Wolfkit's and Honeykit's Destiny

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Silverpaw

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Submitted: March 17, 2012



Chapter 4: Silverpaw

"My sister! Silverpaw, where did she go?"

Ruepaw shreiked at Oakstep's news. Her sister has been taken by a LightningClan patrol as she and Oakstep her were training together a few hours in the forest. At least that's what the large squared shoulder tom claimed. Wolfpaw thought differently though. Oakstep has been lying to his clan since... Wolfpaw couldn't remember but he knew it was a lie. He met some of the LightningClan cats and to him they had gentle souls.He snapped out of his thoughts as Shinningstar's loud and angry yowl split the air in two.

"I've had enough of LightningClan's antics! They acused of Oakstep almost killing Rainnose and now as revenge they've tooken an apprentice! That draws the line! We're going to raid their camp and take back our apprentice!"

Tumblefoot tripped on his way to Shinningstar but got back up and continued." But what if we lose warriors and apprenitces? We have enough warriors as it is, Shinningstar, maybe Silverpaw will enjoy her life in LightningClan rather then here."

"That may be Tumblefoot," she spat,"But how can we know without us finding and what if capturing her was a way to try to prove their story of Oakstep is a half murderer! All I want is to half a peaceful clan that can get along with the others. But they crossed the line not once but twice and that's enough of them!"

The BoulderClan sat silently and nodded." Do we need a group or will it be a whole clan raid?"

She stared at the clan with her piercing,narrowed blue eyes." Whole clan and it will be tomorrow so Sweetbreeze," Sweetbreeze stood staight up with pricked ears.


"Ready some herbs for the attack. We'll be in and out of the clan during battle until we find Silverpaw."

Sweetbreeze looked at Twigpaw , who was staring at her wide-eyed."We'll be able to complete the task if we had Honeypaw as a helper."

Shrewpaw asked,"Why Honeypaw?"

"She's been wanting to be a Medicine-Cat for a long time and since Sweetbreeze already has me as an apprentice I've been helping her with her knowledge and Shinningstar said it was okay," Twigpaw mubbled beneath her breath to Shrewpaw.

"Very well, everyone rest up. Tomorrow we go and take back our Silverpaw." She left while flicking her silver tail angrly.

After Wolfpaw was done with his training for the day, he sat besides his friends and shared a stale mouse."Yuck!" Honeypaw chocked on her part of the mouse." Why do we get the stale mice and everyone else get the freshly caught ones?"

"Duskpool says to me whenever I get something stale that I'm lucky that I don't get crowfood." Shrewkit joked. He continued to eat the mouse as Honeypaw and Wolfpaw backed away. Heading toward the apprentices den,Wolfpaw asked his friend ," How are things with Shrew?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you two spend a lot of time together so.."

"I'm more worried about the fight that we're going to have though. Why did they take Silverpaw?"

Wolfpaw shrugged." Dunno, but I don't think they even took her though."

Honeypaw stopped walking."What do you mean?"

"Maybe Oakstep killed her. Like what he did to the others."

"Do you really think so?"

Wolfpaw shrugged again as he layed down on his small bed of moss."Maybe."

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