Wolfkit's and Honeykit's Destiny

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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Submitted: March 17, 2012





Dusk approached in about a few hours after he woke up. A rised bump in the soil contained the most important memory for Wolfpaw. His sister's tiny body.

"You would've made a great warrior, Poppy."

Wolfpaw sighed and shrunk to the ground." I'm lonely without you,sis."

"Honey and Shrew..... they don't play the games that Mom taught us and you and me and mom played it all the time and I miss it."He confessed to the body.

"Hey, two moons ago, I finished Oakstep off for you and someone else of intrest..... but the point is you can finally rest in peace with worring if I get hurt the way you did or another way. Oakstep is gone and he can't hurt me or you anymore."

He sighed again and layed his head on the grave. He was much larger then before and his head almost covered the grave. "I miss you and Mom does too if you're wondering, everyone does. Honeypaw misses the way you and her use to play and I miss.... well I miss everything about you. Sure you could've been anoying at sometimes but overall you were great. "

The wind picked up and threw some of the dirt off. A small glint from a small pebble went up to the sky. He stared at the direction it was a small outline of a cat was made from the stars. He smiled and mewed to the outline. "Good luck up there."

One of the twinkled and the outline escaped up to the sky. Little Poppykit made it.

A breeze carried along a voice. Little Poppykit's. " Good bye,Husky. I hope to see you."

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