Wolfkit's and Honeykit's Destiny

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Allegiances

Submitted: March 10, 2012

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Submitted: March 10, 2012





Leader- Shinningstar: Light gray she-cat with light blue eyes.

Deputy- Tumblefoot: Black,clumsy tomwith brown paws and tail. Green eyes.

Apprentice: Oakpaw

Medicine-Cat- Sweetbreeze: Cream colored she-cat with hazel eyes.



Swiftwater: Black and white tom with deep blue eyes.


Tigerleap: Orange tabby tom with pale amber eyes

Lionsong: Handsome golden tom with golden eyes and a mane around his neck.

Duskpool: Gray she-cat with stunning blue eyes

Queens- Pricklethorn:White she-cat with golden tabby markings on her tail.Sister of Lionsong and mother of Tumblefoot's kits; Honeykit and Fuzzykit.

Madilan: Solver,log feathery coated she-cat with a black underside. Mother of Wolfkit and Poppykit.

Apprentices- Oakpaw:Brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Twigpaw: Light brown she-cat with a white underside. Green eyes.

Rockpaw: Silver she-cat with light blue eyes.

Kits- Honeykit: Calico(White,gold and yellow) she-cat with amber eyes

Fuzzykit: Fluffy tom(White) with brown eyes


Leader- Stormstar: Gray tabby tom with blue eyes.


Deputy- Hawkwatcher: Gray and brown tabby with peircing amber eyes.

Apprentice: Adderpaw

Medicine-Cat- Iceheart: White she-cat with blue eyes.

Warriors- Fallentail: Black tom with lavender eyes

Rainnose: Tortie tom with a gray nose.Brown eyes.


Yellowbelly: Cream colored she-cat with a yellow belly.Amber eyes.

Leafflight: Brown,long haired tom with hazel eyes.


Queens- Stumpyfoot: Tawny colored she- cat with emerald eyes and has a stumpy leg. Mother of Rainnose's kits; Jadekit(Brown she-cat with green eyes) and Tanglekit(Dead grass color with yellow eyes).

Elders- Vinestripe: White tom with strips of green(grass stains) on his pelt.Yellow eyes.


Leader- Sandstar: Pale ginger she-cat with orange eyes.


Deputy- Scortchtail: Ginger tom with green eyes.

Apprentice: Wildpaw

Medicine-Cat- Willowwish: Gray and white she-cat with brown eyes

Apprentice: Goldenpaw

Warriors- Sagewhisker: White she-cat with green eyes

Stonetooth: Dark gray tom with tan teeth.

Apprentice: Riverpaw

Volefang: Very pale tabby tom with hazel eyes

Bubbles: (Former Kittypet) Light gray tom (With darker flecks) with ver light blue eyes.

Apprentice: Poppypaw

Queens- Milkypelt: Milky white,long haired she-cat with large light brown eyes.Mother of Scorchtail's kits: Shrewkit(Brown tom with with white paws and strips of white on his sides. Deep green eyes.) and Softkit(Cream colored she-cat.Amber eyes.)

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