Operation Lovesick (Redo)

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Kate Lancing works for the CIA in a top-secret program called Operation Lovesick. The men she takes down are criminals, deserving of only the taste of her bullet or a cold cell. Kate never has questioned her motives, until a man named Ridilini.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Operation Lovesick (Redo)

Submitted: August 09, 2009

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Submitted: August 09, 2009



"New assignment, Kate. Pull out your black lace. This'll be a good one" Philip Branding strode in and plopped an inch thick folder on the conference table.
Kate rolled her eyes, "It's Agent Lance to you, Branding. I'm so sick of your damn sexist comments. Need I remind you that along with that black lace comes a 10 millimeter." Kate pulled her newly polished handgun out of its holster and slammed it down on the table. She was proud of that weapon. It had taught a great many assholes a valuable lesson and it was definitly not a child's gun.
"Woah! Cool it sweetcheeks. That thing could have gone off." Branding said cooly, but moving away from the gun all the same.
"All the better if it had. Then maybe you'd give me some respect." Kate spat, sliding her baby back towards her. "You can breathe though. It's not loaded."
Branding let an involuntary sigh of relief escape before he began briefing. Kate laughed inwardly and only half listened to his speech. Branding was an ass and didn't take her or any of the other women involved in Operation LoveSick (Kate hated that title...most likely thought up by some man) seriously. But Kate knew that he was secretly scared shitless of her. And who in their right mind wouldn't be. She was one the highest ranking agents involved in this new form of investigation and she could handle a weapon far better then most of the men in the Agency.
Operation LoveSick was the CIA's new attempt to pin terrorists, mobsters, whatever. If you were commiting crimes and making a shitload of money doing it, you were fair game. Apparently, someone in the CIA had finally come to terms that all men were men, and as such, had certain...desires. That was where Kate came in. Women gain control of men all too easily, exspecially the good-looking ones. Kate didn't find herself all that attractive but it was her inexplicable charm that had drove the male breed to her, even in her teenage years. Past expierences had taught her to hate most men, which made her perfect for the job. The objective? Get close to the assigned target, gather information, and then go in for the kill. The CIA encouraged arrest but more often then not, Kate's finger would accidently slip and her target would find himself staring straight at the barrel of her gun before he dropped dead.
Kate Lance had an impressive record of 18 successful missions out of 18 assigned missions. Of the chosen targets, 13 were in their graves from one of Kate's deadly bullets. Two had been killed on arrest by the Agency. The other three were facing life in prison. She was the best and everyone knew it. Her fellow female agents looked up to her and continously called her up for assistance and guidance. They weren't all friends exactly. Just connected through the job. Kate had few freinds and liked it that way. Less people to deal with, less people to care about. It was easier that way.
"...Jesse Ridilini...29...believed to have mafia affiliation...new leads suggest he is involved in terrorist activities..." Branding droned on. Kate grabbed the file and flipped to the cover page. There was the general info on her target...including a head shot taken by the agents that had probably been tailing this guy for months. Kate looked closer at the photo. He looked young, even for 29. Rarely did she get young targets, even though she was only 27 (the youngest of the agents in Operation LoveSick..which made her record even more impressive.). He also had an intellegent look to him, something that she admired in a target. It created a game. How intellengent was he? Intellegent enough to guess who she was before it was too late? She doubted it. Reading through his general info, Kate added to memory certain facts. He had blue eyes, black hair, a tattoo of a black rose on his bicep, and frequented a joint called The Rearing Panther. Random facts maybe, but Kate knew that it was these details that would help her get to him. She didn't even bother with the intel until she had met the target. It was simply more efficient that way. There would be absolutely no suspicsion on his part if she really didn't know anything about the case.
"All done." Branding finally said. "Any questions?" 
Kate got up. "Are there ever?" She sighed. The system was drilled in her head. She knew the plans by heart, they were the same for every mission. "So much for my vacation." Kate said to herself, holstering her weapon. "Time to pack. What time's my flight?" 
Branding smiled. "9:00 tonight. And don't forget that little black dress you got. Mr. Ridilini will go crazy for that."
Kate glared at Branding, fingering her gun. If he wasn't a damn agent she would have shot him a hell of a long time ago. "Fuck you, Branding. Tell me, when's the last time you got out of your cubicle." Branding shut up faster than an Indian on flaming coals. His lack of on-the-job missions was a sore spot for him. He sincerely hated his desk job. "That's what I thought. I'll be in touch." Kate said as she slipped out of the conference room and down the hall.
Ahead of her lay a few hours of packing and protocol security checks. After that, it was a peice of cake.

Kate walked down the well-lit corrider, the clicking of her heeled boots echoing off the walls. Secretaries and men in suits (even a few agents with guns) scurried out of her way as she passed, giving her nervous looks. Agent Lancing didn't even notice them. She was used to people being afraid of her. There were rumors flying everywhere about where she was from and what terrible things had happened to her to make her so anti-social and so deadly.  Of course, none of them were true. Little was actually known about Kate Lancing and she liked to keep it like that. She even found that the rumors helped her reputation and kept people away from her.

Turning the corner, Kate almost ran into a small blonde holding a pair of handcuffs.

"Little early for arrests isn't it?" Kate asked, continuing on her way, the blonde at her heels.

The blonde laughed. "Trish left them in conference 324. I was just taking them to equipment before she gets fined for losing them." 

Kate rolled her eyes. "You should just let her take the heat for her carelessness. If she learned to pay attention to detail she would..."

"..be assigned to more cases," the blonde finished for her. "Yes, I know. Anyway, I heard you got Ridilini." 

"Confidential information moves fast around here."

"Yeah well, the agency has been trailing him for months. He's very elusive, very smart, and...very cute, as I've heard it," she said with a sly smile.

Agent Lancing smirked. "Should be fun," she said sarcastically. Without breaking a step, Kate turned into her office. It was a large, private room, complete with a small kitchen, a small conference table and her own personal gun case. Tapping in the lock code on the LCD screen, Kate continued her converstation with the girl who she knew was standing in the doorway. "You know i don't go out there looking for men. They are criminals. It wouldn't matter anyway. They all end up in prison."

"Don't you mean dead?" the blonde said, chuckling.

Kate placed her gun in the cabinet. "I rest my case." 

"Yes, I know, but you could always fall for one of their bodyguards or someone like that. Someone who could take you in a gunfight." 

"All guilty by association," Kate said, "and it's very unlikely anyone can handle me in a gunfight." 


"Is there something you wanted, Cris?" Kate asked, tiring of the converstation. She eyed the girl in front of her. Her name was Cris Fessina. She was short, cute, and funny...not your normal "gunslinger" type. More then that though, Kate knew her to be happily married to a dentist. Cris trusted men, or at least, her man. She was sweet and talkative. Kate could not figure out what she was doing with Operation Lovesick, except when she saw her on a case. Her beauty and charms worked so well on men, that Kate had, at times, did not believe that Cris would be able to turn the guy in. And then Kate saw her action. Cris handled a weapon like she handled her hair, with care and precision. She was an excellent shot. Cris, however, was far more inclined to arrest then shoot her target, which, of course, the Agency liked. Though not as successful as Kate, Cris was working her way up fast and was improving with every case. Kate hated to admit it, but she kind of liked Cris Fessina, or at least, tolerated her.

"Nope," Cris said happily, breaking Kate from her thoughts. "Oh! Well, actually, there was one thing. I wanted to warn you. Headquarters is on their way down. According to captain's stress level and his personal displeasure with you shooting your last target, I would assume they are coming to talk to you...again. Better be up and out before they get here." 

Kate rolled her eyes. "Will do. Thanks Cris. I'll do security and equipment early and then get a head start to the airport. Hanson can handle headquarters for me."

Cris snorted. "Captain Hanson will not be pleased."

"Is he ever?" Kate replied indifferently, grabbing three guns from her case and then locking it. "I'm heading to security. I'll see you later." 

"Good luck," Cris replied.

"Like I need it," Kate said, only half-joking.

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