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This is my explanation for the novel I am writing.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forward to my novel

Submitted: August 26, 2012

Reads: 175

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Submitted: August 26, 2012




The story I am about to write and share is fictional in nature, but I believe it to be the soon present of this world. I doubt this novel will ever be published since it will be based on 100% Biblical fact of what is to come. I am not writing it for monetary gain. There will be people left when the Tribulation sets in and if this website or if possible this printed novel can help those left I will be grateful. This is what I will consider to be my greatest contribution to mankind I have to offer. It will take you from the Rapture on through the seven year Tribulation in its entirety. It is the only novel I could write and have a clear conscience.

The characters I have created, but they are based on people that will soon face the most tragic time this world has ever seen. The Bible is the only refuge in this hour that many will face. We do not know the hour in which Jesus will come, but He said we would know the season. The fulfillment of prophesy is moving faster now than ever before. It all began in 1921 when the Jews started returning to their homeland and the final generation of this world started in 1948 when Israel became a nation. Jesus said when the fig tree bloomed; (Israel), that that generation that saw the fulfillment of that prophesy would not pass until all was fulfilled (Matthew 24:32-34). In order to understand this parable you must understand how to study the word. The fig tree always represents Israel in the Word of God. Why do you think there is so much turmoil over one piece of land that is about the size of Rhode Island? It is because God made a covenant with Abraham that cannot be broken; the devil knows that and hates the land. If you take the time to think of it, how many times has the devil tried to destroy the Jewish people?

I will give you the scriptures to back up everything I have to say. If you are honest-hearted and want the truth you will see it for yourself. The reason I know the Word the way I do is I told the Lord long ago I did not want to be deceived, no matter how much my feelings may be affected.

This novel will seem like a horror novel at times, but the world at the time I am writing of will be like a horror novel. I have never seen one movie, yet, portray it in factuality how terrible this world will be. Some people may get offended at what I write, but I won't compromise to please people.

I am not a pastor, but I have been studying prophesy since I was about sixteen years old. I hope this blesses you, and if you aren’t where you should be with God I pray you get ready for his soon coming. I have changes to make myself, but I write this out of my knowledge of prophesy.

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