My Foolish Ways

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



Chapter Three

“So do you feel dirty sleeping with your brother’s best friend?” Ashley gave me a smooth wink. She sat next to me in math class today and began to talk like we had been friends for life. I hid in my room yesterday to avoid Bryce and William.

“No, because I haven’t been,” I told her while I rolled my eyes.

“Denials healthy,” she murmured to herself as she pulled out lip gloss.

“Listen, you can’t tell anyone about this. And I’m really not doing anything with him. It was only that once and what you saw was how far it got,” I said seriously as I caught her brown eyes.

“Sure, sure,” she answered waving her hand dismissively.

“Ashley, I’m not playing around,” I whispered to her. The teacher began to talk, and I fell into doing the equations.

“Want to go shopping with me? Buy some clothes for the party tonight?” Ashley asked after class.

“Um… no thanks. I’m not going.” And I technically wasn’t. I was just going to hide in my room again. This time with my door locked.

“Well, then next time for sure!” She winked and waltzed to her car. She was always so happy. I wasn’t very social throughout high school and going to a community college was starting to prove the same. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the ability to be social; I just liked to get to know people before I opened myself up to them.

I wish I would’ve just gone shopping with Ashley. Once I arrived home, a surprise waited for me. One I didn’t like at all. I stepped into the door and shoved it open. I leaned all of my weight on the door knob as I tripped over a shoe and almost fell. I gasped as my knee hit the corner of a wall. Well, that was going to bruise.

Someone cleared their throat, and I jerked up in surprise catching my balance on the wall. Why was he always here?

“Where’s Justin?” I rushed through the question as I glanced away from William. If I just peeked into his beautiful blue eyes I was a goner. It was always like that for me though. The only difference was the way he looked back at me now.

“At the gym,” he answered with an uncaring tone. I pushed my shoes off and pulled my sweater off. It was in the end of November, and in Indiana it was starting to get cold. I had cranked the heat on this morning when I had the chills coating my body.

“Oh… So why are you here?” I asked as I set down my backpack and my books on the dining room table. He sat in the living room. I could feel his gaze on me. He didn’t answer at all. Instead, he went ahead and asked his own question.

“Why?” he whispered as my back was turned to him. I stiffened. I took off my pink gloves, threw them on the table, and then turned to face him. He was relaxing on the couch. His brown hair was brushed over his forehead perfectly, and his hands were thrown behind his head as he rested his socked feet on the glass table.

“Why what?” I squinted at him trying to think about what he was asking.

“Why didn’t you kiss me?” he asked with a curious smile on his perfect lips. I swallowed loudly. I couldn’t believe we were having that conversation.

“I-I just… You’re just not my type,” I said quickly as I ran a hand through my hair. He actually seemed offended by my comment. His feet came off of the glass table as he got out of his relaxed pose.

“And what exactly is your type, since you’ve never had a boyfriend.” Ouch. That one hurt. I glared at him with furious eyes before I started down the hallway to retreat to my room.

“Where are you going?” he called after me as I heard him get to his feet. A body pushed past me and slid in front of my bedroom door. I backed away from William, and my back pressed against the wall opposite of my room’s door. Today, his shirt pressed against his lean muscles just right. If he twisted or turned a certain way the blue material would cling to his body.

“Charley, I’m sorry.” He gave me a look that seemed genuine. All of Justin’s friends had that perfect look. They had practiced it many times. I wondered if they ever got sick of apologizing.

“William, I don’t care, move.” I tried to sound as aggressive as I could, but it only came out as a bit whiny.

“What type am I?” William asked as his blue eyes looked at me awaiting my answer. He looked tense as if the world depended on my answer.

“The player type. The type that always gets their way. The best friend is my brother type. The type that pretends to care about the girl they’re with but they don’t,” I ranted.

“That doesn’t sound like me at all.”

“Oh, really? Don’t you have a girl friend? And here you are trying to kiss me,” I told him.

“I broke up with her,” he added trying to dismiss the topic.

“Oh, yeah? And when was that?” I crossed my arms in front of my chest and waited for his answer.

“Tomorrow,” He grinned.

“Will! That’s terrible, move.”

“Nope, not until you kiss me.”

“Well that’s not going to happen, so I guess we’ll be here until Justin comes back home.”

“Why won’t you kiss me? I’m hot-” I finally snapped and cut him off.

“Yes, you are hot-”

“I know.”

“But that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t care about girls, and I have self-respect.”

“Fine. We’re just going to have to make a bet.”

“I’m not making a bet with you. No deals,” I said, but he disregarded me.

“Okay, this is how it will work. You have one week to find a decent boyfriend. If you find one, fine I’ll leave you alone and never come to collect a kiss. But if you lose, you owe me a kiss.”

“I’m not playing this game of yours. It’s stupid.”

“Then why don’t,” William began as he took a few steps and crossed the hallway. “I just kiss you now,” his breath fell on my ear as he whispered. My breathing hitched. I couldn’t help it. When he spoke in a whisper it sent my heart slamming in my chest.

“W-William…” I trailed off when I wanted to tell him to back away.

“Tell me to kiss you,” His whisper startled my nerves. I closed my eyes allowing myself to be free of his ocean blue eyes.

“No,” I breathed. 

“You have a week,” he said softly as he backed away from me. I stood in the hallway as he let himself out. Once the front door closed, I put my hands on each side of my head. What was I doing? I was not playing William’s game. I wasn’t entertainment at his disposal. Why was I starting to think of potential boys for a boyfriend? Next time he approached me, I was telling him to stop whatever he was doing. If Justin ever found out that he had even laid his hands on me wrong, he would be furious. If he found out William actually kissed me…oh William was dead.


This time the music was soft, but that didn’t keep my head from aching. I groaned and decided that I could no longer stay while the party was continuing. What could make me feel better than a chocolate milk shake? Absolutely nothing. And that’s why I decided to go to Steak N’ Shake.

I was getting along just fine. I was doing my math homework at midnight in an empty Steak N’ Shake, and I had my milk shake sitting beside me like a best friend. That’s when my phone decided to ring. I groaned in annoyance. It was my mom… Calling me at midnight on a Wednesday? I answered the phone within the second ring.

“Hello?” I asked as I circled the answer to the math problem.

“Hi, honey. How are you two doing? I called Justin, but he didn’t answer,” my mom sounded tired.

“We’re fine. Just like we were fine yesterday. Surprise, surprise.”

“Someone’s a little cranky tonight. Did you remember to eat? All three of you get mean if you don’t eat,” she explained as I bit into a small fry.

“Mom, I ate. Why did you call?” I groaned as I leaned my head against the edge of the table with my tired eyes closed.

“I need to ask a huge favor of you. You will be my favorite daughter if you do this one thing for me.”

“Mom, I’m your only daughter.”

“That’s beside the point,” she dismissed my comment.

“Okay,” I said. “what do you want me to do?”

“Well, Frank’s ex-wife is being evicted in three days. I know Frank hasn’t really talked about it, but he does have a nineteen year old son. He never talks about him because…well because they don’t get along too well. His name is Gabriel, and Franks ex is going to be moving in with her parents. The only problem is that they only have one extra bedroom, and then Gabriel and his mother would have to share the room.


“Please, Charley, I know that you have an extra room at your apartment. It would only be temporary,” she sounded so desperate.

“Why can’t he move in with you guys? You have plenty of empty rooms now that we’re gone,” I added as I took a sip of my delicious milk shake.

“Gabriel is too stubborn. He refuses to live under the same roof as Frank.” My mom almost sounded like she was begging. I thought for a long moment. I didn’t know who this Gabriel was. What if he was a drug addict? Or what if he was just a regular person trying to keep from being homeless and get a job? That reminded me that I only had two months savings for rent. I needed to get a job soon.

“Mom…” I let out a tired sigh. “it’s fine with me, but you need to ask Justin.”

“Oh! Thank you sweetie! You don’t understand how much this means,” she said appreciative.

“Alright, well I’m going to get back to homework. I’ll probably talk to you tomorrow,” I told her as I capped my pen.

“Alright, I love you,” she said happily.

“Love you too.” And then I hung up. My cheek pressed against my note book as I closed my eyes. What was with Frank and teenage boys? I know what people would probably think. Frank was a terrible father. Really, he wasn’t. I lived with him, and we only had a few disagreements. I guess I would just have to ask Gabriel if he was open to sharing that information with me. I lost myself in my thoughts for a few minutes before my cell phone rang once again. It was twelve thirty a.m. What could anyone else want from me that late on a weeknight? I looked at the caller I.D. The number wasn’t under a name in my contacts and looked unfamiliar to me. I answered it anyways.

“Hello?” I practically whispered.

“Listen to this,” It was William. How had he even gotten my number? Duh, Charley, he’s your older brother’s best friend, I thought to myself. “this girl I was making out with was hot, of course, and I was sure I was going to have sex with her.”

“William, I really don’t want to hear about this,” I mumbled with my cheek still pressed against my notebook, but I didn’t hang up.

“But then I just stopped. I couldn’t deal with her anymore. Then she chased after me calling Will! Will! And, Charley, it‘s one of the annoying whining sounds I‘ve ever heard.”

“Great story,” I added with sarcasm, but he just ignored me.

“Then I thought back to when I kissed you. You walked away from me, which is hard to do, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was as annoying as she was.” I laughed. It surprised me.

“William, I didn’t think you were whiny. Why did you stop with her?” I asked so I could get to the root of the issue.

“She wasn’t the right height. She was just a little too short, and she didn’t have the right blue eyes. Her eyes were too light of a blue shade. It all went downhill from there. She just wasn’t the same.” I laughed again with a grin on my face. Why couldn’t he just say that she wasn’t his type?

“William, why did you call me?” I asked as I rolled my eyes.

“Where are you? I looked for you,” he asked so quietly I had to turn the volume up on my phone.

“At my new boyfriend’s house,” I joked. The line went silent for a few seconds.

“William, it was a joke.”

“I know. There’s no way you can get a decent boyfriend.” I could hear the satisfactory smile in his voice. I heard a loud knocking sound through the phone.

“This bathroom is being used! Go fucking find another one!” I pulled the phone away from my ear as William shouted.

“Where are you?” I asked after he was done yelling at whoever had knocked.

“In the bathroom in your apartment. Getting undressed and-” he began.

“Stop or I’m going to hang up on you,” I rushed through the sentence interrupting whatever he was going to say. His smooth laugh floated through my phone.

“If someone needs the restroom you should let them use it,” I scolded him. I scribbled randomly on my paper decorating my Math homework.

“They’ll figure something out,” he replied uncaring.

“That’s mean,” I added.

“Someone’s got to be. If there wasn’t mean, then there would be no nice, and people like you need to be praised for being nice. Really, I’m doing you a favor,” he countered.

“Your logic sucks,” I replied with a grin he couldn’t see.

“Come back home and have sex with me,” William said nonchalantly.

“William! I can’t believe you just said that. Justin would kill you,” I gasped. William had to know I was a virgin too. He was playing with me.

“Hey, you’re ruining the mood,” he protested.

“And I’m making myself clear right now. I am never hooking up with you.”

“Char, I’m irresistible. It’s only a matter of time.”

“No, you’re not,” I argued as I sat up in my seat.

“Don’t be surprised when you’re wrong,” he didn’t seem worried at all. The bells above the door rang as a customer walked into Steak N’ Shake.

“You never answered my question. Where are you?” William asked with curiosity.

“Wouldn’t you just love to know?” I retorted then hung up. I smiled as I finished my math homework.



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