Price of two daughters

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - irony of justice

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



Chapter 8: irony of justice

“What’s going on here?” Maggie asked then Elisa answered “Maggie, do you even know the last name of the man you’re marrying?” After hearing that from Elisa, Maggie thought about it for a second and realized the connection. “I’m such an idiot” Maggie exclaimed then she looked at Toby and responded “your last name is Savindez and you’re the son of Fernandez.” Maggie pulled out her gun and pointed it at Toby and she proclaimed “you helped your father killed my parents.” “I didn’t. I only investigated my mother homicide and found out that your parents were responsible, I didn’t expect my father to take matters into his own hands” said Toby. “So you knew who killed my parents and did not report it?” said Maggie and Toby replied “actually I confront my dad about it after the murder of your parents and he denied any involvement in it so I believed him. After you and chief learn about your parents’ involvement in my mom’s murder, I went to talk with my dad to let him know that the police may come to him for their investigation. However my dad was very slick, after I got drunk, he took my keys from me so that he can enter our apartment to kill Elisa.” “But you helped him escape police custody” Maggie responded then Toby answered “I got no choice; he threatened to exaggerate my involvement in the murder. So I helped him to escape.” “So if you’re really that innocent as you claim, why did you still come here to kill my sister?”

“Because my father told me that he told Elisa about his son involvement in the murder of her parents and I don’t anyone to know about my involvement especially not you. But it turned out that Elisa didn’t really knew anything at all and my dad just fooled me into coming here to kill Elisa” Toby told Maggie then he added “you know what, you can just go ahead and shoot me, kill me.” “I’m not going to shoot you” said Maggie as she threw her gun to the floor then she added “I love you.” “I love you too and I don’t want to be apart from you” Toby told Maggie and Maggie replied “no one have to know that you are Fernandez’s son” then she added “as long as you, me and Elisa keep quiet about it, you won’t be charged with anything or go to prison and we can still be together.” Suddenly the phone ranged then Elisa, being closest to the phone, put the phone on speaker and answered “hello” “Hello Elisa, you there?” said Frank. “Yes, I’m here” Elisa replied then Frank responded “I’m on my way to the apartment; please tell me that both Romeo and Juliet are NOT with you right now.”

Everyone at the scene was surprised to hear that from Frank, Elisa did not responded as she did know how to respond then Frank realized that something was amiss and he figured out the situation. “those two are there with you, aren’t they?”Frank replied. Elisa did not reply again and Toby went over to the phone to hang up and he exclaimed “he knows” then he added “look like I have to leave town, bye Maggie.” “Don’t go Toby” said Maggie then Toby responded “I’m sorry; I wished I can stay but I don’t have any choice.” Toby headed toward the door but was pulled back by Maggie then Maggie went between Toby and the door and she screamed “don’t leave me.” “Like I said, I’m sorry” said Toby then he tried to get to the door but Maggie continued to block his way so Toby pulled out his gun and pointed it in Maggie’s face. Then the mood in the scene changed and Maggie felt hurt and betrayed by Toby’s action.

“Go ahead, kill me, because that’s the only way I letting you leave here right now” said Maggie and Toby looked at Maggie and realized that their relationship had reached a breaking point. “Maggie, do we really have to go there?” said Toby and Maggie replied “what do you think?” with tears flowing down her eyes. Toby put the gun on Maggie’s head and responded “I really love you Maggie but I am sorry, I have to do this” and Maggie breathed in to soothe the heartache that she was already feeling and closed her eyes to await her death.

“Bang” a gun was fired then Maggie felt nothing so she opened her eyes and realized that it was Elisa who shot Toby using the gun that she had tossed aside earlier. Elisa told Maggie “I’m sorry” and dropped the gun then Toby collapsed. Maggie went down on her knees to check on her fiancé and she cried “Toby”. “Maggie, I’m really sorry that all of this has to end this way. I love you” Toby told Maggie and passed out. Maggie checked Toby’s breathing and realized Toby was not longer breathing and Maggie started crying.

A second later, Frank just arrived and he noticed the door was unlocked so he opened the door. After opening the door, Frank realized the confrontation was over and he saw Maggie sobbing on the floor with Toby lying unconscious beside Maggie and Elisa was in her wheelchair at a comfortable distance from Maggie and Toby. “So what happened?” Frank asked and Elisa replied “I shot Toby.” Maggie suddenly realized the consequences that Elisa might be getting herself into so she responded “no, I shot Toby. Elisa there is no need to cover up for me.” “I’m really very sorry about Elisa but I have to arrest you for killing a police officer” said Frank in a remorseful tone. “No Elisa did not kill Toby, I did. Do you seriously think that a girl with movement disability would be able to kill someone?” said Maggie. “Well, it is more unlikely that you killed him. You would never hurt Toby because you love him that much” Frank replied then he added “that’s why I ordered you to stay behind to guard Fernandez while I will take care of Toby. I already knew Fernandez’s son was Toby and I would never let you two fight it out with each other but you did not listen and insisted on confronting Fernandez’s son and this is the outcome” with a lot of anguish in his tone. Maggie saw her gun on the floor so she picked and pointed it at her herself. The moods in the room suddenly intensify again and Maggie responded “if you arrest Elisa, I will shoot myself.” Elisa then pushed herself toward Maggie and told Maggie “please don’t do this.” “We are not our parents, we got take responsibility of our actions and not try to correct our mistake by making another mistake” Elisa cried and Maggie put down the gun. Maggie hugged Elisa and two young ladies embraced each other and cried their hearts out.

After almost an hour of draining tears, Frank, Maggie and Elisa were at the street below the apartment. A police car was already there waiting for them, Frank opened the door to the backseat of the police car and Maggie helped put Elisa into the car. Frank folded Elisa’s wheelchair and placed it into the trunk of the police car while Maggie got in the backseat of the car to sit next to her sister, then Frank entered the vehicle and got in the left front seat. The officer in driver seat next to Frank turned around and saw the handcuff was on Elisa and both the ladies were still crying and weeping. The officer was surprised that a handicapped teenage girl was being arrested. “Commander, are we seriously arresting a handicapped teenager” the officer asked Frank and Frank responded coldly “shut up and drive.”

After reaching the headquarter, the officer driving the car, stop and went to the trunk to get Elisa’s wheelchair out and helped Elisa out of the car and onto her wheelchair while Maggie and Frank watched the officer pushed Elisa into the headquarter. “How unbelievable do you think the judge find our story of a handicapped girl killing a cop just to save another cop’s life?” Maggie asked Frank in a whimpering tone. Frank replied “even I would find completely ridiculous” and he added “but I guessed for very action, there is consequences and this is what your parents and Toby failed to understand and at the end, justice did prevail but at a drastic cost.”

“My parents trusted me to Elisa’s legal guardian but I failed them” said Maggie then she added “Toby wanted to marry me but he died even before our wedding.” “I convinced Elisa to move in with me, assuring her that I can give her home and now she is going to prison because she tried to save me” Maggie exclaimed before bursting into tears. “I think we better get to headquarter because after they questioned Elisa, they going to have to question us.”

After the questioning, Elisa was incarcerated and awaiting trial, Maggie and Frank can only pray for the best but they had a very clear idea what the sentence will be like. After few days, Maggie’s parents’ funeral was conducted and after the funeral, Frank was back at his office when Maggie knocked on the door. “Come in” said Frank then Maggie entered then Frank asked “what seems to be the matter, rookie?” Maggie then out her badge and gun on the table and she responded “I want to tender my resignation.” Frank was stunned then he asked her “is it because all that had happened?” “Yes” Maggie answered then she explained “I had done a lot of thinking lately and realized that because my reckless actions and failure to follow orders, I had not only endanger myself but other too. Now I finally realized that I’m not cut out to be a police officer.” “Are you sure there is nothing I can say to make you change your mind?” Frank replied then Maggie answered “no, sir.” “Well since you put it that way, all the best with your future endeavor” said Frank. “Before I go, I wanna thank you for being a good friend to my parents even though they didn’t deserved it, you tried to be friend to them to the very end” Maggie told Frank. “There is no need to thank me, after all, your parents saved my life” Frank replied then he explained “when my wife was killed, I fell into a state of depression. I was on the verge of suicide and even tried to kill myself but your parents stopped me and convinced me to continue living.” Maggie then told Frank “about that, my dad had prepared a text message for you in his phone but he never had the chance to send it so here’s the phone” and she passed the phone to Frank. After passing the phone to Frank, Maggie walked out the office leaving Frank with the phone.

Not long after Maggie left the police force, she found a job as a teacher and she got married two years later. Frank continued to serve the police department for another five years before retiring and moving in with his son who just recently graduated from the police academy and followed in the footstep of his father. Elisa was sentenced to ten years but was released on parole after serving eight years. On the day that Elisa was released, Elisa pushed herself out of the prison gate then a car appeared at the prison gate. The door to the backseat of the car opened and two young children, a girl and a boy, ran out of the car screaming “Aunt Elisa.” The two children ran over, jumped on Elisa’s wheelchair, hugged their aunt and Elisa embraced the two children. Then Maggie approached Elisa and two children got off the wheelchair and Maggie wrapped her arms around Elisa and the two sisters embraced each other. Not a word was exchanged but Maggie and Elisa were both in tears and filled with lot of emotions. Not long later, everyone was in the car and the car drove off leaving behind the prison and the painful past that the two daughters of Adam and Tara endured so courageously.

Though losses of loved ones, disappointments and lessons learnt the hard way are very disheartening and impossible to forget, moving on from all those unhappy traumas of yesterday and moving forward is the only true way to peace, stability and happiness in life.

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