Macabre queen

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My name is Rizielle. I am a vampiress. Well, was a vampiress. I can't drink blood, I'm not as strong anymore, and I can see the sun without getting burned. I was wretched, vile, cruel and sinster. I still am of course. I will always be twisted at heart

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Macabre queen

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



I didn't know how many years ago, but I could remember clearly the winds and atmosphere at that time. The air had a slight tinge of puffiness and the sun would shine its fiercest ray every noon. I didn't care about that. The entire world was my battlefield as long as it was night. I would be the star of the twilight sky, so bright you'd only see me for a minute.

Because if you did see me, you'd look into my eyes to see it burn with passionate red. But after that, I'd bite the nape of your neck or throw away your body to join the others. I would smile, and laugh, not so different to how you would laugh. I was a vampire. A great one too. Too bad I'm not anymore. But even so, I didn't retire chaos yet.

It was 3 long years since I was robbed off my vampirism. I didn't feel like I aged a second since I, Rizielle Lezarius, was turned. So it's safe to assume immortality was still mine. Though the flow of the universe drastically changed for me. I didn't need blood, I appeared more graceful than dangerously seductive, and I could frolic around the dastardly sun without getting sick.

An old friend (who is a werewolf) recommended me to a learning center, saying I would find 'interesting' valuables there. I scratched my head as it hit me that I never held anything dear to me. I still went on with his idea, only to discover a teenage dystopia of fragile beings under the illusion of being 'intelligent'. I scan through the hallways and can't even deem the adults here being worth a damn.

"My, I see a new face around here! You lost here, sweetie?" a preppy woman around her thirties called me. I scanned her appearance to see if she could have been a threat, but I only saw a pretty office lady with a vivacious fashion sense.

"May I ask who you are?" I asked reluctantly. She giggles a little and twirls her honey gold curls.

"I'm Matilda Wickson, the school principal! I may seem a little... immature, but I assure you that I'm serious about my job and you can approach me anytime!" She declared. She grabs my hand and walks me around the campus. I didn't know how I looked to her, but I must've looked bored 'cause she's really doing her best. She even invited me to the faculty room.

"Matilda, sweetheart, you don't have to strain yourself just to please a student." a distinctive gentleman came into picture. Obviously her husband.

"Pfft... I'm not strained! I actually like her so it's fine!" she smiled goofily.

"Alright then." he sighed. "Dalton, please help the new girl and give my wife a rest." the husband ordered a young man near him. The funny thing was, He was my friend who introduced me to this place. He gave Mrs. Wickson a glass of water and waited for the couple to leave.

"Rizel." he murmured, walking towards me.

"Aloysius Daliston." I said back.

"Thanks for remembering, but my name is Allen Dalton here."

He gawked at me waiting for a response.

"Well? Any questions?" He asked, almost annoyingly so.

"You seem eager. I do have questions. Though I'm quite aware of that you've watched me well. The answers?" our eyes met and I could feel the atmosphere tensing up. How lovely this beast. He truly is the man who endured my bloody wrath.

"I'd like to answer, but I take it you like surprises. Especially deadly ones." he grinned at me. Foolish. He came to taunt the idle killer. I'll show him, I'll surprise him more.

"Here's a hint. Take a tour of the campus at night. I know you like it when dusk comes."

He added before he quietly left the room. I waited a few more minutes 'till I left the room as well. I went to my assigned room and rested for a while. Things are going to get messy when I wake up.

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