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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Chapter 5

For those of you that don’t like violent, cursing scenes, just skim:)I guess that gave all of you a hint! Hope you like this chapter! It’s super intense:)

I heard the door shut behind me and I felt the loneliness of the sound. It was still dark outside and the rain had stopped. The cold breeze slithered up my arms. It didn’t take long to go back home, but it felt like the walk was longer. Each time I looked back, I hoped to see him standing there, but I didn’t. He didn’t want me and I was just moping around hoping that he’d see me. I didn’t even like me. Why was I so stupid?

I didn’t even bother to sneak back in. My dad was waiting for me at home. His glare stayed focused on me. There was no way he wouldn’t find out – he had a tracker on my phone. What surprised me was that he didn’t bother to text me or call me.

“What’s wrong with you? You were doing fine before, but now you’ve turned into this bad kid. Is it because you’ve been hanging around bad kids? I knew it… I shouldn’t have sent you to a public school.” I couldn’t believe that he was blaming my friends. They didn’t do anything and he had no right saying that I made terrible friends.

“Don’t blame my faults on my friends. It’s not their fault. It’s mine.” The hatred in his eyes grew like flames – it engulfed me.

“Then how do you explain being with that boy? You don’t think I know who my daughter is hanging out with?” How did he know Alex? I couldn’t connect the dots. There was no way he could’ve found out about Alex.

“How do you know? That’s not possible, unless you… Seriously? You have someone following me…”

“Of course I would! I didn’t trust you going around anywhere and so I had someone follow you. That proved to be the best decision that I made so far, because now I know that I was correct. This delinquent was influencing you. Do you even know who you’re hanging out with? He was in the juvenile center for a year!” He even had Alex background checked. I could feel the rage burning in me. I wanted so badly to let my anger out, but I couldn’t. I felt anger, sadness and most of all confusion. None of these were the ones that I chose. I chose fear - it remained clenched behind all of those feelings. It overpowered everything.

“I’m sorry. I won’t be seeing him anymore. I promise.” It was true… I wouldn’t see Alex because he didn’t want to see me. He didn’t even like me. What was the point of fighting back? I didn’t need to because the only thing I could depend on was the future that my dad wanted me to have. I should be happy with this opportunity that no one else has.

“Kaylee, I know that I shouldn’t be so easy on you, but I’ll let you off this time. The next time you misbehave, I’ll seriously reconsider your options. I’ll send you to military school or I’ll have you homeschooled under my supervision. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I won’t do it again. I promise.”

His smile revealed the satisfaction of winning once again. He knew that he had power over me and that was his way of proving that he had complete control over everything. Why couldn’t I be like Alex? He knew how to speak his mind without worrying about what other’s thought.

Jessie had her face down looking at her phone for texts. She was hiding something and today was the day to find out what yesterday was all about. Why did she lie to me that she was sick? I put my hand in front of her phone to bring her attention towards me.

“So what was up with yesterday?”

She changed the question to me, “Yeah. What happened with you?”

“Jessie, I’m talking about you. Why did you lie to me?” She looked away at something else and she began fidgeting with the zipper on her jacket.

“This is probably one of the hardest things to say. I think you’ll judge me.”

I reassured her with a comfortable smile, “I won’t judge you.”

She blurted out the worst, “I’m going out with Derek.”

My jaw almost dropped to the floor when she announced that very loudly. I was surprised no one in this room heard her.

“WHAT? You’re going out with who?”

She guiltily smiled, “Derek…”

“Isn’t he with Cathy?”

“Not anymore. She was with some other guy and so Derek dumped her.”

I asked, “I thought you always hated Derek for being a jerk. What happened? How did you end up with him? When?”

“Hey! Hey! Slow down with the questions!”

“What? I’m just curious!”

“Okay, fine. It all started when Derek dumped Cathy. I overheard their conversation and apparently Cathy cheated on him. I felt sorry for the guy. So I went over to him and decided to cheer him up. By the way, this was before summer break. Over summer break, we hung out a lot more. I started liking him and so I confessed. He liked me too. The end. Happy?”

“Wait. Wait. So you had this summer romance going on and you didn’t tell me anything. You’re going out with one of the most popular guys in school and you didn’t tell me! How could you?”

She frowned, “I couldn’t. Derek told me not to tell anyone and so I didn’t. I just decided to tell you because I thought you deserved it. Anyways, I want to know more about what happened with you yesterday. Why did you sound like you were crying?”

“I’m just having a hard time with my dad.”

“He’s always like that. Sometimes I just want to get some sense into your dad’s head. He doesn’t know how to treat you right. It’s like you're his puppet.”

“Yeah your right and He’s never going to change.”

“Kaylee. Don’t give up so easily! If he sees how sad he makes you, he’ll definitely change.” She didn’t realize that my dad was power hungry. He was determined to get what he wanted and that’s the way he always was.

“You don’t know him like I do. He’s stubborn and he won’t change his mind ever. Once he’s got his mind set on something, he doesn’t change it.”

“You never know. People change.” They did, but it was impossible for my dad.

“Not him.”

She sighed, “Whatever you say.” The bell rang and I dreaded going to my first class – art. I’d see Alex and it would break my heart even more. He would be unchanged and he’d have that beautiful smile that made my world all crooked. My world could be upside down and I wouldn’t care just as long as he had that smile on. I was more in love with him than I thought. He hurt me and yet I was still thinking about him.

When I entered the classroom, I saw Alex sitting in his usual seat working on his portfolio. I took a seat next to him without a word. He knew I was there, but he didn’t say anything. There was no sadness in those eyes. He didn’t care about how I felt and that’s what made me more miserable. We never really had a relationship with me and that’s the way it was going to be.

Being close to him was super awkward - Alex wouldn’t look at me. Seeing him act normally got my eyes watering. Of course he wouldn’t be sad. It should be easy ignoring me, because he doesn’t have feelings for me. I couldn’t hold my tears in any longer. I stopped doing my work and put my head on the table. I felt my tears fall down my cheeks. I didn’t want him to see or hear me crying. It was so hard to keep my sobs in. My body shook with sadness.

I felt a hand on my back. I looked up and saw Alex patting my back. He was looking away, but he was comforting me in an awkward way. Why was he comforting me when he was supposed to be the bad guy? He’s the one that hurt me.

“I don’t get you… I thought you didn’t like me? If you don’t, stop comforting me. You’re hurting me more…”

“I’m sorry. I just can’t watch you cry like that.”

“You’re supposed to be the bad guy.”

He whispered to himself, “supposed to be…”

In that instant I realized why he was doing all of this. It wasn’t because he didn’t have feelings for me. It was all because he was labeled as the bad guy. He wasn’t the outspoken guy I thought he was. He was the exact opposite. He was just really good at hiding it. He was also someone that was caged behind expectations. He wasn’t able to break through. We were closer than I thought. We both reminded each other of our next step, but we were both scared. He didn’t want to oppose anyone and neither did I. As long as I held my emotions in, I would never be able to free myself. I chose to continue to live in fear. I stood up from my seat and Alex’s hand fell to his lap. He looked defeated like my words were the right things to do. He didn’t look back at me as I headed towards the door. I didn’t care if the teacher noticed I left. I needed to leave or else I’d get sucked into my emotions. I’d fall more in love with him.

I went outside and laid on the grass where I left my notepad. It wasn’t there anymore. Someone probably found it and threw it away. It had been a long time since I ditched. I only ditched a couple times when I was with Jesse. My dad went crazy and he locked me up in my room all spring break. I was miserable… From then on, I decided to never disobey my dad. I followed rule after rule all the way until now. Why was I breaking the rules now? My dad was right. It was all because I met Alex. After meeting him, I just went with what I loved. I loved writing music and I loved to be free…What was I thinking?

Today was the day I was going to meet up with the deans of the IV League Universities. My dad was overexcited about today. I wore a dress with red flowers all around. I had a black belt around my waist and my hair was curled perfectly. I put on a little bit of makeup and wore white heels. My dad waited for me in his car. I quickly checked in the mirror to see if I looked okay and then headed towards the car. My dad was impatiently looking at his watch.

“We need to hurry. We can’t show up late. This is your only chance into getting the connections. Don’t disappoint me.”

I nodded, “I won’t. I remember what you told me to say.” He told me to talk about my grades and how I was hard working. He had me prepare a speech to the deans so that I would easily persuade them that I was good for their school.

I spent all week preparing for this and I was hoping that my dad wouldn’t be upset.

After the 20 minute drive, we arrived at a huge mansion with a beautiful tree with white petals growing. The mansion looked like a Japanese style home. There was a mini fountain with water surrounding the mansion. There were bridges that led to the entrance. There were plants all around and it smelled beautiful. I was planning on coming outside later on to take a closer look at the garden.

My dad and I went up to the front and rang the doorbell. The door opened to an Asian man that was in a suit. He smiled at us and invited us inside. He told us to take off our shoes. He said it was some sort of tradition and it was rude to wear shoes inside the house. I did as he told and went inside. The house was amazing. There were stairs that went around in circles all the way to the top of the mansion and I could see that there was more than 3 floors. There was a huge chandelier in the middle with beautiful flowers as light bulbs.

There were a lot of people inside and it was hard to get through. My dad stopped me when he saw Phillip in the crowd. He wasn’t hard to spot. He looked like he didn’t belong in the crowd. He still wore that tacky brown suit and his almost baldhead was covered with thin hair. Maybe I was wrong about Phillip. This was in fact a party that the dean was throwing. I could tell by how fancy everyone was dressed and how each one of them had wine or champagne in their hands.

“You’re late as usual. So where’s your wife?”

My dad laughed, “She couldn’t make it. She had some work to do.”

Phillip looked disappointed, “I guess I’ll see her next time. So do you want to go talk to the dean?”

He nodded, “Yes. Phillip I'm glad you’re willing to help my daughter out. It means a lot to us. Maybe next time you should come over for dinner. My wife would be happy to see you.”

“Sounds good. Let’s introduce ourselves.” He led us through the crowd towards the Asian guy that brought us in. As we shoved through the crowd, I noticed that something was off about Phillip. He was wearing tennis shoes when everyone else was wearing fancy shoes. I also realized that he wasn’t wearing glasses, but he had gloves on. I found it very strange.

“I didn’t introduce them to you.”

He pointed at my dad, “This is Arnold Williams and next to her is his daughter, Kaylee Williams.”

The Asian man stuck out his hand for us to shake, “My name is Henry Shin. I’m the dean of Harmon Prestige University. Nice to meet you.” That was one of the most popular colleges that I knew. My dad shook his hand and put on his professional smile. I shook his hand as well and watched as his wife stood next to him. His wife had on a white long dress and her hair was in an updo.

“This is my wife Janice Shin. So I’ve heard many things about you, Kaylee. Phillip here tells me that you are an exceptional student.”

I nodded, “Yes, I’ve gotten all A’s on my report card and I’ve never gotten a demerit in school. My dad is keen on keeping me on top of things.”

He laughed, “Why of course. That’s what dads are for. My daughter is one of the least motivated children that I have. I tell her to study and she does not listen to me. I guess your dad is one of the best.” That comment felt fake and that’s what I thought about everyone here. They all had fake smiles on and they wanted to please one another.

My dad responded, “No no you’re just being nice. Kaylee does her work without me saying anything at all. Whenever I come home, I find that she has done all of her work and she’s just reading. Isn’t that right Kaylee?”

I nod, “Yea, I love to read and write.” My dad nudged my arm when he realized what I was saying. He didn’t want me talking about music.

“You love to read and write? What was one of your favorite books?”

“I love reading the classics, Huckleberry Finn I guess.” I particularly chose that book because it made me think of running away. I wanted to escape this fake place, but I had to act. I had to get through everything because I didn’t want my dad forcing his threats on me again.

After discussing with the dean, I decided to get some fresh air. I excused myself and went to the garden. I was right, this place was beautiful, the garden especially. There were rose bushes and beautiful flowers all around. I wanted to stay there for the rest of the party. The night air was perfect. There were no benches and I wanted to settle down and look up the stars. As I paced around looking at each and every design this house had, I saw Phillip come out. He found me and walked towards me.

“Why have you come outside?”

I smiled, “I just wanted to take a closer look at the garden. It’s so beautiful.”

He grinned and it reminded of that sinister look he had at the restaurant.

“Your dad was looking for you. Let me take you to him.”

I followed behind him and he led me through the crowd.

“He’s downstairs. He thought that maybe you went to take a look at the place.” Why was he looking for me? It was probably because he wanted me to talk to the dean about applying to his university. In the back there were stairs that led to a vast hallway of doors. He took me to the one furthest away. After reaching the end of the hallway, he pushed me into the room. He pulled the door shut behind him and he locked the door. His eyes looked hungrily down at me.

I felt the adrenaline rushing through my veins. He tricked me. He grabbed my hands and pushed me against the wall. This room was made of cement and there were pipes all around the walls. There was a furnace in the middle of the room and I knew where this was. It was in the basement. I was stupid to think that my dad was down here. He grabbed a metal rod and struck me in the head. Everything went black.

Phillip had my hands tied up above the metal pipe. His tie was tightly wound around my head where my mouth was. He had me trapped and it was going to be the end of my life. He was going to rape me and then kill me. He had the craziest grin on his face that made sure he was even creepier. His breath smelled of cigarettes and his hair fell all around his face. He looked like an insane psychopath. He had a knife pressed to the side of my hip.

He whispered in my ears, “If you scream or fight back, I’ll kill you.” This was the end. Tears were welled up in my eyes. I didn’t want to show him how weak I was. I was definitely one of the weakest people on earth and Phillip knew that. He knew all along and that’s why he chose me. My lips quivered in fear. I wanted to push him away, but my hands were tied up. Phillip tugged at my long blonde hair and began sniffing it intensely. When he pulled back I saw the rotten teeth behind his lips.

“You’re so gorgeous – just like a doll. I’ve always had my eye on you.” His hands searched around for the bottom of my dress. I began to squirm underneath him. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. He pressed the knife to my hips and I felt the sharp pain. My blood oozed out from underneath the wound and soaked the side of my shirt.

He spoke with anger, “You bitch! Do you want to die tonight? I could fuck your dead body! Do you think I care?” I pulled my hands out from the knotted rope and took the tie out of my mouth.

I screamed, “ALEX! HELP!!!” I didn’t know why I called him. He was the first person I could think of. I should’ve called for my dad and I knew he was there. My dad could call the police and help me. Suddenly I heard someone banging against the door. The door was locked and that someone was putting all of his weight onto the door to get it open. Phillip pushed me against the wall in anger. My head hit the pipe and I felt the blood seeping out from my head injury. I felt my vision give up on me. As the fuzzy vision set in, I heard the door break open. Phillip was pulled off of me and I could make out someone with black hair and a leather jacket. I knew who it was… he came to save me.

Kaylee in her dress:


Author’s Note: Harmon Prestige University is not real. I just made up a schoolJ Sorry if this chapter is kind of fast. I just wrote this before my class and so it might be sloppy! I’m planning on fixing it later.

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