Metagore, The Battle For

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Darius and Ky talk about the gods and the war.

Chapter 18 (v.2) - A Sovereign God

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



The afternoon of the second day of the war, Darius sat in his hall dining on a tender steak and drinking some mead. Across the table sat his lovely duchess, Ky, sipping on some of her own mead.

"How are you feeling today, my Lord?" Ky asked as she took a sip out of her jubbe.

In a sigh, Darius responded, "Worried over the war."

"Worried? But my Lord, we have a strong army, and the gods favor."

"The gods won't just hand over the six kingdoms over to us," her lord stated as he took the final bite out of his steak, then pushed the plate aside. "There's not even a certainty that we will prevail. We will have to fight for it. Then there's no guarantee that the other regions won't rebel against us."

"You worry too much, my Lord," Ky said seductively as she stood and walked around the table. "You need to relax and clear your mind. I've seen our knights train, and they are the best."

"I suppose," Darius said softly, then snarled up his nose and continued. "We need to strike fear into our enemies."

Ky straddled her legs over the arms of Darius' chair, sitting on his lap. "How do you plan on doing that, my Lord?" she asked, staring deeply into his scarlet red eyes.

Darius squirmed in his seat, trying to straighten up his posture. "We need stronger and deadlier weapons, that will cause more bloodshed and destruction -- faster."

Ky leaned in close and whispered into the demon's ear, as she grabbed his pants just below his waistline. "How about you show me your strong weapon?"

Darius gave off a slight smile, as he grabbed onto her thighs and stood up out of his chair. Ky started to kiss and nibble on his neck and ears. He started to undress his duchess with one hand, while the other still supported her weight on his hips, as he carried her away to his chamber.


A few hours later, Darius and Ky stood out on his chamber's balcony, staring off over the dark stoned city of Sentries.

"Your mother would be proud of your success, my Lord," Ky said as she leaned up against her lord.

With doubt in his voice, Darius responded, "She'd really be proud after I take the six kingdoms."

"Why do you not sound certain of that?"

Darius looked down at Ky, then up towards the darken scrow. "She never liked violence...She always said there were other ways to solve problems."

"At times, my Lord, you have to resort to violence," Ky tried to reassure him.

"Aye, that's what I always told her," Darius chuckled. "And one day I won't have to be so ruthless---everyone will be too afraid to mess with Sentries." He continued to stare at the smoke filled sky, then spoke in an abrupt tone. "Even the gods will fear my wrath."

Ky quickly pushed herself away from Darius' large body, and stood in shock. "My Lord, that is blasphemous. One can not be greater than the gods."

His face furrowed as rage built in his eyes. "Greater? No---but feared, most certainly."

In disbelief, Ky continued to look at her lord in slight fear of how power hungry he had became lately.

Darius continued, "One day, I will become a god like the rest, and everyone will worship at my feet. And you will be there at my right hand, and everyone will bow to you and praise your name."

"One does not just become a god, my Lord," Ky said with a trembling in her voice, as her green eyes shifted amongst her lord's body. "That's not how it works."

"Then how?" Darius shouted, his voice echoing through the air. "How does one become a god? Does one have to kill a god to become a god?...Do they?"

Tears started to escape from Ky's shifty eyes. "I don't know, my Lord."

Darius' face went from anger to sorrow, as he grabbed ahold of Ky's fragile body and pulled her in close. "I'm sorry, Ky. I've just been stressed out lately...Do you forgive me?"

Sniffling, Ky wiped a tear from tanned cheek. "I forgive you, my Lord."

Darius looked back out over his kingdom, as Ky rested her head against his side. "I will find out how to become a god, and I will make you my goddess."

Ky looked up at her lord. "I guess being a goddess wouldn't be too bad," she said as she attempted to smile.

"No it wouldn't," Darius responded as he gave her a squeeze and a kiss on the top of her head. "We will rule over the lands of the Abyss, as we have this kingdom; but for now, our focus is on taking the throne as ours."

"Yes," Ky stated, "let's rest our concerns on the war at hand first."

"Aye," Darius said slowly as he looked back out over the stone fortress city, then took a quick glance into his chamber. "Well, I need to go do my rounds, and check on the dungeons---make sure none of them afterlings have decided to die and fill the keeps with their godawful stench."

Ky tried to let a small chuckle. "Well, you haven't been down there to dretch them with you presence yet, my Lord. So they should all still be doing as fine as a theow could."

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