He's back

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Emily thought her life was finally normal. She had a summer job, a best friend, and she was living with an awesome guardian. Her life was perfect, until he came back.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - He's back

Submitted: August 18, 2013

Reads: 91

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Submitted: August 18, 2013



My legs were on fire, I couldn’t breathe, and I was gasping for air. But I didn’t stop running, I couldn’t stop running. He was after me, he was gonna kill me I couldn’t stop running.  I finally made it home I was dizzy and I felt ready to collapse, but I managed to climb up the stairs and unlock the front door. I was home, I was safe but for how long? How long did I have before he figured out where I lived?

My legs were weak I needed a glass of water. I headed into the kitchen praying Allison wasn’t home yet. She had enough things to worry about, the last thing she needed was for me to lay another worry on her.  But unfortunately the universe was on my side today because there she was. Sitting at the kitchen table, sipping her juice and reading the latest mystery novel.

She looked up at me and gasped. I imagine I looked like a mess. Hair messed up, sweat running down my face, gasping for air I must of looked awful.

“Emily! Wh-what’s wrong?  What happened?” she asked rushing over to me, a look of worry displayed on her face.

I couldn’t answer her; I was still trying to catch my breath. She handed me her juice. I drank it in record time.  She stood there looking me over, waiting for me to tell her what was wrong. But I didn’t, instead I burst in tears and ran into her arms.

She hugged me and patted my back while rocking me gently. She kept asking me over and over again.

“Emily please! Tell me what’s the matter.”

I continued crying for a few more minutes. I just couldn’t stop crying, I wanted to tell her but the tears just wouldn’t stop.  Finally I managed to choke out the words

“H-he’s…..he’s….he’s back Alison! He’s here…”

She gasped and stared at me “but I thought he was in prison, how could he escape?”

I felt like crying again “I don’t know, but he’s back. I know it, I saw him!”

Alison hugged me tighter “it’ll be ok Emily, it’ll be ok. I promise”

She was trying hard to reassure me but I could hear the fright in her voice, and I could tell she was almost close to tears too.

“It’ll be ok, I promise”

Would it? Would it really be ok?













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