Mission of love

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Living your life without your other half is not good. Joshtel feels this way, and know he'll be traveling in this world trying to find her. The thing is that he wonders if she feels like him... if she loves him...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mission of love

Submitted: July 15, 2013

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Submitted: July 15, 2013



Hi! \"\"

My name is Joshtel and I'm 17 years old...

I live in a little village called 'Love Time'

I know the name is weird, but the people that made this place wanted that the people that leaved here, would found love, their other part...

Is really hard to explain you guys how this village functions but I'm not here to tell you about my village, I'm here to tell you my story...

Well like I said I live in a village called 'Love Time' but I have already 17 and don't have that person with me. I fall in love along time ago, of a girl that used to be my best friend but when we turned 7, her mother moved from here. Her mother and father broke up and they were disapointed because this was supost to be the village of love and they didn't feel love anymore. They saw that she was always with me and they were afraid that she would fall in love and that she would get hurt.

I haven't seing her since that day. Since she left I haven't felt that beat with any other person. I'm not a player and I can't be with a person if I don't love her. I never haved a girlfriend in my life, since I don't love any.

The only thing that I love of this village is that if you don't find that love in 16 years when you turn 17 you can go on a mission to find it. Since I'm 17 I'm able to go in a mission to find her.

Oh!... one last thing

About this village, when you are born here, you're born with powers and I have some, some that I like alot. One of the powers that I like is the one that I can read minds, I have another one that when I kiss someone I can know if their saying the truth or a lie (but I don't use it) , the other one that I like is that I can predict the future of people but the bad thing is that I can't predict mine.

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Mission of love

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