Metagore, The Battle For

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Darius grows angry after finding out about the gods' betrayal.

Chapter 58 (v.2) - A Dish Best Served Boiling

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



The sky over Sentries filled with darkness as night had begun to fall over the land---the stars and the small, waxing sliver of the Vloth Moon were blocked by the clouds of smoke coming from Mount Dumas. A rolling vibration could be felt in the air as the magma of the nearby volcano forced more tectonic plates to separate, widening the Sea of the Sun, and adding more rivers of molten rock to the land. The deep rumbling roar of an ardens tiger echoed over the charred grounds, followed by hissing from an angry salamander. The air was crisper than usual, brought on by a storm brewing over the ever-moving waters of the Abyss. Though the smoke clouds were thick, from a distance the purple streaks of light flashed across the dark skies.

After leading his new prisoner to the keeps under his manor, Lord Darius returned back to his chamber and picked up his salamander. As Meek scurried up the demon's arm and onto his shoulder---his flames barely flickering as he rested on his master---Darius made his way out onto his balcony, staring over the stone city that he had sworn to protect for the past four years.

The night progressed and the large demon---with a smile on his face---remained looking over the city as faint rumbles flowed through the air. The townsfolk were all making their way back to their homes, settling in for the night. A few guards patrolled the streets---their steel armor glinting in the arrays from torches hung on the side of buildings.

Darius glanced back into his chamber as a noise came from within the room. His eyes fell upon his duchess, who stood bare. Her petite figure was starting to round; a small bump, showing the life growing inside her, now noticeable. In her hands, she held a scroll, tied with a simple piece of twine.

"You're still up?" he asked as his duchess approached him. "You need your rest."

"As do you, my Lord."

"Aye, I do," he responded, his smile never leaving his face. "How are you and Cháy doing?"

"We are doing well," Ky said as she subconsciously rubbed her bump. "I felt her kick earlier in the day."

Darius glanced back over his kingdom, propping himself up against the railing. Ky stood next to him---wrapping one of her wings around his tall figure. "Do you know of any apothecaries that could help with my growing belly?" she asked as she trailed a finger across a stretch mark that had started to form.

"No, I don't. Just ask around. I'm sure one of the humas or house servants couldn't keep their legs shut and has spawned a new peasant lately," he smirked.

"I have, but none have reproduced."

"Go to the brothels," Darius grumbled out, his voice becoming irate as he continued. "Ask any of the whores there; they are always spawning little pests."

Ky shifted a little, her expression changing slightly. "Why must you be so negative and belittle others?"

"They are a waste of space. They do nothing to help this kingdom thrive aside from making one weak at their knees for a few chips, which in turn makes more wastes of space. I can do that off this balcony for free if I so desired, without bringing more useless cretins to this land."

"But your prisoners, my Lord. Why do you have to torture them so?"

"They have wronged me and this kingdom," Darius barked out. "They get what they justly deserve."

"Do you think that your tortures are justifiable?"

"When they steal, I remove their fingers so they will never steal again. If they continue to steal, then I remove their hands. When they speak blasphemously about their lord, I remove their tongue so that they will never be capable of cursing anyone else for as long as they may live."

"But today, when I went to retrieve you...What had they done?" Ky fearfully asked.

"You know of the actions Valek did to my mother."

"Those elves though...their eyes. You've had them for as long as I have known you, yet you have never mentioned what they did. What deeds must have been done for them to be punished so?"

"When I was younger, Valek would invade my home, bringing them with him. They would restrain me and force me to watch as Valek assaulted my mother. I would try to look away, but those animals would hold my head and pry open my eyes. I had to watch as he beat and raped my mother, week after week." Darius closed his eyes as he clenched his fist, trying to fight back the sadness and anger within him.

"I...I never knew-" Ky whispered as the wind ruffled her ink colored feathers.

"Now, I force them to suffer and watch as I torture Valek," Darius snarled out as he forcefully grasped the stone rail in front of him.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Ky held out the scroll in her shaking hands. "This missive came for you today."

The demon quickly looked over the letter, his eyes hardening as he read each line. "Return to your chamber at once and rest," he stated, turning away from her as he made his way inside, where he placed Meek on the floor.

"Where are you going?"

"To the dungeons."

The succubus started to follow him. "My lord! Why-"

"Do not follow me!" Darius roared, cutting her off as he turned around to face her. "Go to your chambers at once, and remain there for the night. I will see you come morn. And for fuck's sake, Ky, call me 'Darius'!"

"But, what do you plan-"

"Damn it, Ky! I said go to your chambers at once!" The demon spun back around---his nasal cavity flared with intensity---and stormed away, heading towards the stairwell, cursing the gods as he went.

Darius briskly made his way to the dungeons---following behind him was his dungeon guard, Kitroz. Once they reached the keeps, they made their way to the torture rack on the wall and each retrieved two spiked collars, as well as the chains, hanging from it; from there, the duo made their way to the cells. The cyclops went to grab the two elves, while the burly demon retrieved the two djinns.

Darius unlocked Azreal's cell door first and entered with a collar in his hand. Azreal---sitting upon a thick plate of metal intended as a bed---glanced with narrowed eyes at the demon. "What do you want?"

"You're coming with me," Darius stated in a stern voice as he approached the blue djinn.

Azreal turned his head away from Darius, then in a defiant tone stated, "I am not going anywhere."

Darius reached out and grasped Azreal's arm with his free hand. The djinn quickly turned back toward him and shoved the large demon back---pushing him with his legs. As Darius staggered, Azreal stood to his feet and slammed his closed fists and cuff into the side of Darius' large head, just below the horns.

Darius' eyes burned fiercely as he looked up at the djinn---feeling the throbbing of his temple. He clenched his fist tightly as he reared back, then swung with all of his might at Azreal---colliding into his pinched face. The djinn's body spun from the impact as he fell backward onto the metal platform. Azreal's eyes rolled to the back of his skull, and his jaw sagged down from the force of the blow.

Darius stepped forward and quickly placed the collar around Azreal's neck, as the djinn's head wobbled---stunned and in a daze.

"Stand," Darius barked out, but Azreal's white eyes just glanced up at him, then looked away---still refusing to submit to the demon. "Fine, if you don't want to stand, then fall to my feet and kiss my boot." Darius grabbed the chain with both hands and jerked the djinn off of the bed and onto the floor, and drug him out of his cell---the spikes on the collar piercing into his throat, releasing small trickles of blood from them.

Darius began to unlock the cell across from Azreal's when he noticed the djinn starting to push himself up. Darius gave a swift kick into Azreal's mouth, causing him to collapse onto the dingy floor of the dungeon.

He squatted down beside the djinn, who had lifted himself up onto his hands and knees once more before spitting out a few teeth. "I told you; here, I have power over you," Darius whispered into Azreal's ear. The demon stood as he stared at his prisoner's face. Blood streaming its way down from the djinn's lips. His right eye was nearly swollen shut in the middle of a dark purple patch of bruised skin. "That's right," Darius began in a commanding tone. "Stay on your knees where you belong, you fucking piece of filth."

Darius turned towards the cell door and opened it. "To your feet," he ordered as he approached the djinn with blackened, burn scars all over his once green body.

Valek unsteadily stood to his feet---his legs shook in pain and weakness---as Darius placed the collar around his neck. As Darius began to exit the cell, Valek's feeble body collapsed to the ground.

"Stand! You know the drill!" Darius barked.

Azreal---standing to his feet---spoke, "He cannot stand. He is too weak, and you can clearly see that."

Darius glanced at Azreal intensely. "If he can't stand, then I will have to drag him." He wrapped the chain attached to Valek's collar tightly around his hand as he began to drag his mangled and scarred body across the stone floor.

"Stop," Azreal pleaded. "May I carry our father? He can not walk properly."

Darius' brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed onto Azreal's. "No!" he blurted as he yanked on both of the chains. "Stay on your feet, or I will drag you up the stairs as well." He paused as he looked over at Valek's gruesome figure. "We will be riding horseback soon enough. If you fall off your horse, I will have Kitroz trample you with his."


An hour later, the six of them---riding upon four mares---had reached a break of Mount Dumas' crater where it met a river of lava flowing down the side of the great volcano. The storm over the Abyss had gotten closer to land, and the wind had picked up. Close to the edge of the pool of molten flames, rested two piles of stone rubble, where the offering had taken place two moons prior.

They all dismounted from the mares, and the prisoners were ushered towards the crater, as Darius retrieved a sword from a sheath strapped to the saddlebag of his steed. As they walked, Valek stumbled onto the soggy ground---embers of flames danced into the smoky air as his body impacted the ashy terrain. Kitroz lifted the djinn up by his arm and carried him the rest of the way.

Lightning continued to dance across the cloudy, night sky as the winds howled through the air. Rain had begun to fall, and the night seemed darker than usual. The billowing shapes of the large storm clouds could be seen swirling in the sky with each flash of lightning. The air felt heavy, and the sulfuric smell of the volcano seemed to be intensified by the massive storm falling upon Sentries.

While Kitroz held the chains of all four of the prisoners, Darius approached the edge of the lava-filled crater. "What kind of god are you?" he asked loudly with his arms stretched out to both sides. "You accept our offering for the bloodlust of battle, but then you betrayed us! What god does that?" he grumbled, growing tense and angry. "No...No, you are no god of mine. I will never bend a knee or take up a sword in your name again." As he finished the sentence, he lifted his sword up into the air. "Unto the six I may bid; but to you, I will never. I don't need a mindless beast charading around as a god to win wars for me."

The massive demon lowered his sword, still staring across the pool of fire---flashes of light from the storm around him lit across his face. "Libras!" he shouted at the top of his lungs---his voice echoed off the mountain until a loud clash of thunder drowned out his words. Darius paced along the ridge of the crater. "Come out and face me!"

When no answer came from the dragon god, Darius' face darkened in anger. "Are you too scared and weak to face a mortal? Or is your fist-sized brain too small to know when you've been ousted?" Darius raged as he continued to look intensely across the volcano.

After a brief moment of nothing happening, Darius stomped his way over the prisoners. Thunder boomed, shaking the volcano with its force, as the skies lit up with streaks of fire.  "Maybe Iden will appreciate my offerings!" he roared as he thrust his sword through the back of Valek's neck, as he sat hunched forward on the ground.

Seeing the life being taken away from his father, Azreal screamed and began to charge at Darius. The demon's red eyes locked onto Azreal's approaching figure, and he quickly pulled the sword from the djinn and swung it at Azreal---slicing his face from side-to-side. Azreal lifted his hands over his new gash---wincing in pain. Nothing could be heard over the gale of wind and the crash of thunder over Sentries. The walls of the cavern in Mount Dumas lit up brighter with each flash of lightning, and the air seemed to thicken.

Darius dropped his sword as he pounced onto Azreal, causing him to topple over onto the ground. With his callused hands clinched, the demon pounded his large fists into the bloodied face of Azreal. One after another, they pulverized into the djinn's skull---blood oozed out the of the fresh cuts upon his face. Azreal's cheekbones cracked from the force. Darius could see the consciousness leaving his prisoner, but he was lost to the bloodlust of torture and revenge to care enough to stop.

"Don't ye think 'tis enough, m'Lord?" Kitroz spoke in a booming voice, barely overheard from the raging tempest.

Darius---breathing heavily and still heated with anger---glanced over at his guard, then back to the disfigured face of Azreal. After a final punch, he stood and made his way to Valek's crumpled body. Pulling the corpse by its collar's chain, Darius drug his body into the burning lava. He stepped onto the molten rock---his feet slowly sunk in as if it were thick mud. The intense heat of the magma ignited Valek's body---causing his skin to boil and char---as the scent of burning flesh mixed with the rich sulfuric odor of the mountain. He watched with a smirk as the burning corpse disintegrated into ash before him.

Darius stepped out of the crater---unphased by the heat of the lava---and made his way back to Azreal, who was still laying on the ground unconscious. He grabbed the chain to his collar and began to drag him closer to the lava---the spikes ripping at the already torn flesh of Azreal. Darius leaned forward and grasped him by the throat and lifted him into the air---blood streaming down his hand. "Go join our father in the ever-burning flames of Sentries," Darius stated in a normal voice---almost seeming as if he was finally at peace with the djinns---as he tossed the body into the flaming pit of Mount Dumas.

After a few moments of staring at Azreal's blue flesh burning as it laid upon the boiling lava, Darius turned around to Kitroz and the two elven prisoners. "I guess I'll leave you two here as food. I'm sure Libras is too stupid to go hunt for his own."

"But he's not here," one of the elves spoke.

The large demon glanced behind him at the cave across the crater, then back at the prisoners. "Other creatures roam these parts, maybe they will find you just as appetizing."

Darius retrieved his sword from the ground and approached the prisoners. He grabbed one of them as he stood behind him and with a quick slice, he slit the elf's throat---then did the same to the other, leaving them to gurgle in their blood as they died.

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