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Sunny is not just your average girl. She won't wear everything that people call 'normal'. She won't say things that people want her to say. And least of all, she has trust issues. Everyone in her life, comes and goes. Her friends leave and so did her mom. She meets the one person that is willing to stick with her till the very end.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sunny

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013




Authors Note: Hello everyone! I've wrote a lot of novels on booksie, but with many different accounts. Today, I decided to go back to my old accounts and take out all the stories. I decided to re-edit them and put them all into this account:) What was disappointing was that I'd have to start over with the reads. It kind of made me happy to see that over 300 people read my stories~ 

Chapter 1 Moving

I shut my eyes tightly as I tried to imagine what life would be like without my mother. I disliked the distance that I would have from California to Washington. Although I was curious as to what it was like in Washington, I still wasn’t persuaded that it was better than Cali. I sat on a taxi ready to leave to Baltimore, Washington. My mom tapped my shoulder softly. I quickly opened my eyes and turned to her. She swiftly turned her head towards the window. I knew why she did that. She was hiding her tear-struck face. She didn’t want me to see her sad. It would prove that I won this battle.

Her voice came out strained, “Sunny, do you think this is a good idea – moving to Washington?”

I lied, “Of course.”

“Sunny, I’m worried about you. Are you sure you can move there without any resentment?”

 I sighed, “Mom, I’ll be just fine. Stop stressing.”

She exhaled, “If you say so.”

My parents had divorced a few months ago and I was being pulled in every direction – my moms or my dads. It was difficult choosing between the two. My dad had moved to Washington and my mom was in Cali. I was thrown away for some guy that she decided to marry. I didn’t want to be stuck living with someone that wasn’t my dad and so I chose Washington.

The only thing that kept gnawing at me was the climate. I liked how California was always sunny and how the people there were always so nice. I did some research and found out that Washington was mostly foggy and it was very cold. I didn’t have much clothes to cover myself up and so I told my mom to give me some cash to use. It seemed like she knew that was the only thing she could do for me since she had left me for guy.

My long black bangs fell over my eyes and I stared down at my black skirt as I saw the taxi driver look towards us. I hated it most when people stared directly at me. It was because I felt that they would read me. Ever since I was little, my mom would tell me I was so easy to read. She would look at me and say what I was thinking. After that, I started avoiding people’s eyes. It became a habit

I wasn’t the type of person that socialized easily with anyone. I liked to pick and choose the people that seemed trustworthy. How did I end up with this trust issue? It was all because a lot of my friends betrayed me back in middle school After all that drama, I ended up hanging out with a small group of people. It was easier that way.

A low deep voice interrupted the silence in the taxi, “Um, mam…… where in the airport would you like me to take you?”

My mom’s soft voice replied, “United Airlines.”

The taxi driver nodded, “Sure.” While staring down at my own hands, I saw my moms. Her hands were clenched together and she was shaking. I didn’t know if she was cold or if she was scared. I looked up at her face to find her eyes in tears. She was clearly shaking from fear – fear that she’d lose me forever. As I moved my hands over to hers, I saw the black nail polish that I put on this morning. My hand stood out next to hers. Her hands were wrinkly and there was no nail polish on it.

“Sunny, I have to tell you something about John that you don’t know yet.” I stared back at her in confusion.

“Sunny, John has children.” My mouth dropped open and I was frozen with surprise. “Are you kidding me?”

She explained, “John was divorced also. I was going to tell you, but things just got out of hand. I didn’t expect you to decide to move in with your dad.” I stared back at her with shock and anger.

“MOM, why did you have to tell me now? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Now you’ll be all alone with his kids. Whenever anything happens, you always leave me out! Haven’t you considered my feelings?”

My mom whispered, “I knew it…” She sounded as if she was talking to herself.

“Mom, I’m not mad at you,” I lied once more, “I’m just curious as to why you didn’t tell me earlier.”

She spoke up, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t know if you’d get along with your step sisters and brothers. If I told you, you would be devastated. You know…. I love you so much, Sunny. I can’t ruin everything for you. I don’t want you to live with people that may potentially hurt you. Tom’s kids aren’t particularly nice. They don’t like me at all and I didn’t want you to experience the same things that I will have to go through.” Suddenly, all my anger had gone away and I just felt sympathy. I wished she wasn’t so weak. Then I wouldn’t be so worried for her. She embraced me and covered my shirt with her tears.

After letting out her tears, she went silent. For almost an hour, I had nothing to do so I played around with my brown leather bracelet. It wasn’t very expensive, but it was a gift from Lana. She was one of my best friends. It was a farewell gift and that’s what made me reminisce all the times I spent with her. I didn’t get to say goodbye very well and that’s what made me sad.

Soon I got irritated with the complete silence in the car. I could hear everyone breathing and it was getting uncomfortable. I took out my pink classic ipod and stuck the headphones into my ears. I pressed the play button and listened to the song I’ve been listening to for a whole week – Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I turned up the volume and closed my eyes. I wanted to shut the world out and just have the music playing. My mom noticed the music and made a gesture for me to lower the volume. I nodded and lowered the volume.

I lip-synched to the music as I shook my head. My mom just laughed as she saw me. The taxi driver sneaked a smile. He was secretly watching me enjoy myself. I ignored them both and went on with my music. Ever since I was a little kid, I liked to act like I was a rock star on TV. It made everything more interesting. I would imagine myself in front of millions of people doing what I loved – music.

Abruptly the taxi driver stopped. I looked up to see that I was already at the airport.

I exhaled, “We’re finally here. This is going to take a while.” I knew that I was going to stay on the plane for 3 hours or more. I was going to get irritated and suffocated on the plane. My ipod was still in hand as I looked up at the enormous airport. I felt so short looking up at the airport. I was only 5’2 and I didn’t wear any high heels. I wore my favorite pair of converse.

It dawned on me when I finally got to the doors. I was going to be living a new life from now on. I was going to live in Washington, where the weather isn’t as nice. I would have to meet new people. That wasn’t very appealing to me. I walked ahead towards my new life.

Author's Note: Please give me comments:) I really appreciate those that take the time to write me comments! It motivates me and keeps me going~

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