Chapter 7:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 6

Roy’s POV:

I didn’t bother with the drugs the nurse gave me to help me sleep. I don’t believe in using drugs for any reason. Although since I’m not using them I still can’t sleep. I’m expecting to collapse again at any moment. What’s wrong with me? Why am I like this? How can I change?

I would normally fall asleep with these thoughts in mind but obviously that isn’t going to happen this time. I just lay down in my bead trying to think of… nothing. I don’t want to think about anything at this point. I just want to… sigh, I don’t know any more. Just let me lie down and absolute silence. No noise, no thoughts, just complete silence.

Jessica’s POV:

“I wonder how Roy is feeling.” I think to my self because I know Betty and Andy didn’t care. And Stephanie, she just as down as ever. I don’t see here very much any more. When I do see her she’s lost in thought, and almost never responds to anything we say.

“So the carnival is coming to town this weekend. Anyone want to go?” Andy says trying to break the silence.

“I’ll go, as long as you don’t puke in my purse again.” Betty gave Andy a cold stair as she remembered what happened the last time.

“You’re still going on about that?” Andy asked, finally growing a backbone and talking back at Betty. “I bought you a new one afterwards.”

“It’s not the same!” Betty shouted. “I worked hard to win that purse.”

“Are you two really fighting about something that happened years ago?” Stephanie asked. Stephanie asked! She’s paying attention to the conversation! “Betty, you need to let it go already! It was an ugly purse to begin with! And Andy, it’s about time you stood for yourself! I thought you were going to bow down to Betty the rest of your life!”

Wow… I think I preferred here depressed. “Sorry…” Andy and Betty said in union.

“Good, now lets plan something for the carnival.” Stephanie said that happily but I could tell she forced a smile. I guess she didn’t want to us to worry about her.

At that moment I got an idea. “I need to go guys. I got something to do. Go ahead a plan without me.”

“Alright, see you later.” Betty says and turns her attention back to Stephanie. I hope this works.

At the end of school, I went to the parking lot and looked around. “There he is.” I thought to myself.

“Roy!” I shouted as he was about to leave. “Did you forget about you promise to Stephanie at bring me home?” I asked jokingly.

“Do I really need to deal with you right now?” He asked in a sour mood.

“What do you mean deal with me? Seeing me is your greatest pleasure.” I continue with a joking tone.

*Sigh* “What is it?”

“Actually I wanted to invite you to the carnival.” I answered, with my hopes to high to describe.

“A carnival, you asking me out on a date?” I could feel my face heat up as I realized I didn’t explain what was going on.

“N-no, absolutely not! We’re all going, including Stephanie. I just thought it would mean a lot to her if you were to go to.” He stared at me a while and got back on his bike.

“I’ll go, since it’s for Stephanie.” He said, just before he drove off.

“Hopefully this will cheer the both of them up.” I said to myself, happy that he said yes. But I soon realized he left me behind, and the bus has already left. “Now I got to walk home.”

Roy’s POV:

The carnival hmm? I guess it won’t be so bad. Something to keep my thoughts occupied. And it’s for Stephanie. She’s been down a lot because of me. I can’t miss this opportunity to cheer her up. I don’t want to cause her pain.

My mind drifted back to when we were kids. We went to the carnival and she was always pulling on my arm, dragging me to the next ride, our parents following close behind us. It was fun. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about it.

Remembering this, I could feel a smile creep across my face. I kept going further and further back into my dormant memories, before my parents died. When she got me to ride her dog, and the park we always played at. The sleepovers we had every weekend, and the promise. I completely forgot about the promise. With all this in mind I was finally able to relax, and soon, for the first time in years, I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I’m actually looking forward to the carnival.

Jessica’s POV:

It was finally Saturday and we all met up at the front gait. All accept one anyways. Where could Roy be? Is he not coming?

“Jessica, why are we standing out here? Everyone’s here already. Let’s go in.” Betty pleaded.

“Just five more minuets.” I responded hoping they would forgive me. Roy where are you?

Five minuets turned into ten, and ten turned into thirty. I guess he’s not coming? I turned around at let them know we can go in only to find out that they went in without me. When did they leave? I was about to walk in when someone grabbed onto my shoulder. Finally, Roy was here.

“Sorry I was so late. I needed to buy something.” I’ve never seen Roy like this. His mood, no… his atmosphere seamed completely different from how he normally is. I couldn’t help but tell him it was OK. “Shall we go in?” Roy asked happily.

Still shocked, all I could say was, “Yeah.”

We searched around and saw everyone at a food stand. “Sorry I took so long guys.” I said walking in.

“It’s alright. Andy took the time to win me a new purse as an official apology for last time.” Betty said happily. “So what took you so long?” She asked.

“Yeah, I was beginning to…” Stephanie froze as she looked up from her food and saw Roy walking behind me. Her confused face soon turned into a happy one as Roy approached her.

With a smile on his face, Roy looked at her and said “Sorry I’m late.”

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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