Price of two daughters

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Fernandez's son

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Chapter 7: Fernandez’s son

Maggie kicked open the door then entered the ward in a hurry with her gun in position and she noticed that Frank was not in his bed. Immediately Maggie felt a gun was being pointed at her from the side, she turned her head and realized it was Fernandez pointing the gun at her. “Drop your gun and put your hands up” Fernandez shouted at Maggie and Maggie knew that she was in disadvantaged position so she compiled and did as she was told. “Kick your gun away” Fernandez shouted at Maggie and Maggie kicked her toward the bed and Fernandez put his gun to Maggie’s back and walked her to the bed. Unbeknown to both Fernandez and Maggie, a hand struck out from underneath the bed and took Maggie’s gun. “Now tell me where is Commander Growlern and I won’t kill you” Fernandez asked Maggie in rage and Maggie replied in fear  “I don’t know.” “Liar, tell me where is he, where are you and the police department hiding him?” Fernandez screamed.

Suddenly Frank, who was under the bed, was pushed the bed off the floor into an upright then toppled it over Fernandez. Fernandez fell to the floor and was pinned by the bed, Maggie seized the opportunity and kicked Fernandez’s gun out of his hand. Maggie then followed up by turning the bed over and handcuffed Fernandez. Maggie took out her phone and call for back-up then Frank looked at Maggie disappointingly and told her “you never clear the room before entry, which is a rookie mistake, another slip-up like that can cost you your life.” “Yes sir” said Maggie then Fernandez interrupted by saying “so she is your rookie, I guessing she must be Maggie Preyval.” “You know me?” said Maggie and Fernandez replied “yes, I just sent my son to kill your sister, Elisa.” “Wait your son is involved in this somehow?” said Frank in disbelief. “Oh my, Maggie stay here and guard Fernandez until back-up arrive; I will take care of Mrs. Savindez’s baby boy” Frank told Maggie. “No way, you’re in no condition to confront anyone, I will take care of his son, you just guard him until back-up arrive” Maggie replied. “Maggie, this is an order. There is no way you can possibly take on his son” said Frank then Maggie responded  “ I don’t have time for this, Elisa need me now” and Maggie ran off leaving Frank with Fernandez. “That’s some rookie you got there” said Fernandez then Frank replied “shut up.”

Before getting into the car, Maggie took out her phone and called Toby. “Hey Toby, Elisa is in danger, someone is going to kill her” said Maggie then Toby replied “don’t worry I’m on my way home, I’ll protect your sister.” Maggie got in the car and told Toby “bye” and Toby responded “bye” then Maggie drove off as quickly as possible to attempt to reach home before it was too late.  Meanwhile Toby was already on his way to his apartment, upon reaching he took out his keys and opened the door. After opening the door, he saw Elisa in the living room. “You back early from work” said Elisa and suddenly Toby pulled his gun and pointed it at Elisa. “What are you doing?” Elisa asked Toby as she trembled in fear for her life.  “I’m sorry but my dad had told you everything about me and either you or me right now?” said Toby. “What are you talking about?” Elisa replied then Toby explained “perhaps Maggie hasn’t fully introduced me to you but I guessed I will let you know that my full name is Toby Savindez.” It was then Elisa started to connect the pieces together and she responded “so you’re the son of Fernandez and Angela Savindez and you involved in this too.” “I started investigating on this case even before I graduated from the police academy” Toby told Elisa and he added “after I discovered that Maggie parents were involved in the murder of my mom, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how to tell Maggie about this.” “I recently completed my personal investigation and intended to hand everything I found over to a colleague who is in the cold case department but before I could do that, my dad killed your parents” said Toby then he elaborated “because of my dad’s action and my prior private investigations, I became an accessory in the homicide of your parents. If anyone find out about my dad being the murderer and me being an unintentional accessory for the homicide, I will be deep trouble.”

“What about my sister, what about Maggie?” said Elisa then she added angrily “she love you and you betrayed her.” “I did no such thing, I love her. I never wanted to hurt Maggie or her parents, I just going to hand my investigation over to police department and let them handle things from there” Toby told Elisa then he added “but my father have to kill Maggie’s parents and making it not a happy ending for either me or Maggie.” “So you’re the reason why your dad was able to break into the apartment without any forced entry and attempted to kill me?” said Elisa then Toby explained “you can put it that because he took the keys from me after I was drunk when I confronted him about the fact that Commander Growlern knew about your parents’ involvement in the homicide of my mother.” “So why do you have to kill me then?” Elisa asked Toby and Toby answered “because when my father tried to kill you and told you that his son was involved in your parents’ murder and it wouldn’t take long for Maggie and you discover who his son is.”

“But he didn’t said anything his son being involved, he only let me know that he has a son” Elisa replied. “So you didn’t know that his son was involved in your parents’ murder?” said Toby and Elisa replied “no but I know now.” “My dad just won’t let me have my happy ending with Maggie” Toby exclaimed angrily then Elisa realized what was going on and she replied “let me guess, your dad told you that he told me that his son in involved in my parents’ murder so that you will kill me for him.” “I just want to continue to have my life with Maggie and my dad just wouldn’t let me” said Toby then he added “I meant every word I said when I proposed to Maggie, I really want to marry her but now it seem like that is not going to happen.”

“So what are you going to do about it?” Elisa asked Toby then Toby looked at Elisa with his gun still in his hands, he realized that there is only thing he can do. “I going to still have my happy ending with Maggie but to do so I’m going to eliminate those who know too much” said Toby then he lifted his gun and pointed it at Elisa and Elisa was stunned. “I am sorry Elisa; I’m doing this for me and Maggie. If Maggie asks, I just tell her that someone killed you and I couldn’t make it in time to save you.” Toby told Elisa then Elisa took a deep breath and held on to her wheelchair hoping that all this would be over fast. Suddenly Maggie opened the door and saw her fiancé pointing a gun at her sister and she was in absolute disbelief and could not make any sense of the entire situation.


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