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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Girls Next Door

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



Ethan’s POV

Chapter 2 Girl’s Next Door

None of us felt like we were number 1 on the music charts, but we were. It still felt like we were new compared to the others. We knew how everything worked. For the next week, freshmen would unpack and get settled while the upperclassmen didn’t. Just yesterday, a couple of the sophomores told us we were a bunch of cheats. They told us our looks were the only reason we were on the charts. It made my blood boil. I was furious. As the leader of the Crayons, I was going to make sure we remained on top for the whole school year.

Noah barged into my room breathless, “Ethan. Did you meet the girls next door?”

“No, why?” Why would I care about some girls next door? I have my own problems to deal with.

“I heard that each and every one of them were hand picked by the dean. They were all put into the same dorms to see if they would become a legendary band.” After that sentence, my thoughts turned 180 degrees.

“What? Where did you hear that?”

“Everyone’s talking about it. People were talking about it at the coffee shop in school.” That couldn’t be possible. No one was ever handpicked by the dean; it was a rare case. I had to get to the bottom of this quick. Who were these girls and what made the dean pick them? Were they rich? Did they have the connections?

I got the boys and headed to their room. I knocked on their door for a few minutes and assumed no one was there. Just when we were about to leave, a girl opened the door with her brown hair up in a messy bun. There was sleep in her eyes – it was obvious that she just woke up. She scratched her head and squinted at us.

“Hey, do you need something? You guys are up so early. Is there a problem?” I looked at my watch to see if I was too early - it was 1pm. This girl was beyond weird. She slept this late and she still called herself a musician? There was no a way the dean would pick this kind of girl. Her hair was messy and her fashion sense was horrifying. She was wearing a large floral dress that only grandma’s wore. Her glasses were large and it covered her face. She had holes in her socks and her fingernails had dirt underneath them.

“We live right next door and we just wanted to say hi.”

“Hi. Is that all?” She was about to close the door on our face.

“Wait, don’t you know us? We’re the Crayons!” Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open. That’s when I knew I got her attention.

“You’re the crayons?” I nodded my head. I thought she was going to ask for my autograph, but instead she began laughing. She continuously hit her lap and pointed at us.

“The Crayons? You have one of the funniest names! I was just making fun of your name the other day!” I felt Alex tense up behind me. He was known for his short-temper. I put my hands on his shoulder to calm him down.

“It’s not that funny. So where’s your other roommates?” She stopped laughing and pointed inside.

“I think they’re still sleeping.” All of them were still asleep? It wasn’t just this girl? Was this a joke? Were they even serious about going to this school? Not one person in this academy was caught sleeping at this time. People were practicing so that they could remain in this school. If the students weren’t able to reach the expectations of the academy, they were kicked out. That’s why everyone spent every waking hour practicing, but these girls were just sleeping?

I smiled, “I think we’ll come back another time.” I knew in that instant that I was mistaken. These girls were going to get kicked out in no time. What was I so worried about? We’ll be the top this year too.

Author's Note: This novel might be different compared to my other novels, but it's because I'm targetting a different audience for this novel. This novel is more comical and funny. Both boy and girl goes through a lot of drama. Hope that makes sense?

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