noticed that no one else noticed how cold his eyes were.

“Not really.” Roy answered, setting his gaze upon me. His eyes were the color of cold steel. There was still a hint of guilt in his voice. Not quite over knocking me down, I guessed.

“OK, well you can take the last five minuets to introduce yourselves, before you go to class.”

Everyone got up out of their seats to gather around Roy. I just sat there, puzzled about the deep sadness I saw in his eyes, and the guilt in his voice. I found myself wanting to know more about Roy.

My first class was math with Mr. Thomson. I also took this class with Stephanie. She had a different homeroom than me, but at least she was with Betty. Andrew was also in a different homeroom.

“So I got this new student in my homeroom,” I began, taking my seat and preparing for class. “And he is so hot. But he also seams to be a little…” I noticed that Stephanie wasn’t paying attention to anything I was saying. “Hello, earth to Stephanie, anybody home?”

“What? Did you say something?” “Yeah, but before that, who are you looking for?” I asked. She was staring at the door, and seamed to be weighting for someone.

“I didn’t tell you yet? My cousin moved into the city, and is going to high school here. He’s in this math class.”

“Oh, cool.” I replied.

“Yea, he’s really cool. We used to play together all the time when we were kids. He moved away for a while but I don’t think he was happy there for some reason. Anyway, he’s back now.

At first I was thinking about how happy Stephanie looked, but then it hit me. Stephanie’s last name is Sanders.

“Roy! Over here.” Stephanie shouted. I knew it.

“Hmm. You’re that girl that ran into me.”

Wait, what? He was the one who wasn’t looking where he was going.

“I still never got an apology from you. I said I was sorry to you to humor your boyfriend, but I believe you’re the one who should be sorry.”

“What? But you bumped into me,” I stated harshly.

“Really?” He looked at me quizzically. “I recall you telling me it wasn’t my fault.”

Crap, he was right. I did say that.

”Alright then. I’m sorry,” I said, defeated.

“Thank you. Steph, I’m going to sit over there.”

Roy turned around and left to take his seat in the back of the room, next to the window. What was with this guy? His character was completely different from earlier.

“Do you like Roy,” Stephanie asked, a glimmer of interest in her eyes.

“What? No! Where did this come from?” I asked in a panic.

“Well you haven’t stopped looking at him since class started a half hour ago.”

Has it really been that long? It seams like only a few seconds ago he tool his seat.

As the day went by, I found out I shared two more classes with Roy. And I spent those classes the same way I did math class. Why am I so interested in him?

When school ended I was on my way out the door when someone tapped on my shoulder. It was Roy.

“Hi. Jessica right?”

“Yeah. Can I help you?”

“Well I told Stephanie my address and as it turns out, I drive by your house everyday.”

Was this guy serious? This was starting to get weird. Every ware I go, there he was.

“Anyway, she told me you’re normally running late so she asked me to drive you. And before you say anything, if you have a problem with this, take it up with Stephanie. This was her idea.”

Actually, it was just the opposite. I was rather happy that he was offering. Even if he was asked to.

“I don’t mind.” I said softly.

“Hope not because there goes your buss.” I turned around and saw the buss drive off. I don’t mind though because I had a ride.

We walked out to the parking lot and I was looking around to see where his car was. “So what car is yours?”

“Car? Who said anything about a car?” Roy threw me a helmet and walked over to a motorcycle. This is just my luck. Having no choice, I climbed on to the back of his bike, thinking that this bike looked familiar, when he suddenly took off. I held on tightly to him, scared I would fall off, and remembering this was the guy from this morning.

As he drove me home, I began to think about how my senior year had just begun and got a feeling that many more exciting things awaited me.

Submitted: March 27, 2011

© Copyright 2021 crono885. All rights reserved.


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Hmmm... My brains in a fog right now, so giving any critics is just out of the question. But I like it so far! I hsve a serious ass question for you. How much time do you have? Becasue you update like every day, and I know I just don't have that kind of time. I'm not saying you have no life, heck I don't even know you, all I'm saying is you're very dedicated to your writing. That's all. Wait on it's not, update me? Now I'm done.-Ariel

Sun, March 27th, 2011 9:30pm


lol. you wouldn't be far off if you did say i had no life. JK. but i do have a lot of time on my hands.

Sun, March 27th, 2011 7:37pm


oooh a motorcycle! hehe i like him already, and the story isn't half bad either! lol, keep me updated, this sound really good!

Sun, March 27th, 2011 9:44pm


Will do.

Sun, March 27th, 2011 7:38pm


jeez. roy sounds hot! update me, PLEASE!!!

Mon, March 28th, 2011 2:32pm


lol. will do.

Mon, March 28th, 2011 8:08am

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