Alice and the White Rabbit1

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Alice Senian, genius, beautiful, athletic. When she's offered a chance to go to the world's most elite boarding school in the world she jumps to the chance. Only the top geniuses of the world go there,and the richest and important teenagers. She agrees to the principal to attend the next 4 years of of high-school without reading more into it, and it turns out, this elite Academy is an all-boys school! Yet that doesnt knock down Alice! Can she keep it a secret that shes a girl? Or will she get figured out and kicked out of her dream school?!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Alice and the White Rabbit1

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012




“Are you sure you’re going to do this? It’s insane! You’ll get caught!” Ashley said as she tried to drag me out of this. I spun around to face her with a grin, she was worried about me. How sweet I grinned at her to reassure her.

“I am going to do this Ashley. I have to go to this school. Even though it’s an all boy’s school, doesn’t mean I’ll back down! “I told her rubbing the top of Ashley’s hair messing it up.

“But…” She mumbled with fear in her eyes. I sighed and reached into my satchel. I knew she would have trouble with this. Ashley never took risks, and to her this was life or death.

“Here you go.” I smiled at her handing her a picture. She took it and her eyes instantly shone. I knew they would, she would miss me, her friend since kindergarten going to a boarding school for high-school.

“It’s you without your disguise on and me. You sure you want to give this to me, and when did you take…?” She told me with a full-hearted smile.

“I had a friend take it. Well, I did need to get rid of that anyways. Guys here would think it would be strange to keep that picture.” I shrugged. Yet I didn’t really mean it, Ashley, innocent Ashley, she would have to go to school by herself facing those girls who would bully her, I would miss her so much.

“We can still meet each other on holidays right?” She questioned me with a frown.

“Of course! Of course! I’d die if I couldn’t see you for 3 years.” I leaned to hug her. “You’re my best friend after all.” I gave her a quick hug and we sat in silence at the bus-stop, where she had come to see me off. The bus pulled into place squeaking as it stopped. “Well this is goodbye…” I said without facing Ashley as I went on the bus. As soon as I sat down it drove off. I tapped my foot ready to enter this elite school, it had been recommended by the academies principal, and he had even told me that I could come despite who I was if I wore a disguise. I sighed and thought for a moment, would I really not get caught doing this?


She eyed the bus as it drove away and cleansed the picture yet not trying to tear it. As the bus drove off to the mountains she managed to mumble three words. “Goodbye dear Alice…” She looked down at the photo to see Alice eating a mountain load of ice-cream with her messy blonde hair and herself sitting beside Alice laughing with joy as she had a small amount of ice-cream on her spoon. She held the picture to her chest clutching it so that it wouldn’t go away. Her best friend Alice was going to an all-boys school, yet she was a girl. Since that was case, she had to disguise herself as a guy. Pull all her hair up and cover it with a wig, learn to naturally speak deeper, take her earrings away, she already acted like a boy sometimes, and had the strength and speed of a demon. She fit in perfectly, especially since she had a flat-chest. The plan is full-proof… why am I worried? Ashley thought before walking off to the town.





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