Metagore, The Battle For

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The day had finally came for Lord Brighton's funeral, and Duchess Zorie and Lady Topaz are making their way to the ceremony.

Chapter 45 (v.2) - Flooded Thoughts

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Duchess Zorie wept as she watched all of the denizens of BrightHelm fill the slushed streets, and shuffle towards a bank in the region of Galdwulf that passed between the city of BrightHelm and the Abyss Ocean. Her eyes trailed over the large group of mourning residents and finally halted as she gazed upon the banners of a burning tower.

Growing disgusted at the sight of the Senturian banners, Zorie turned away from the window. As she walked towards the other side of her chamber---towards the door---she ran her hands down her dress, smoothing out all of the wrinkles. It was a unique dress that she had made herself just for the occasion. She had used a sleek black material for the dress and provided red ribbons for the lace on the back and the red roses embroidered around the cuffs of the sleeves.

The duchess took a deep breath to calm herself before she walked up to the chamber door and knocked upon it. A burly Senturian cyclops opened the door and scowled down at her. She quickly looked down to try and keep the knight from seeing the sadness on her face, then rose her eyes after calming herself yet again. "I'm ready to go to my lord's funeral."

The cyclops just grunted as he took hold of her arm and began to escort her down the hall. The knights were commanded to not speak with the duchess---prisoner in her own tower as she was---for her ranking was the only thing protecting her from a cell in the dungeons.

As they continued down the passageway, they passed the door to Cornelius' cabinet, and she gave a quiet gasp as she remembered something important. "Ser! Please, I must get something from that room for my Lady Topaz." The knight rolled his eyes as he released his grip so that she could retrieve whatever it was that was needed. Zorie took no time in the room, knowing exactly what she was after and where it was.

Zorie returned back to the cyclops with a leather book gripped tight in her hands, as she held it pressed up against her bosom. The knight scowled at the duchess for grabbing an old book that looked as if it were about to fall apart. The knight walked behind her and shut the door to the cabinet, then nudged her along as he followed behind her through the rest of the castle.

As they exited the castle, Zorie turned her head towards the cyclops. "Will we be taking the carriage?" she asked---not wanting to walk all the way across the kingdom---but the knight just gave her a slight shove to keep her moving along.

Upon reaching the end of the courtyard, the knight found it within himself to help the duchess over the rubble of the destroyed wall---holding onto her hand as she stepped amongst the stones. Upon passing over the ruins of the castle's wall, Zorie stood frozen in horror.

Just down the street, in front of the Kingdom Hall, hung the lifeless corpse of Cornelius. His bruised and naked body dangled for all of the townsfolk to see. His smoky eyes peered under his open eyelids. His bloodied face caved in---jaw drooped open, exposing the gaps from missing and broken teeth. His neck stretched under the noose, barely holding onto his torso. Deformed limbs slumped their way from the mangled body.

Still staring at the horrendous sight, Zorie felt a nudge on her back from the knight telling her to keep moving.


Topaz sat in the chamber of her private estate just south of the city in Whitefall, staring deeply into a large mirror resting above a vanity. Her thoughts were flooded with the beautiful and intense memories of her beloved Brighton. So many glorious years they had spent together making each other happy, bearing eight beautiful children, and laying side-by-side over many centuries. After all of those lonely nights she spent cold, laying in bed, the mental scar of her love dying in her arms was still incomprehensible to her. Her heart was shattered, but she did what she could---even though tremendously hard---to pick herself up and to compose herself for the sake of her children.

Topaz could not bring herself to look at her oldest son---who appeared to be thirty-one years of age and was the striking image of his father---without breaking down in tears. The children knew it was difficult for their mother to continue on as she still cried herself to sleep every night that her Brighton was not near.

She held back her tears as she thought of her last love-making with Brighton before his death. He was not in his younger years, but he was still just as beautiful in her ruby eyes. Topaz was immortal and would forever look the same, and it deeply hurt her that she would probably never be reacquainted with her husband. Oh how she wished to be mortal and grow old with him; but at least she would be able to watch their children grow and raise families of their own, and their children grow and start families.

The bronze widow was dressed in black---usually the color suited her, but today her face was sorrowful and pained as she would watch her love be sent into eternal peace. Her black, satin gown draped to the floor. Her arms covered by the flowing sleeves. A great golden choker adorned with black diamonds and pearls, laid against her bare neck. Her earrings and headdress matched the choker as she placed a sheer black veil over her tight red curls.

Topaz knew it would be hard for her to watch and say goodbye to her Brighton. Her body became numb as she grew afraid that she would just break down once she laid her eyes upon him. She would have her twin sister, Shada, and her children there to support her---but there would only be so much they could do.

Topaz took a deep shuddering breath as she turned away from the mirror. Tears were threatening to flow from her red eyes, but she refused to give in to the pain just yet. She needed to look strong for her family and for the many people who still looked up to her and were truly dedicated and loyal to her as the former Lady of Metagore. She was not even the duchess or any other authoritative figure---just the wife of the late lord---but many still thought of her as their queen and followed her out of BrightHelm when Cornelius was crowned as the new lord.

Silence was the only sound in the chamber as she turned her glossy eyes to a large window. She could feel chills travel through her body as she looked upon the outside walls of the now dark and cruel kingdom she had grown to love so much. She sighed as she stood from her seat and placed a pair of black satin gloves on. Her thoughts burned forcefully in her head as she was preparing to leave for the ceremony. Her children and sister were already downstairs waiting for her to join them in the entranceway.

Topaz made her way to the staircase---each step stabbing her heart like a shard of glass as she ventured down the staircase of her private mansion that Brighton had made for her. One step, then another, the pain just grew stronger. Memories of when she was first pregnant with her twins and how it was a pain to go down the stair of the castle, replayed in her mind. This time was different---this time Brighton was not there to assist her. All of the servants in the castle were always worried as she carried the twins, and it annoyed her so much. She chuckled at the thought now, trying to keep her mind calm.

More steps followed, along with even more memories. One of Brighton chasing Jeanetta---their fourth child---around the castle laughing as their little girl wore his red cape. Jeanetta's red curls bounced as Brighton grasped her running body and threw her into the air, catching her as she giggled with joy. The two were so beautiful as Topaz had watched while braiding their eldest son, Kieran's, long, white hair.

She was almost to the bottom of the staircase---tears already flowing and steaming off of her face---as she kept remembering more beautiful memories of her husband. Just a few steps left as she gripped the golden rail as if steadying herself from falling. Each memory jabbed at her heart, causing even more pain. She continued down the last of the steps. As she reached the ground floor, the most beautiful memory she had of her Brighton played through her mind---her and Brighton dancing across the beautiful garden that they were married in. The garden of BrightHelm where she felt at peace---her safe haven. Everyone watched as they took their first dance, they could see the love glowing in their eyes.

Topaz knelt to the floor, covering her eyes as she burst into tears, and cried out, "Oh my Brighton, why did you have to leave me?"

She could not bear it anymore. She wanted her husband back. She wanted to lay by his side at night. She wanted him to watch their children grow old. She wanted her Brighton back.

She cried out until there was nothing left in her, not caring whether anyone heard or not. Her emotions grew rampant as fire surrounded her on the ground like a halo. In the state of mind that she was in, she didn't even care about the destruction that was being caused by the flames. She saw no point to stop crying. The last time she had seen her husband was the day that he had died cradled in her arms. Now she was going to see him once more---sixty-six days later---just to see his lifeless body be carried away by the Abyss.

Rushed footsteps approached her as she kept sobbing on the ground. From the corner of her eye, she could see Shada standing beside her. The children had followed as well to see if their mother was alright. Shada held her tightly as Topaz buried her face into her sister's silk, black gown.

“Topaz, love, you must calm down now. Or we will miss the funeral,” Shada said softly as she gently stroked Topaz's back.

“I...I want him ba-...I want him back!” Topaz forced the words out.

“Oh, sister, I know you do. I wish he were alive too. Oh, love, please stop crying. Brighton would not want to see his beautiful wife in distress.” Shada pulled back from the embrace and wiped away few of the tears streaming down Topaz's face.

The flames that had once scorched the floor and spread through parts of the mansion had blown out as if it was a simple candle.

A gentle smile grew upon Shada's bronze face. "Now, that is better. We should be off now. You know how Brighton is about tardiness.”

A small laugh escaped Topaz as she nodded her head and stood to her feet. She turned to see her children standing in the doorway of the entrance. Her younger ones hid around the edge of the doorframe. It pained her to see them frightened of their mother’s outbursts of despair. She plastered on a reassuring smile as she walked towards her children. She placed a hand underneath her youngest’s chin---Ryant. His soft blue eyes with a hint of red looked up at her in sorrow, tears almost flooding his eyes.

“Ryant, my darling boy. Let us be strong for papa, yes?” Topaz held the seven-year-old as he sniffled into her bosom.

“Yes, momma,” he hiccupped as his mother smiled at him and grasped his hand.

Topaz and her family readied themselves to the carriages---she dreaded each step she took. They went into three coaches. The three youngest children went with Shada, Kieran and Collette---a set of twins and Topaz's oldest---went with their mother, and the other three children went in the third carriage by themselves.

The carriage ride to the funeral seemed too short to count. It did not even occur to Topaz that they had entered into the city and passed the once beautiful castle of BrightHelm. It was now a dark and forsaken place taken charge by the Senturian army. The walls around the castle were crumbling, and the streets were stained with the innocent blood of those who had opposed the invasion. With the sight of the state that the city was in, Topaz grew even more angered of the barbaric, Senturian creatures.

Kieran grasped Topaz's hand as she glared through the window of the carriage. She turned to face him---his worried expression looking at her veiled head. Unknowingly, her hair flamed up again, but it quickly went out as her firstborn son attempted to soothe his mourning mother. She was grateful for his comfort. Collette had shifted to sit up against her as well and laid her curls upon Topaz's shoulder. Their mother rubbed the side of her daughter's cheek as she welcomed her comfort.

They rode through the busy streets of BrightHelm. Guards traveled upon dralions in front of the carriages, separating the crowded streets to let the family through as they recognized the family insignias placed on the sides of the coaches.

“Make way for thy Lady Topaz!” the guards shouted.

All of the Helanians separated immediately to the sound of her name. They sincerely respected her presence. There was no rioting, no disgraceful words thrown her way, no crowding the carriages---just silence and sorrowed faces. It amazed Topaz and her family how much the citizens of the city still saw her as their queen.

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