Chapter 8:

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Chapter 7

Roy’s POV:

Stephanie and I walked ahead of Jessica and her friends. Stephanie pulling on my arm, it really was just like when we were kids. Although it’s Stephanie’s friends walking behind us rather than our parents, I somehow got the feeling that there was a time like this before. It was a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. Having fun, enjoying myself, spending time with friends, it was something I didn’t want to forget.

Stephanie dragged me to many different rides and events, her friends following close behind. She had me shooting targets and riding the teacups. I tried tossing the hoops and went on the Fire Ball, Stephanie smiling all the while. I was happy to be here, I was happy to spend time with Stephanie, I was happy to be alive. I’ve missed this feeling of happiness, and I never wanted the night to end. I was afraid. I may end up the way I was before when I wake up tomorrow morning, and I didn’t want that. I just want to stay like this as long as possible.

Jessica’s POV:

“Good thinking bringing him along.” Betty complemented. Andy, Betty, and I followed close behind Roy and Stephanie. She seemed like her old self again. I was happy to see that she was enjoying herself. It’s been to long since I last saw that smile of hers.

“I still think we could have cheered her up ourselves.” Andy pouted. I wasn’t very impressed that I brought Roy along. What’s his beef with him anyway?

“Common Andy, it’s for Stephanie.” I pleaded hoping he would forgive me.

*Sigh* “Well she does seem rather happy. So I guess it’s OK this time.” He didn’t sound very convincing when he said it was OK, but I went with it anyways.

As I looked back at Stephanie, I felt a sudden pain in my chest. I realized my feelings for Roy a long time ago. The way he looks, and the air of mystery that surrounded him were both very appealing, but most of all, I was attracted to his eyes. They were always fled with pain and sadness, but even so, you could easily get lost looking into his eyes, his steel grey eyes. I guess, looking at how close they were, I was feeling a bit envious, but I quickly reminded myself that this was for Stephanie’s sake.

Roy glanced back at us, and my heart began to race, because for the first time, I clearly saw him smiling. Not a fake smile he would normally put on but a truly happy smile.

He turned his attention back to Stephanie as he turned around. My heart still racing, all I could think was, “I wonder if I can make him smile like that?”

Roy’s POV:

Steaphanie and I continued to go on rides as the night went on. Walking around, every now and then I would look back to see if Stephenie and her friends were watching us. Jess seamed to be always watching. I guess she was really worried about Stephanie. We soon came to the haunted house. This really brought back memories.

“Let’s go in there.” I said to Stephanie happily.

She smiled back at me nodding her head. “OK.”

We walked into the haunted house, and they had creepy music playing, and ghost jumping out everywhere. We were both unfazed though.

“Hey, remember when we came here as kids?” I asked looking down at Stephanie. Her eyes widened as she nodded her head, and I continued. “You were always good with this kind of stuff, ghosts and what not, me, not so much.”

Stephanie broke out in laughter as we were reminiscing. “You got scared at every little thing, and I had to hold your hand the whole way through.” We laughed in union at the memory. “You were so cute back then though, and look at you now. You don’t flinch at this stuff anymore.”

“Yeah, I guess I grew up.”

“I guess. But still, I’m surprised that you remembered we came here as kids.”

When we exited the haunted house I saw a special game. I handed Stephanie a bag as we approached the darts game.

“What’s this?” She asked confused.

“Look at the game and then take out what’s in the bag.” She took a long look at the game as she pulled a Blue teddy from the bag.

“This is…”

“I won you a teddy just like this playing this game. I didn’t know if you still had it so I went and bought this for you.”

Stephanie’s eyes filled with tears as she hugged the bear. “I still have it. Out of all the stuffed animals I had when I was a kid, I couldn’t bring myself to throw that one away.”

“Well I guess you have two now.” I said with a smile on my face. “And I’m sorry I didn’t keep my promises.”

Nine years ago:

“Roy, stop crying. You’ll be out to see me on holidays.” Stephanie said, trying to cheer me up.

“But I don’t want to go!” I responded, still sobbing.

“There’s nothing you can do about it now. But let’s make a deal.” I looked up to see that she had a smile on her face. “For every day that you don’t cry from now until you move, I’ll give you one thing so you can remember me bye.”

I got up and dried my tears, nodding my head. “OK.”

Moving day came and I ended up not getting anything.

“Are you still crying?” Stephanie teased.

“But I’ll miss you to much.”

*Sigh* “You’re such a baby!” I looked down at my feet as I talk to her. I didn’t want my last memory of her to be her making fun of me. “Take this.” Stephanie took off her pink ribbon and handed it to me.

“But I cried the whole time.” I said remembering the deal.

“You can’t keep it!” She shouted. “It’s my favorite ribbon. You have to promise me that you’ll give it back when you move back here some day.”

I looked at the ribbon and looked back at Stephanie. “OK.”

“Roy!” My dad called. “It’s time to go.”

I started sobbing again and gave Stephanie one last hug. “I’ll miss you.” I whispered.

Stephanie hugged me back. “I’ll miss you to.”

The Carnival:

“I lost that ribbon years ago, so I can’t give it back to you like I promised.” I explained, feeling a little bit guilty.

“It’s alright. The fact that you still remembered the promise is good enough for me.” We stood there in an awkward silence for a while before Stephanie started to speak.

“You know, back then you were my first love.” I was kind of surprised at the comment. “I mean yeah were cousins, but I didn’t know the difference back then. Even now though, I still love you, but not in a romantic way, but not as my cousin either.” I didn’t say anything and decided to let her continue. “I guess your more like a brother to me, or better yet, a really close friend. That’s why I worried about you so much. Just like how Andy, Betty, and Jessica worried about me when I’m sad, I worry about you. And although you don’t get along with Betty and Andy, I’m sure Jessica was just as worried. Tonight was probably just as much for you as it was for me, knowing her.”

“Oh, you think?” I asked, still processing what she had said to me.

“I think so. Don’t you?”

I turned around and saw that Jessica was just coming out of the haunted house. But for some reason I didn’t see her the way I used to. Something was different, but in a good way. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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