Wolfkit's and Honeykit's Destiny

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Cliff-dropper

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Submitted: March 17, 2012



Chapter 5: The end of a new story

Wolfpaw's jaw ached. Inbetween his two strong jaws was a LightningClan warrior.A tortie tom. Rainnose.

Across the camp was Shrewpaw. He was in a fight with an apprentice. He was large and a dusky brown color. He swipped and smacked Shrewpaw's head. He could tell his friend was in peril but he couldn't go and help his friend at this point and time. Rainnose snarled and scratched the ground harshly. His long tail slapped around Wolfpaw's face and swished in the air. He pushed his tail down with his paw and glanced at his friend again. Shrewpaw was on the ground with three warriors on top of him!Through gritted teeth, he yelled," Hang on,Shrewpaw!" He let go of Rainnose and ran to Shrewpaw. He tore a gray and brown warrior and let him slide away when he tossed him. He clung back onto Wolfpaw and he shreiked in pain."Lionsong!"

The golden warrior rushed to his apprentice's side and helped him rid of the warrior on his back. The brown and gray tom hissed and skidded away.

"What do you want with our clan?" he spat.

"We just want Silverpaw!" Wolfpaw snapped. He tiny back tooth snapped. He clentched his teeth together harder and hoped his pain wouldn't show." Just tell us where she is and we'll retreat!"

A larger black tom with dark lavender eyes called from Shrewpaw," We don't have a 'Silverpaw'! "

Lionsong's tail dropped. So did the other BoulderClan warriors and apprentices. Shinningstar mewed back,"What do you mean! Oakstep said-"

"Oakstep is full of lies!"

"Who said that?"

Everyone turned around. A small dusky brown she-cat was standing straight up with her tail up high. Wolfpaw staggered to get his paws in the right position. He blinked hard.Is he just imaging the beutiful cat before his very eyes?

"What are you talking about kit?" Tigerleap hissed.

"I'm Jadepaw, and I claiming that Oakstep tried to kill his own apprentice! You were training her then when she turned, you attacked her! You little coward. You attacked her when her guard was down and all of us saw her run through our camp!"

Shinningstar looked aroundthe camp. All the LightningClan cats were nodding. She flicked her tail and all BoulderClan cats came to her. Except Wolfpaw and Oakstep. Oakstep gritted his teeth and Wolfpaw started to growl.

"You liar! I knew it was you all along,Oakstep!" Wolfpaw snapped."Poppykit,Rainnose and now Silverpaw! I'm going to....kill you, Oakstep!"

Oakstep started to gain speed and ran into the forest. His amber eyes were darting behind him and shot forward.Wolfpaw was awaiting his arrival at the edge of a cliff. Oakstep tried to round but Wolfpaw caught him and grabbed hold of his neck.

There was a loud screeching and an echo of it as well. As Jadekit got to the point she ran and rubbed muzzles with Wolfpaw. His jaw was smeared with blood.

"What happened?" She whispered into his ear. He shook his head.

No response came.

"Wolfpaw, where are -" Tigerleap stopped as he saw the silver and white tom walk away into the darkness of the trees. His tail and head drooping to the ground. They stood in silence and Jadepaw looked over the cliff and held her breath. Oakstep was at the bottom with a dagger like stone was in his neck. Blood still was gushing from the wound. She glanced back up. A small trail of blood drops were leading into the forest.

"Wolfpaw, come back....please."

She gazed at the moon and behind her. All cats were gone. The reign of Oakstep's terror was over.

But not for Wolfpaw.

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