My Foolish Ways

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter Five

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



Chapter Five-

The moving truck was white and had orange stripes on it. I watched as Gabriel went over to examine how to get his dresser out of the truck. It had been almost forty minutes since William had said Justin was going to be home in ten minutes. Justin wasn’t home yet.

“Justin will be here soon. I bet he could get the whole gang to come help unload  this truck and it would be done in minutes,” I told him as I stood on the ground by the back of the truck.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to help?” Gabriel asked. I looked at his cold expression and frowned.

“Ummm… Ok.” I went to the other side of the dresser.

“I don’t really know how to…” I trailed off as I tried to position my hands. His soft scoff made me frown, and I tossed my heavy stare in his direction.

“What?” I asked strongly as his smile died down.

“You’re used to all the guys around you doing everything, aren’t you?” His words caught me off guard. I was about to protest, but I stopped myself. I supposed that he may be right.

“No, I could never get one of the boys to cook.” I rolled my eyes thinking about it. Jayland would go on about how that was a woman’s job, Christophe would say he didn’t care about what he ate so he didn’t care to cook, and Justin would just look at me and laugh as if I was a comedian.

“So…what are you doing tomorrow?” I asked as I glanced down at my feet. The truth was I was incredibly nervous because I’d never done anything like that. Never. And he was going to live with us so this could be really awkward, but I was only thinking short term because William was getting me all worked up.

“Why does that matter?” he responded as he grabbed one of the boxes and began walking down the ramp. It was nice having the sidewalks already shoveled. It was a major plus with the whole apartment thing. I took a deep breath. I needed to go through with my plan.

“Wanna pretend go out with me tomorrow night?” I said quickly. He stopped walking. His head turned toward me.

“No,” his answer was very straight forward and quick. His green sweater didn’t look comfortable.

“Why is it that guys always wear flimsy sweaters when it’s freezing?” I went on to ask and ignored his rejection.

“I wouldn’t know,” he replied easily.

“But you’re wearing one,” I interjected eyeing his thin green sweater.

“Only because I can’t afford a coat,” his voice was the same tone. No matter how many questions I asked he responded quickly and promptly.  

“Charley!” My name echoed over the parking lot. I turned around toward the noise and found Justin walking to the moving truck. I waved to him and rolled my eyes.

“I apologize in advance if he gets a little… well you’ll see,” I whispered to Gabriel. I side glanced at him. His body language was stiff as if he always had his guard up.

“So, you’re Gabriel?” Justin held his hand out. Gabriel took it. Justin was a little taller than Gabriel, and was also bigger muscle wise. Justin was a work out machine.

“Yeah,” Gabriel answered. I had a feeling he was a man with little to say. It made me wonder what he thought about. He didn’t really seem interested in being social with me.

“Okay. We’re going to have to set some rules. One, don’t ever ever touch my sister. Break that rule and I’ll break your neck. Two, don’t touch my beer. Three, don’t mess with my shit. Follow those rules and we’ll get along. Don’t and I’ll fucking beat your face in. Sound good?” Justin smiled as he finished.

“Yeah,” Gabriel answered smoothly. He glanced at me suddenly with a raised eyebrow. I looked away from him.

“Sweet. Okay, well I’ll get some of my buddies over to bring this shit in. It’ll only take a half hour that way. We both hate Frank, so I think we’ll get along.” Justin smiled then dug through his pocket for his phone. He started to dial a number then walked off to talk.

“I’m sorry about him yelling at you about the whole rule number one thing. He’s just…”

“Being a good brother,” Gabriel finished for me.

“I was going to say over protective, but I guess that too,” I said as I shuffled snow around with my feet. Gabriel stared at all of his stuff in the back of the truck.

“I don’t like this,” he whispered softly as I watched his face. He looked impassive.

“Moving? I know, I went through it a week or so ago,” I said as I watched his expression.

“No, seeing my life in boxes,” he answered in the same soft voice but emotionless mask. He turned around and looked at my apartment building. Well, I supposed it was ours then, not only mine. I sighed. Another person living in the apartment and feeding on the food I bought. I already had to stock the fridge for a week and it was half gone in two days. Too many boys were eating the food. Too many boys wouldn’t leave and just go home.

“Well, your life will be out of them soon. Welcome to the world that I live in.” I waved my arm out as a car full of Jason’s friends pulled up and started getting out of the car.

“Looks like…” He trailed off.

“It’s a full life. They must’ve been on their way over here earlier. I bet Jason just went off to talk to one of his friends about you,” I told Gabriel as I glimpsed into his dark green eyes. He shrugged and picked up a box.

“Let’s get started,” he announced. I picked up a box too. It was heavy.


I don’t know what it was about America’s Next Top Model, but I always found myself watching the countless reruns. I guessed I just envied their sense of fashion and girly personalities. I didn’t find myself liking too many girls. They made it hard for me to make friends with. Most of them felt fake to me. They would pretend to have a best friend, and then they would talk terribly about their supposed best friend. What was the point? And there was the fact of drama. I hated drama. It’s one of those things that seemed so middle school.

I heard a door creak open. I turned my head toward the hallway and a few seconds later Gabriel was walking into the living room. By the front door, a pile of empty boxes waited to be hulled out. Gabriel had just come yesterday. So far he seemed like a keep to himself guy.

“Why won’t you go out with me just this once?” I asked shamelessly. If this would have been any other guy I would have blushed.

“Wouldn’t that be a little strange?” he responded after a moment of standing still and looking out of the window.

“It’s fake going out with me. It would only be once and only one person would have to know,” I explained thinking about William. I wanted to win the bet. I needed to win the bet. I couldn’t just leave the future up to William. I needed control. He looked thoughtful for a while then turned to me.

“Well, I was actually feeling quite hungry.” He glanced at me, and I hopped up from the couch.

“I owe you, I know. There’s no need to tell me.” I grabbed my coat off of the back of a kitchen chair. His face was still hard to read, but he opened the apartment door for me.

“Why, thank you.” I smiled as I stepped out of the apartment and ran right into William.

“Will!” I shouted in surprise like it was his fault I ran into him.

“Don’t you seem excited to see me?” he teased as he leaned against the wall. Gabriel suddenly stepped through the door way and into the hall.

“What are you doing here?” I asked thinking he was coming to talk to me.

“Me and Justin just got in. He forgot his smokes in the car,” he answered then suddenly his expression changed.

“What are you two doing?” he asked suspiciously.

“Well, you see, this here-“I grabbed Gabriel’s arm and pulled him toward me. “This is my new boyfriend and we are currently going on a date.” Victory felt good.

“That would be your step brother,” William informed me like I didn’t already know. I glimpsed over at Gabriel. His blond hair was perfect, and his green eyes almost seemed annoyed as he looked down at his watch. We weren’t blood related, so I didn’t really care all too much.

“Doesn’t matter,” I told him as Gabriel followed behind me. We stepped into the darkening evening. The chill of approaching winter made me shove my hands in my pockets.

“That was the person who had to know about our fake date?” Gabriel peered down at me and asked.

“Yeah, it would be best to keep that on the down low with my brother. So where do you wanna go to eat?” I asked as I took my keys out of my pockets.

“I’ve got a place I’m thinking of, and I’ll drive.” Gabriel took keys out of his pocket, and I shrugged. The first half of the car ride was awkward. I think it was because it was quiet, but it didn’t seem to bother Gabriel. In fact, he didn’t look uncomfortable at all in the silence. His calm demeanor made me relax.

“So why don’t you like Frank?” I asked as I eyed him. His face didn’t change, but I could see his hands tighten on the steering wheel.

“Maybe we should talk about that at a different time,” he spoke softly. I turned away, silently agreeing. When we finally arrived at the restaurant, I was starving. We walked through the doors and a nice lady with long wavy brown hair seated us. I went to go sit down on one side, but Gabriel cleared his throat. I looked over at his calculating expression to find that he had the other chair pulled out for me. I laughed and walked around the table.

“Why, thank you,” I said as I sat down, and he walked over to the other side. I stared at the menu for a few minutes not really thinking of anything other than Gabriel.

“Why aren’t you having fun?” I asked a little saddened that he didn’t appear to be amused. I eyed him as he calmly set down his menu then lazily glanced at me.

“It’s not that I’m not having fun, I’m just a little distracted,” he calmly answered.

“Oh, yeah, with the move and everything I bet it has been hard,” I said more to myself than Gabriel. He didn’t respond to that.

“You know, this is the first date I’ve ever been on,” I said glancing at the menu and thinking about the cheese ravioli. It was so easy for me to talk to Gabriel, and maybe it was because I felt like he didn’t care about what I had to say.

“Is that so?” he asked quietly and uninterested.

“Yeah, unless I had to count that time at prom… That shouldn’t really count though because I went with Jack. He’s one of my older brother’s friends,” I confessed as I folded my menu and decided on the cheese ravioli. Jack was sweet when he wanted to be. He saw me sitting at home eating ice cream on prom day and decided that wouldn’t do. He took me that night, and I was grateful for that. Prom was one of those life experiences I didn’t want to miss. The waitress came and took our orders.

“So, Gabriel, what do you like to do with your free time?” I asked and was surprised when he smiled and shook his head little. His smile slowly fell from his face, and it made me sad that he didn’t smile longer.

“I like to read and…hang out with friends,” he answered vaguely as he started to rearrange the silverware making them straighter. Then he lazily started stirring his straw in his drink.

“Why are you so closed off?” I asked suddenly angry that he wouldn’t share anything with me. I was even a little upset that he wasn’t even trying to have a good time with me. His fingers froze on his straw, and he dropped it as his eyes focused somewhere behind me.

“This isn’t a real date, darling. You shouldn’t expect anything from me,” he said with a smooth smile on his face. Oh, so this is the real Gabriel, I thought as I watched him bring the glass of water to his lips with his green eyes back on me.

“I don’t need a wakeup call, Gabriel. It’s clear that I would never be on a real date with someone like you,” I spit out furiously as I glared at him. Why did he have to be attractive too? For some reason it made the treatment to me feel worse.

“And I applaud you for that,” he said suddenly confusing me.

“What?” I asked drawing my eyebrows in. Gabriel suddenly stood up and grabbed my hand.

“Looks like we have to leave, love,” he said as he tugged my hand, and I stumbled getting to my feet.

“Gabriel, what is going on?” I whispered furiously as I tried to pull my hand away.

“It’s nothing you should concern yourself with,” he responded as he rushed out of the restaurant dragging me behind him.

“Stop! Stop right now or I will make you taking me into the car very hard for you!” I said as I planted my feet into the ground and pulled away from Gabriel.

“Shhh, you wouldn’t want to annoy me. I really don’t like being annoyed,” he said glancing at me with a fake smile.

“I… I…” I gulped not knowing what to do. This guy was crazy, and I shouldn’t have gone anywhere with him.

“Listen, Charley, I like you okay? The problem is that there are these people who really don’t like me, and I just happened to see one of them in there,” Gabriel finished with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“Look over there,” Gabriel pointed and I followed his finger. “There’s a nice little bus station. It just so happens to stop by your house, so here’s some money. Go and take the bus,” he finished. His hand grabbed mine and he slipped a few bills in my palm.

“Okay, Gabriel, who are you?” I asked confused, and then a voice split our conversation.

“Gabriel!” a deep voice called out. Gabriel turned his head to glance over his shoulder. His hand snapped around mine.

“Who is that?” I said as he dragged me behind him in the dark night.

“Someone who doesn’t like me,” Gabriel let me know as he pulled me around a corner. I let out a little yelp as my back fell against a brick wall of a building.

“Listen, I need you to leave,” Gabriel said bluntly.

“You might need my help though,” I argued as I breathed heavily from running.

“Why does that matter? I was mean to you,” Gabriel grabbed my hand and yanked me off of the wall and started to run again.

“Just because you’re mean, doesn’t mean that I have to be mean too,” I huffed at him as we continued running.

“I really would try and contain that heroic attitude you have there for someone else,” Gabriel finished as we turned another corner. The enemy was far behind us, but it wouldn’t be long.

“Stay until it’s safe,” Gabriel said and then dragged my running body by a shop door. He opened it wildly. The bell at the top of the door rang. He shoved me into the small gas station looking store and turned away. I tried grabbing back at his hand, but it slipped away from me and I was left grabbing onto the empty air. The door shut violently as he exited quickly.

He left me in a stupid convenient store. I looked at the crumpled ten dollar bill he had given me. I bought a small size carton of chocolate ice cream and a small box of plastic spoons so I could eat it on the bus ride home.


Apparently, a mile walk to my house was a close bus stop to Gabriel. When I saw him… he was going to be…yelled at. I wasn’t very good at the whole revenge thing. If he even came home, the guy who was after Gabriel acted like he wanted Gabriel dead. Wait. William was going to want to hear an update on what happened. I couldn’t tell him, or anyone for that matter, that my date was terrible. I was going to have to act normal toward Gabriel.

When I got to the apartment building I lived in, I took a deep breath outside. I put on my best fake happy looking smile and walked to the door. I heard deep voices through the wall when I got close to my section. My smile faltered, but then I plastered it back on my face. I turned my door knob, and I knew I was stepping into some sort of chaos.

“Kill streak!” Christophe screamed clutching a controller in his hand as I stepped into the entrance way all of their heads turned and a chorus of ‘hello, Charley’ seemed to echo in the small apartment. The whole gang was there without any liquor or girls, just all the boys. I sighed in relief.

“I made popcorn, Mr. Grumpy,” Jack said as he came out of the kitchen. Fresh popcorn smell drifted over to me. He threw the bag toward William and William caught it in the air then opened the bag. My eyes settled on William’s form. Mr. Grumpy? I thought with a small satisfied smirk. He was sprawled out on the couch in sweat pants and a plain white shirt. William’s hair was a little messy, and I had the urge to run my hand over it to fix it. I scolded myself for looking too long. Jack’s brown hair wasn’t spiked for once, and it laid flat on his head. His friendly greens eyes turned to me happily.

“Well finally! Some excitement shows up around here!” Jack called as he walked over to me and gave me a high five.

“I wouldn’t call myself very exciting,” I said as I pulled my phone from my jeans and set it on the small wooden table in the room that could be scarcely called the dining room.

“Yeah, well you don’t have much competition,” Jack confessed pointing a finger toward William which earned a piece of popcorn flying in Jack’s direction. I grinned at Jack as he picked the piece of popcorn from the ground and popped it in his mouth.

“Gross,” I commented knowing that in my busy week I hadn’t cleaned the dirty floors.

“What? Twenty second roll,” Jack defended.

“So, where are all your girl friends? And where are the red cups?” I asked Jack. I glimpsed over at the boys in the living room. Jayland was teasing Christophe about sucking at video games. William was in fact being Mr. Grumpy and antisocial. Justin was speaking with Bryce and they both had secret grins on their faces.

“We have decided to take it easy and have a nice, no stress, not too much excitement, night,” Jack answered.

“Well that’s cute!” I said proud of my boys. They decided to have some regular fun.

“Yup, we’re living life just as you do. No girls, no alcohol, no party,” William said blandly as he pulled out another handful of popcorn. He was in a downer mood.

“Your life must be really boring, Charley, no parties? Ever?” Jayland commented as he picked up the last bit of our conversation when he passed by us.

“Only the ones you guys unintentionally invite me to since you have them in my house,” I said as I glared at Jack and thought about the time he broke the beer bottle in my room.

“So…what? You think partying is terrible?” Jayland asked. The room wasn’t as loud anymore. I looked around to see William, Justin, and Bryce glancing at me questioningly. Christophe was the only one off in his little world of video games. I cleared my throat.

“Well from what I see, all partying achieves is giving you something to regret,” I spoke softly. I accidently glimpsed at William as I said that. His blue eyes didn’t look happy.

“You haven’t lived!” Jack said quite loudly.

“Yes I have!” I argued back and crossed my arms.

“You wouldn’t last two weeks living our lives,” Jayland said almost dismissing me.

“Um… yes I could! You couldn’t last two weeks living mine,” I retorted. Jack’s eyes suddenly sparked.

“Okay, you’ll live our lives for two weeks, and we will all live your life for two weeks,” Jack said with an excited smile on his face.

“Shit, man! Don’t sign me up for that bullshit,” Jayland said with his thick accent.

“No more bets right now please!” I yelled as everyone started speaking louder.

“No more bets? Who are you betting with now?” Bryce spoke up. His green eyes locked onto mine. I glanced away from him quickly. Bryce was amazing at reading into my words and expressions. He understood me.

“What would we be betting anways? It makes absolutely no sense!” I argued and that got everyone’s attention. Six boys grew quiet.

“If we last living like you do, Char, we get to have parties on weekdays with no complaints,” my brother, Justin, said. That traitor.

“And if I win?” I asked hesitantly.

“Then we are only allowed to have a party once a month, and I’ll pay three fourths of the rent instead of half. With of course, all the boys participating in chipping in each month,” Justin suggested. Well… parties only once a month! That sounded wonderful to me! But there was no point to the bet. Partying? Alcohol? That was not who I was.

“This is stupid!” I said suddenly.

“Char, you’re not making any sense. It’s actually a really great idea,” Jack said next to me with a smile of amusement.

“That would make parties easier if we won,” Jayland agreed. That wasn’t good.

“I don’t want to bet anything! No!” I protested.

“I’m in,” William, or should I say Mr. Grumpy, spoke up and wasn’t so grumpy anymore. He actually had a confident smirk on his face. I glared at him, and he had the nerve to wink at me.

“I’m in!” Jack said excitingly. And so it went. The only one on the fence was Jayland. The only one who had a definite no was me.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Jayland sighed.

“No, I’m still not doing it,” I pointed out again.

“Sorry, Char, you’re really outnumbered,” my own brother said.

“You can’t just force me into a bet!” I yelled, but I was ignored.

“We’ll flip a coin to see who is going to live whose life first,” Justin said. He pulled a penny out of his pocket.

“If it’s heads we will live Char’s life first. If it’s tails Char will live our lives first,” Justin demanded. Then he flipped the coin. The tails side greeted my anticipating eyes. The boys all let out laughs, claps, and a long string of “ohhhsss”. Then I was beyond my ability to rebel. I was just going to have to prove to them that I could do it. I could live their party life style…couldn’t I?


Ummm… *cough* hey guys! Yes, I know. It’s been a month since I’ve updated.  Let me know what you think of this chapter?  I know it was kind of a complete 360 for Gabriel’s personality, but trust me that’s how he is. I wasn’t writing out of character or anything haha. Let me know if I need to improve on detail or whatever. I’m sorry for the LATE update! I know you’re all probably going to get confused since there are so many characters! I’m sorry, and I love you all for sticking with me! Thanks for reading/commenting/liking/fanning/being awesome!!! <3

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