Alice and the White Rabbit

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Alice Senian, genius, beautiful, athletic. When she's offered a chance to go to the world's most elite boarding school in the world she jumps to the chance. Only the top geniuses of the world go there,and the richest and important teenagers. She agrees to the principal to attend the next 4 years of of high-school without reading more into it, and it turns out, this elite Academy is an all-boys school! Yet that doesnt knock down Alice!

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Let's Begin

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



Let's Begin

I glanced out the window at the forest where the trees were lined up perfectly. I couldn’t help but grin. I loved symmetry, and I could tell that everything about this school was going to be perfect. Each tree looked like it was planted at the same time, because they all had an equal height. As I was foolishly distracted by the trees I didn’t notice the street end where a silver gate stood about 5 meters tall. “This is where you get off.” The bus driver said to me waking up from trying to remember my surrounds. I looked forward but only saw the gate. I blinked blankly and looked again.

“Eh…” I pointed forward so that the bus-driver could notice. “There’s nothing but a gate.” I announced as if it weren’t obvious.

“Well yeah, you have to walk 5 miles. That way students can’t escape.” He chuckled as if that made perfect sense. I looked at him with a crazed look, what he a lunatic, and what did he mean escape?! Wait a minute 5 miles!

“5 MILES?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY-“ I screamed at him. I glanced at my clock, 11 am. If I wasn’t there by 11:30 I’d be humiliated for being late. I had no time to yell at this fool. Beforehe had time tosay anything I hoped off the bus and rushed to the silver gate. A guard looked at me with suspicion. Ha, here was my chance to prove I was a tough guy.

“HEY IDIOT, OPEN THE DAMN DOOR.” I said with my most repulsive facial expression. He looked at me with concern.

“Are you sure you belong at this school?” He questioned me.

“Alexander Senian. Look me up if you can comprehend that.” I barked at him as if he was stupid. I grinned in my mind; I was going to see this idiot apologize. Alexander had been my fake name since Alice was a girl’s name, and of course they had typed that up for my personal information.

“Hey kid, I don’t see your name here. Now shoo and go back to your commoner’s life.” He responded now being rude. He hit me right on the bulls-eye; I was a ‘commoner’, ‘normal’ not a rich little spoiled child. Oh now I was angry!

“TO HELL WITH YOU!” I screamed as I ran backwards. However, I wasn’t running away, no I was just catching speed. I heard him chuckle with satisfaction before I was out of ear-length. I turned once I felt I was far enough and ran at demon like speed. I propelled myself up and leapt across the silvery expensive looking gate. I spun in mid-air to help slow my fall down and rolled as I landed to support my fall. “HAHA!” I chuckled with victory as putting my hands on my side.

I turned to the guard to see him react. He quickly bussed up his eyebrows in confusion but then relaxed. “Oh, now I see. You must be Alice.” He told himself writing down on something. I nearly fell down with the weight of defeat. HE KNEW I WAS A GIRL?! How? I turned around from facing him holding my head in embarrassment. I had just tarnished Alice’s reputation that was supposed to be Alexander’s reputation; I had tried to make two completely different sides to me so if I was ever seen like a girl and they had also once known with my disguise as a boy nobody would’ve noticed it was the same person. I quickly noticed my hair was silky and a bit messy and long. Not chubby and short. My wig… I quickly turned toward the gate to see my wig lying on the floor.

“IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT!!!!!” I yelled at myself as I picked up the wig, dusted it off and clipped my hair back up before throwing my guy’s wig back on.

“You might want to keep that on better, and just so you know, all your teachers, and the staff that help you know you’re a girl. However, teachers you’ll get next year won’t know, you’re only getting help on your freshmen year Alice, if you really want to stay at this school. You can’t let anyone know you’re a girl. NOBODY.” The guard said before he closed the window and blind of his stand. I glanced at my clock, drat! I had wasted 8 minutes yelling at the guard! I quickly turned forward and kneeled down to tie my shoes.

“Phantom Academy, HERE I COME!” I fist pumped into the air with a grin before dashing forward, so fast I couldn’t even notice my surroundings or any noise but wind. Of course I held onto my wig, I needed a plan to keep my wig on better, or else I would be found out, or just thought of a weirdo with long hair. I wouldn’t take that risk, because I’m going to graduate at this school and be successful in life!

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