Wolfkit's and Honeykit's Destiny

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Shrewkit

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012



Chapter 2: Shrewkit

"Duskpool! Where did you go?"

He batted a small shrew in the air and caught it in his mouth. Duskpool likes shrews, he thought to himself. Maybe the scent will draw her out. The squack of a sperrow alerted the oth prey to stay aware of the predidtor lurking. He grumbled to himself and continued to search for the warrior. It was only sun high and most cats would be hunting by now so he considered the thought of himself hunting. He dug a hole in the hard ground, fililing down his claws and plaed the shrew in. He crept down on his haunches and waited for prey to come into view. Finally a plump vole staggered from a hole inbetween some rocks and suned itself for a little. He crept closer. The vole didn't move. It rolled onto it's stomach and pushed it's tiny legs up in the air, almost like in a playful manor. He realized he couldn't kill the playful creature.

"Hkkkkkkkkk!" He hissed to warn the vole and it scurried off, trampiling the hard ground. " Huh, I guess the little tramp got my message the second, not first."

A small crack of a leaf pile drew his attention. A small brown kit with lines of white running from his shoulder to his tail. He tried to run but Wolfpaw caught him and pinned him. His tiny white paws were hitting Wolfpaw's chest to release him but he didn't move. "What are you doing in BoulderClan terriorty, MarshClan kit!"

The kit only replied," I'm an apprentice! And it's Shrewpaw to you!" He tried nipping Wolfpaw but he smacked the side of his head and he stopped instantly.

"Shrewkit! How dare you intrude into our camp? I thought I taught you better then that!"

Wolfpaw hopped of of Shrewkit and looked at the direction of the warning scowl. Duskpool! "Duskpool?"

"Yes, oh." She mewed realizibg that it was Wolfpaw." Wolfkit? How did you find him? I was alerted by Starclan that Shrewkit was missing."

His ears burned." It's Wolfpaw and how can StarClan tell you? You're not a Medicine-Cat or a gifted cat?"

"I have special conections with StarClan that give me the ability. But will you tell Shinningstar were I was?" She grwoled the last part harshly. " Shrewkit has been pushed around and wanted to join our clan since-" she stopped abruptly.

" Wolfpaw? You're only a moon old!"

"I- just continue the story." He pleaded anoyingly.

"He wants to be an apprentice when the time comes and Stormstar says he is ready even though he is your age and I was going to say that I found him in the forest while I was catching prey but you're here and a sparrow sent all the prey running. Did you happen to catch something?"

Wolfpaw nodded. He lead the two cats to the spot where he dug the shrew and left for camp. The day was still full of surprizes but he just didn't know it yet.


"Why did you bring this little kit into our camp!" Shinningstar yowled with disagreement.

She seemed to over react to the news,he thought.

"Well we found him in the forest in a hole so we rescued him and brought him back here to get checked by Sweetbreeze and make sure he wasn't hurt." Duskpool mewed gruffly. Wolfpaw looked at his tail-less body and what happend to Poppykit's body.

"Fine, but he is to become a member of this clan and we will hold a ceremony right now for his apperance right now." Shinningstar leaped down from her perch and lead them out of her den and yowled. Every cat stopped what they were doing and joined her at the middle of the clan camp. Murmures rippled through the crowd. Some confused and some some asking why there was a kit with her.

" Please quiet down," she mewed. Every one silenced at once. "This young kit has been found by Duskpool and Wolfpaw and will continue to live in the nursery until he will be able to participate in the acts of being a warrior." She nodded to the kit and he jumped next to her." From here till the age of six moons, he will be known as Shrewkit."

The crwod cheered and Wolfpaw looked over the crowd for Oakpaw. His blood turned to ice. Oakpaw wasn't there! His heart started pumping fast and he felt woozy. He swayed from side to side to side and heard Shrewkit saying faintly;"Wolfpaw, are you ok?" right before he passed out from fear of Oakpaw's power to take down a full grown warrior.

In his mind he was praying."Please,Starclan,let whoever he is going to attack next live."

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