Wolfkit's and Honeykit's Destiny

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Honeykit

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Submitted: March 17, 2012



Chapter 3: Honeykit


He shot up. Dazed, he scowered the the den for the voice. The scent told him it was Honeykit, a calico she-cat with amber. His vision cleared up. Sweetbreeze and Shrewkit were bent over him. She toppled over his body and picked herself on the other side.

"Sorry," Honeykit mewed. She smiled inosently and Wolfpaw glared at him.

Wolfpaw ignored her and looked outside the den. The fog obsucerded the outlines of three cats. Two larger then the smallest one. All he could make out was their voices. Rockpaw, Twigpaw and Fuzzykit were swapping stories with another cat that he couldn't see or smell. It was strange to him. He should've been able to but ... he couldn't. "Where's Oakpaw?"

Duskpool looked alarmed at his question."He's gone. Acually he's been gone for a while. Since Shrewkit came."

Shrewkit nodded. "Yep, ever since. Honeykit, can we go play outside now?"

Honeykit nodded. "Sure. Wolfpaw, care to join?"

Wolfpaw looked at Sweetbreeze. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine, you can go but be carefull when you do so. I'm not sure when Oakpaw will come back and I know he'll be a little upset since no one told him Shrewkit is here now."

Wolfpaw,Honeykit and Shrewkit left the den and ran to Fuzzykit and Twigpaw. Honeykit pounced on her brother and they squeled as Wolfpaw tore them a part from each other. Rockpaw leaped onto them and Twigpaw and Shrewkit toppled over them and they all laughed. Tigerleap and Lionsong walked. Tigerleap spat on the ground and the apprenitces and the kits stopped playing. They walked and the apprentices left.

Lionsong yowled." Wolfpaw, come. We have training to do!"

Wolfpaw started toward Lionsong and turned around. He rubbed muzzles with Honeykit and Shrewkit." I'll see you later."

Honeykit asked," Can we play when you get back?"

"Yah?" added the brown tom.

Wolfpaw went the other dirrection and responded," Sure." But in his mind was,If I don't bump into Oakpaw on the way back or there.


A totie tom with brown eyes stood at the middle of his camp. It was silent and the wind blew his fur gently back. More cats arrived and on a rock was his leader, Stormstar, a gray tabby with blue eyes. Sitting next to her was an apprentice. A cream coloredtom withgolden eyes shifted his paws uneasily. Another cream colored she- cat with a yellow belly and amber eyes whispered something into his ear. He nodded and stood straight up.

" Rainnose!"

The calico tom spun around, ears straight up." What?"

It was a brown, long haired tom with green eyes." Do you think Softpaw has the courage to be a warrior?"

Rainnose shrugged his broad shoulders. "You're his mentor. And you're very skilled at what you do so I'll go with yes."

"Thanks, Rainnose."


Stormfur yowled and nudged Softpaw forward." Today,Softpaw will become a warrior. From now on,young Softpaw, you'll be known as Softflicker."

A roar of happiness came around the cat and he bowed." Thank you, Stormstar. I'll do my best to be a warrior."

Stormstar stepped off of the rock and the cats scattered across camp.

"Softflicker? What a strange name don't you think guys?" Softflicker meowed. He licked his former mentor and stepped away from Rainnose." Rainnose, what am I going to do for the rest of the day besides training?"

" Just go and-" Rainnose caught a glimpse of a shadow of a cat. He bounded to it but it fled as he got there. He twitched his whiskers and saw the shadow again. Faintly, he could hear Softflicker yelling after him so he darted away as fast as he could.

The forest was dark. The moon didn't shine and the trees creaked with a swaying motion as well. The shadowy figure moved agian and he caught up to it this time. He pinned the cat down to the ground and hissed madly. " What are you doing here? And where are you from?"

The cat,Oakpaw, snickered and let his claws silently slip out. He wiggled from Rainnose and drew his claws.

A screeching woke up the three clans and Wolfpaw. His fur stood on end.

"Oakpaw, no!"

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