Wolfkit's and Honeykit's Destiny

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Entering Shrewkit and Wolfpaw

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Submitted: March 10, 2012



Chapter 1: Entering Shrewkit and Wolfpaw

Poppykit's body bounced off of the hard soil as Wolfkit struggled to keep up her body from doing what it was already doing.His eyes were tearing up again and obstcured his vision.He could hear Tigerleap's distressed,weak mews ripple in the blowing wind.

"Stop cyring,Wolfpaw," mewed the deputy.His voice cracked. He suddenly realized his mistake."I mean -"

Wolfkit interrupted him."Do you think I wanted this to happen? Since you're deputy you think you know everything?! Huh?!"

Tumblefoot stummbled up a slope and let Tigerleap hit the ground,but he was silent all the way up. Finally Wolfkit asked,"Wolfpaw,huh? You think that Shinningstar will make me an apprentice at two moons old?" He staggered on his next word."That's against the warrior code to,though."

Tumblefoot skidded to a stop and let a raindrop land on his pelt. He licked the raindrop's landind spot and dropped Tigerleap."Oops." He smiled at Wolfkit,who was not impressed by his action."She still might.She's done it before."

He pricked his ear at the news.He didn't respond but just continued toward camp.The gray and black sky looked bewildered.He couldn't consintrate his thoughts into one sentence.Many clouds were visible even in the dusky sky above.Pebbles beneath his feet slipped and shot in random directions.One hit Tigerleap straight in the forehead.

"Ow," he mewed gruffly.Tumblefoot dropped him,startled by his sudden awakining."Doggon it rocks! They always seem to find my head!Never my paws,shoulders-" He seemed to notice the kits and asked,"What happened to Poppykit?"

Wolfkit's eyes shone in the dimmer moonlight. They blazed with confusion though.Not hatred."Don't you remember? You took me and Poppykit to the forrest and we were attacked by a-"

Tigerleap bolted straight up."Tumblefoot,you clutz! You are going to give me a memory loss if you keep tripping over me or dropping me every time we're going up or down something! No wonder why Skystar gave you the name Tumblefoot."

The deputy blushed and backed away.He dashed to Wolfkit and took Poppykit away from his powerful jaws."Do you think he remembers anything that happened the last hour?" Wolfkit pounded his paws to the ground.

"Why are you asking me, a moon old kit? Shouldn't you be smart enough to figure it out by yourself,Tumblefoot?"He snapped abrubtly."Or mabey a Medicine-Cat."

"Clutzy,get over here and help me walk back to camp before my foot gives out and Sweetbreeze has to rip it off!" Tigerleap yowled to Tumblefoot.

The black and brown cat shrugged." He doesn't seem to like this situation that much,don't you think?" He whispered to the now tail-less kit. He looked the direction they came and nodded. Tumblefoot dashed to his friend's side and helped him up. The three didn't talk the rest of the way to camp. As they approached,Wolfkit couldn't feel the pain from his tail any more but the thought still lingered.

What would my mother say? What will be Oakpaw's reaction to the news be?


"My kit! How could this happen to you!" Madeleine yowled with pain."Husky,how could you let this happen?"

Wolfkit pricked his ears. Was his own mother blaming him for his inoccent sister's death? He opened his mouth to speak but Shinningstar's yowl interupted him from speaking the words he wished to say." Wolfkit,please join the ceremony!"

Wolfkit looked over his shoulder then at his mother. Understandingly, she nodded for her permission.He nodded back and bounded out of the den and out to the cold morning.He saw all the BoulderClan warriors,apprentices,queens,beside his mother, and the kits waiting for it to begin.He sat down beside Rockpaw,a silver she-cat and Duskpool,another gray she-cat with stunning blue eyes.She eyed him and placed a paw on his back.She also whisked her tail over and took them both off."What happened to your tail?" The silver and white kit looked behind himself. He couldn't tell Duskpool what happened. She would boast about the time she killed a fox herself and he didn't feel like hearing that story again.

"Today,we have made a special ceremony for a paticular cat for his actions." Shinningstar mewed joyfully.He could sense that Oakpaw staring at him with narrowed black slits."Wolfkit? Where are you?"

Wolfkit obedently ran up to Shinningstar and sat down near her."Until he will become a warrior this kit will be called Wolfpaw." He jolted to his feet as the rest of the clan cheered. He stiffened as he smelled the tingy air.

"MarshClan! I can smell their scent in this camp!" He yowled franticly. Every cat began to raise their fur to the air. Hissing and spitting,they teared through every corner of the camp for the intruder. He looked around and smelled the air again."He's gone!" Shinningstar lifted her head to the air.

"You're right.Please, do me a favor and tell Lionsong that you're his apprentice for me?"

Wolfpaw nodded. But another scent was lingering. He looked around and noticed that a cat was gone. He tried to recall the scent but couldn't. He glanced to Shinningstar, who was already sprinting to her den. The scent stung into his memory.


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