Andy Wilson - True and National Writer

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This fabulous female wants to be a writer and with her best friends Scott Holand and Quaker Andelees, theres nothing they can't do!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Andy Wilson - True and National Writer

Submitted: October 27, 2010

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Submitted: October 27, 2010



Dear Diary, Welcome to my LIFE! My mom gave me this diary so I can write what I want to publish. Well, because my mom is a FAMOUS WRITER! So, that's what I want to be. How did I get this miracoulous diary? Well, here's the story:

ME: Hey mom, can I be a writer like you?

MOM: How did you get intrested?

ME: Because, you know how I love writing and anyways I've been waiting 14 years of my LIFE! And I think I'm ready to become a writer.

MOM: HMMM... Okay. I can deal with that. Anyways, I going to get you something for you next week to start becoming a writer.


MOM: Anytime, sweetie.

So that's the whole entire story of how I got this beautiful diary. YUP! I'm so glad that I have it! Anyways there's just one thing: I DON'T WANT ANYONE TOUCHING MY DIARY!!!! And that's my note. Now,I'm going to write about my life. Here it goes: I live in Salt Lake, Utah. And I live near a store that my aunt works at. I also live between my most best friends forever. Scott Holand and Quaker Andelees. I met them in the baby room at the hospital where we were just born. Our beds were nextto eachothers.And also my vicious enemy: BARRY VIXENTALE!The most EVIL -MINDED girl in the whole UNIVERSE!

And guess what she always calls ME!

BARRY: Good Morning, Ant.


So, you see how she gets ONMYNERVES?! I just hate her graditude. Why does people like that snake?! She's so STUPID!!! You don't want to see her face!IT'STHEMOSTUGLYFACEOFALLOBLIVIAN! Why can she be nice like humans? Well, at least that animal of a human being doesn't bother me on my vacation. Well, my best friends came with me. We're in L.A.! YAY! Yup! I'M AWAY from STUPID ROYALTY! Thank GOSH! Everything will be fantastic! I hope so!

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