Perfect Drama

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - School

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Chapter 1 School

Ali's POV

The bus wasn’t my ideal place to be, but I wasn’t rich or anything. I couldn’t afford a car. Buses were the only way I could get around. I wonder what high school would be like? I have my luggage ready, but my mind’s not. I’m not ready to leave everyone behind. My 6 siblings were at home crying about my leave. There would be no way that I could ease my mind. White Cross Music Academy was the place I was going to. It was a private school that was known for its outstanding performances. This was a different kind of high school where students are accepted if their performances meet the school’s requirements. Only the best get to be in this school.

I was going to be dorming with 3 other girls. I hoped that none of them were mean or selfish. I didn’t like drama. I read their names on the slip of paper; Jane, Ami and Jean. They had very girly names unlike me. My name was Alex. I have never met another girl named Alex, only guys. My name was one of the things that I hated. Why in the world did my parents name me Alex? I asked them and what they said was that they had my name imprinted on a bracelet that they wanted me to have at birth. When I was born, they found out I was a girl and so they kept my name because they didn’t want to return the bracelet.

I looked out the window as I reached the academy. There was a huge sign at the front that stated, ‘Musicians to success’. My guess is that this school has cheesy phrases all around. Cheesy sentences weren’t my thing. My parents back at home would always say something cheesy and so maybe that was the reason why. The strap of my guitar case was lodged in between the seat and so I tried pulling it out. When I pulled it out, the bus was already moving to its next location.

I yelled, “WAIT! I didn’t get off yet!” The bus driver looked at me with an irritated look. I bowed my head in apology. The doors opened and I got off with my luggage and guitar. A gasp escaped my mouth as soon as I saw how big the school was. It looked more like a university than a high school. There was a fountain at the center and statues of famous people that graduated from the academy. There were people sitting on the fountain socializing, texting or even eating. It was obvious that I was the only new kid, because no one had luggage. I quickly took out the slip of paper that had my room number on it. I wanted to hurry and get settled so that people wouldn’t judge me for being freshmen.

After hours of searching for my room, I arrived at the correct room. I could hear someone playing drums inside. It was very loud and I didn’t know if my roommate was going to be those loud people that never let anyone sleep -I hoped not. I shoved the key in and turned. When I opened the door, I found myself staring at a girl with short red hair playing the drums. She was only wearing her bra and shorts. I looked at the wall and pretended like I didn’t notice her unusual attire. She suddenly stopped drumming. To my surprise, she was going to approach me in that attire.

“Yo, I’m Jean! You look like you’re from the country!”

I glared at her, “What’s so wrong about being from the country, huh?”

She giggled, “You’re clothes are so out of style!” I stared down at myself and found myself wearing baggy pants that were floral and a white t-shirt.

I angrily replied, “HEY! I like these clothes! They are perfectly fine!”

She pulled out a magazine from underneath her seat and handed it to me. In the very front, there was a boy band named Crayons. Without realizing it I started laughing.

“What the hell kind of name is Crayons?”

She rushed over to my side and looked at the magazine.

She grinned, “That name is funny, huh? I thought so too, but the other people in this room all thought they were cool. I guess great minds think alike! High Five!” She put her hands up in the air for me to high five. I high fived her and flipped through the magazine. All of the girls in the magazine wore skimpy outfits with all parts of their skin showing. I stared at the magazine in disgust.

“Do people really dress like this? I think my outfit now looks more attractive.”

“Nah! You should listen to my advice sis. You’ll get made fun of.”

“Hey, look who’s talking! You’re in a bra and shorts!”

She pointed at her outfit, “You mean this? Oh! It’s a bikini! You know, when you go swimming?”

“Huh? I have swimming suits and they don’t show my belly. You’re just in your undergarments!”

“What century are you from?” She dug in her bag and handed me 3 more magazines.

“Please go do some research! By the way, what do you want me to call you?” I thought about it and I didn’t want people calling me Alex. I got made fun of in middle school. People used to say I was a boy since my hair was short, but now I grew it out so that no one would make fun of me.

“Call me Ali.”

“Ali! Nice meeting you. Well, I’m going to continue practicing. By the way, I have some Twinkies in the freezer so do not touch them!”


“What? I like my Twinkies frozen! Is that such a crime?”

“You’re very strange you know that? I have never met anyone that puts Twinkies in the freezer. What else do you put in the freezer huh?”

She laughed, “Nothing, but I know that Ami puts her credit cards in there. She said something about shopping. I’m not sure. Well, anyways. I have to practice.” She picked up her drumsticks and began playing a steady beat. I pulled my luggage into an empty room. All of the other rooms were taken and so I assumed this one was going to be mine. After settling down, someone knocked on my door.

At the door, there was a girl with half of her hair pink and the rest blonde. I was so shocked I almost fell off my bed. How did anyone have pink hair? She had make up on and she was so skinny I thought she would be hungry. I wanted to make her some of my homemade pasta!

She smiled, “Hey. I’m Jane. Heard you just got here. Wanted to see what type of girl you were. Oh dear… You need a fashion makeover. I think maybe hipster is up your alley, since you like vintage. I mean it’s okay if your pants are floral, but it looks like it’s way too big for you.”

“What is up with all of you guys? You guys make fun of my outfit. I think it looks fine.”

She shook her head, “Nooooo… I think we should go shopping.”

I didn’t want to divulge too much information about how poor I was and so I declined, “I don’t think so. I think that maybe I should just stick with what I have.”

Behind Jane, an Asian girl with long pink hair tripped over on the floor. I rushed to her and asked, “Are you okay?”

She giggled, “I’m clumsy! You’ll get used to it! Call me Ami!”

“Hey. I’m Ali if you guys don’t know already.”

Ami checked me out from top to bottom and she began screaming.

“What is this? What are you wearing? Girl you need new clothes!” I didn’t notice before, but she had a slight accent.

She ran into my room and began digging through all my clothes. She grabbed all of them and began taking it to her room.

I stopped her, “What are you doing? Why are you taking my clothes?”

She grinned, “Let me tell you. I am a fashion diva that cannot stand clothes that are outdated. I will have these fixed in no time!” I felt my head spin in circles. My roommates were crazy. My high school life was going to be very interesting…

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