Metagore, The Battle For

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Darius and Ky make their way around Sentries to hand out prints for new weapons to be made.

Chapter 41 (v.2) - War Machines

Submitted: September 18, 2017

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Submitted: September 18, 2017



As noon approached on Sentries, Darius and Ky were leaving a workshop on the eastern outskirts of the city. They had gone there to give the workers some blueprints for siege weapons Darius wanted to have made. As they walked through the streets of the kingdom, Ky was unsure about Darius' weaponry plans. "Do you think they can build such great weapons, my Lord?"

Darius glanced down at his duchess. "They can build whatever I ask of them, no matter how large or small the weapon."

"But that's a lot for them to build," Ky said wearily. "It would take them many moons to finish such a project."

Darius snarled at the thought of it taking such a long time to complete his vision. "They will just have to work harder and longer to finish promptly."

"But my Lord," Ky continued, doubting her lord's management skills. "I'm not sure that they will be able to build such larger-than-life weapons."

"If they can't build them, no one else in the land could build them neither," Darius stated. "When we arrive back at the manor, remind me to send a letter to Queen Aerea."

"The Ajirian queen?" Ky asked. "What matters do you wish to write her about, my Lord?"

"Aye, I want to ask her for some resources that would aid in the execution of our new weapons."

Darius and Ky continued to talk as they traveled across the kingdom on foot. As they walked past the barracks, Marquess Lucius came out and met them in the street.

"My Lord, Duchess," Lucius greeted them. "I have received word that the war may be ending sooner than what some had hoped."

"What do you mean 'ending sooner'?" Darius asked, curious as to what Lucius was talking about.

"I have received word this morning, that five Learish ships were spotted out in the Abyss, just south of Farshadow---one of the ships being Kaprin's." Lucius pulled out a scroll and handed it over to Darius. "It states that they were seen shooting at the water, but it doesn't say at what exactly. But it does continue on and say that the ships were destroyed at sea."

"They all got destroyed?" Darius quickly asked.

"Aye, my Lord," Lucius responded with a grin.

Darius smiled as he looked around, appearing to be thinking of something pleasant. "Artus and the other gods are watching over us, I see."

"It appears that way, my Lord," Lucius murmured, pleased at the good omen.

"Nevertheless, we don't need to venture into the water," Ky spoke up with concern, Darius and Lucius nodded in agreeance.

"Probably not," Darius responded. "Lucius, ready the recruits and send them out in the morning. The ones skilled with a bow, place them on the battlement. For the rest, send half to Talean and the others to Ringwood."

"My Lord, they've only trained for two weeks," Lucius tried to point out.

"That's more than enough time. No need to waste our time training men who will just be fodder out on the fields of battle. But for now, I must return back to my duties," Darius stated. "So go on, and I will speak to you in the morning." Lucius bowed as he turned and went back to the barracks, as Darius and Ky walked on down the streets of Sentries.

After some time walking through the streets, the two of them came up to an entrance of a mine shaft attached to the southern wall of the kingdom, just west of Darius' manor. They entered the shaft, which led them down into the iron veins. As they walked through the tunnel, the faint sound of metal clashing together, along with the bubbling sound of boiling magma, could be heard coming from deeper in the mine. The orange neon lights bounced off the dark, rough walls of the shaft.

Darius and Ky finally reached the forge of the iron vein, with large beads of sweat streaming down their bodies. They were met by a large, pale skinned cyclops, who was covered in dust and dirt; his body almost completely black from the filth of the mine.

"To what dost I owe thee honor o' yer visit, m'Lord?" asked the foreman of the veins.

"I need you to craft me some new weapons," Darius stated as he handed the cyclops two large pieces of rolled up parchment.

The foreman skimmed over the blueprints. His eye widened as he gazed upon the proposed weapons. "M'Lord, these are massive. They will need a high abundance o' iron, and thee bank doesn't have enough chips to cover thee expenses."

Darius nodded knowingly. "Once we take the kingdom of Talean, our purse will be overflowing with bellies and chips and dragon pennies. Plus, I am willing to double you and your men's pay, for this order."

"These will be so heavy, no man could carry such an object."

"Don't you worry about that," Darius smirked. "Just worry about crafting those items, and I'll take care of the transportation and the use of them."

"We will get started on 'em right away, m'Lord."

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