My One Eternal Love

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Serena McKenna, a human peasant girl in the vampire kingdom of Elster, finds love with the one and only child of the King and Queen, Prince Braylon the 7th.

Braylon is convinced that Serena is the girl for him. One problem. She's human, he's not. His parents won't allow them to be together because of vampire anatomy.

What will they do? Will Braylon go against his parents wishes to be with Serena?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My One Eternal Love

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



England 1813 ----------------------- (Braylon's POV) -----------------------

\"Serena?\" I asked the one girl that has ever managed to make me fall in love with her.

\"Yes, Braylon?\" She turned her head to face me, her long blonde curls blowing in the cold breeze as she did so.

\"I want to make you my wife.\" I cut to the point immediately.

\"Braylon...I-I can't. You can't. You're a vampire prince, I'm a human slave girl. They don't mix well.

\"Says who?\"

\"Every vampire I've ever met.\"

\"Well they will just have to accept it because I'm going to make you my princess.\"

\"You couldn't convince your parents.\"

\"I will, and you'll be there when I do.\"

\"How? I'm not aloud in the castle.\"

\"You are now.\" I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards my home. Cavalair Castle.

* * *

\"What is it, darling?\" My mother asked as I bowed before both my parents, showing my respect for them.

\"I have a request.\" I took Serena's hand and helped her up from her bowing position.

\"What is it?\"

\"You're permission to...marry Serena.\"

I watched as they both eyed my lovely Serena.

\"Braylon, son, do you understand vampire anatomy?\" My father asked.

\"Yes. Why?\"

\"Think about it for a minute. Will she be able to bear you a son? An heir? Humans and vampires don't procreate well. It takes several years for the body to mature enough.\"

\"How many years?\"


\"So in the year 2013 you may finally be able to have a child, and that is a maybe. There might be something wrong with her. Maybe she can't have children at all.\" My father was trying to make a point, I didn't find it a very good one. \"You would need a vampire mistress if Serena couldn't give you a child.\"

\"How would she even stay alive for over 200 years?\" Mother asked.

\"There are charms for that darling.\" Father answered.

\"Do you even wish to marry my son, Serena?\" Mother asked.

Serena nodded. \"Yes, you're majesty, I do.\"

\"Alright then,\" father spoke up, \"Braylon, you have my permission to marry the human girl, but you don't get the throne until you have a son. I'll rule until then.\"

\"Why not a daughter?\" Mother asked. \"What if he only got one child and if was a girl?\" She was clearly offended.

\"I would not allow Braylon to pass the crown down to a female.\"

\"Well if I was king there wouldn't be much you could do about it.\"

\"Take you're human and leave. Do not ever speak to me like that again! You will do no such thing!\"

Well if it were my only option I might. Why can't girls be rulers?

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